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terça-feira, fevereiro 02, 2016

Five more countries ban The Danish Girl over 'moral depravity'
Jordan bans The Danish Girl for 'promoting homosexuality and gender transformation'

'Being Alice and not David just feels right': Transgender woman reveals emotional journey to becoming her true self
The brave 22-year-old has opened up about her stunning transition, from wearing a skirt for the first time to changing her name.

Nicola Sturgeon hails Scotland’s progress as LGBT History Month begins
Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has hailed the country’s progress on LGBT rights, at the beginning of LGBT History Month.

Spectator columnist claims MPs are trying to turn kids transgender
A Spectator columnist has claimed that Tory MP Maria Miller is trying to turn unsuspecting children transgender.

Teen students in UK given 25 gender options
The United Kingdom is giving school children a diverse array of 25 options when it comes to identifying themselves on a government-sponsored gender survey, which includes “tri-gender,” “genderqueer,” and “in the middle of boy and girl.”

Transgender friends reveal new identities to families in Jamaica
Steffan Zachiyah and Romario Wanliss have just returned from Jamaica, where their families saw them as men for the first time.

Turkish Constitutional Court to review Gender Reassignment Law
The Turkish Constitutional Court will review the country’s Article 40/2 which enforces trans people to undergo gender reassignment surgery for legal recognition of their gender identity.

HHS Rules Trans Woman Entitled to Surgery Under Medicare
The decision comes just as the Department of Health and Human Services is deciding whether to implement the Affordable Care Act’s endorsement of trans-affirming healthcare for private insurers.

California bill would open all single-stall restrooms to anyone
All single-person bathrooms in California would become gender-neutral under legislation proposed in the state Legislature.

Hawaii lawmakers: Ban gay conversion therapy for minors
Hawaii lawmakers have introduced a bill banning a hotly disputed treatment that aims to turn gay teens heterosexual on the basis that being gay is an illness.

Activists Pushing Lawmakers Over LGB, But Not T Expansion
SB344 expands civil protections to lesbian, gay and bisexual Hoosiers, but doesn't include provisions for transgender citizens.
Indiana lawmakers face deadline to keep gay rights bill alive

Missouri lawmakers take aim at gender-neutral bathrooms
Bills would require public schools to enforce gender-specific bathrooms
Missouri law does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity
Fears over transgender use of public restrooms have become a key weapon for opponents of nondiscrimination laws

Suit: Bucks County refused to give prescribed medication to transgender inmate
Bucks County is being sued in federal court by a former inmate who allegedly was denied access to medically prescribed testosterone injections and housed in a separate area of the women's correctional facility in Doylestown Township because he is transgender.

'You will never walk an inch in our shoes': Teenage transgender siblings say after article about them
Thomas and Nyr Medina-Castrejon are best friends, brother and sister. They share many things — an interest in computers, a penchant for languages, a fondness for animals — but only one makes them an “anomaly.”

Conference educates about trans* health care
Doctors, patients engage in seminars discussing sensitive treatment for trans* patients

Transgender advances hailed at Providence conference
Caitlyn Jenner cited as groundbreaking role model at Saturday's Trans Health Conference at Rhode Island College.

Bill would prevent more gender-segregated designations
A bill to repeal a rule allowing people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with drew a substantial crowd at its first and only public hearing last week.

Two more attacks in Brazil
Two trans women were shot during the early hours of Saturday the 30th, 2016 on the Cenobelino de Barros Sierra avenue in the Industrial Park neighborhood, São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil