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quinta-feira, fevereiro 18, 2016

Corpo de travesti morta a facadas é encontrado em João Pessoa
Vítima foi morta por mais de 20 facadas segundo a Polícia Civil.
Corpo foi encontrado por moradores do bairro de Mangabeira.
Travesti é encontrada morta em Mangabeira com 24 perfurações de faca
Brazilian trans woman found dead stabbed 20 times
Polícia prende suspeitos de matar travesti na Zona Sul de João Pessoa

Play attacked by Bishops for featuring Jesus as a transgender woman
A number of Church of England bishops have hit out at a play that features Jesus as a transgender woman.

Eddie Redmayne defends claims The Danish Girl made ‘trans rights mainstream’
The actor has been accused of belittling the work done by thousands of trans activists.

India appoints first trans police officer
The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has appointed the nation’s first transgender woman to the police force.
Prithika Yashini takes charge as India's first transgender Sub-Inspector

Becoming transparent
The Danish Girl about the world's first gender reassigned person may be vying for the Oscars, but the real trials and tribulations of trans people are not as romantic

New gender non-specific birth certificates for the ACT
The terms "mother" and "father" will effectively become interchangeable under new laws passed by the ACT parliament on Tuesday, with parents able to choose either label.

Australian Christian Lobby wants to suspend anti-discrimination laws in lead up to plebiscite
It has been revealed the Australian Christian Lobby wants anti-discrimination laws suspended for the duration of the proposed marriage equality plebiscite and to also receive public funding.

Living Authentic (Trans) Lives in Queensland
Dr Gale Bearman has worked with transgender people since she began her association with the Brisbane Gender Clinic in the nineties. Now based at QuAC, she speaks frankly with Andrew Shaw about her practice.

Comedian Jordan Raskopoulos Comes Out As Transgender
Jordan Raskopoulos, member of the Australian comedy trio Axis of Awesome, has received an outpouring of support from around the world after revealing that she is transgender.

How The Supreme Court Shake-Up Will Impact The Future Of LGBT Rights
The passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has sparked a political firestorm, with a new justice potentially casting deciding votes on issues ranging from abortion to campaign finance reform. Less than a year after the Court’s historic decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which ensured a constitutional right to marry for same-sex couples, LGBT Americans are presented with a path forward – again through the Supreme Court – that could expand equal rights beyond the context of marriage, to include employment, housing, and education, among other areas of life.

Transgender man killed by Mesa police remembered
Metro Phoenix activists and friends of the transgender man fatally shot by Mesa police earlier this month gathered at a Phoenix park Monday night to express their grief and frustration.

‘Gender-inclusive’ restrooms come to UC Davis
Single-stall bathrooms will be converted by March 1
Meant to help transgender students or those with nonstandard sexual anatomy
Could also be used by families with children of different genders

Jacksonville LGBT Rights Bill to Be Withdrawn
The council member behind the measure says it's clear the city's not ready, but he will bring it up again later.

Transgender bathroom policy in Sarasota schools up for debate
School board members and district leaders in Sarasota will discuss a number of controversial topics at a workshop Tuesday morning. Among them, a policy allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

State Bill Would Modernize Process To Change Gender On Illinois Birth Certificates
Legislation aimed at easing the process for transgender people in Illinois to change the gender marker on their birth certificate was introduced in the state House last week.

Senate Bill Would Add LGBT Protections to Kentucky's Civil Rights Act
A bill filed in the Kentucky Senate would offer legal protections to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.

Transitions in Life: Three transgender women talk openly
From Caitlyn Jenner to hit shows like Orange Is the New Black and Transparent the term transgender has become more mainstream. For some Kentuckians, it's nothing new, it's something they have been living with for years, some in silence. Now more transgender people are feeling confident about living in the open. WKYT's Amber Philpott sits down with three women who are speaking out hoping to break the stigma about their transition in life.

Transgender patients face barriers in care
After a skiing accident in January left him with a smashed knee, Beck Bailey, a transgender man in Greenfield, Mass., spent 15 days in a Vermont hospital undergoing a handful of surgeries. As part of his normal routine, Bailey gives himself regular shots of testosterone. But the endocrinologist on duty in Vermont told him that patients should not take testosterone post surgery.

Transgender icon leaves style legacy
Donna Mae Stemmer, who died in June, left behind more than what was in her closet.

Soon-to-Open UVM Medical Center's Youth Transgender Clinic gives Hope to Vermont Teen
UVM Medical Center's Youth Transgender Clinic gives Hope to Vermont Teen

Pro- and Anti-Trans Rights Protests Compete Within 200 Feet at the State Capitol
The two rallies this morning couldn't have been more than 200 feet apart. On the steps of the Washington State Legislative building stood a group of roughly 150 waving signs calling for the exclusion of transgender people from sex-segregated bathrooms. Across a parking lot, a similarly sized group rallying against transmisogyny on the Washington State Supreme Court steps. They held signs that read, "Trans rights are human rights" and "#peeforpeace."
Dueling protest over transgender bathroom rule hits Olympia

ECASD considers policy to protect transgender students
Eau Claire schools could be a trailblazer in the state when it comes to accommodating and protecting transgender students.

West Virginia Lawmakers Say Uber Drivers Can Skip LGBT People
Regardless of what lawmakers want, Uber has its own anti-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity.
West Virginia House passes bill to allow ridesharing companies

[EL Salvador]
At the Devil’s Door The unsolved murder of Tania Vasquez
When I saw Tania Vasquez in April 2013, she sat beside me at a conference in an upscale hotel in San Salvador.