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quinta-feira, janeiro 21, 2016

Travesti morta no Litoral do RS foi ameaçada por transexuais, diz mãe
Nathallya Figueiredo, 25 anos, foi esfaqueada na praia de Capão da Canoa.
Segundo a mãe, havia jovens armados junto com as autoras da intimidação.

Trans sitcom Boy Meets Girl returning for a second series
BBC Two’s charming and ground-breaking comedy Boy Meets Girl will be back for a second series.

Meet Trans Actress Rebecca Root of The Danish Girl
The British actress cast to play Eddie Redmayne's nurse talks about life as a transgender actress and the gender identity of the star himself.

Brighton College scraps century-old uniform to accommodate transgender pupils
Uniform codes going back 170 years will be replaced by a “trouser uniform” and a “skirt uniform” for all pupils up to the age of 16.

India must strengthen planned law to protect transgender people, says rights group
India's draft law aimed at protecting the rights of the transgender community must be strengthened to allow people to be legally recognised by self identification rather than based on the opinions of experts, Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday.

Zenisha Tamang eliminated from Nepal Mega Model competition
A few weeks after the story on Nepal’s receptiveness to the idea of a transgender representing them on the fashion runway was published, migme Mega Model Season 3’s first transgender contestant Zenisha Tamang (@zenishapakhrintmg) was eliminated.

Alberta’s Catholic schools face ‘watershed moment’ as trustees defy the bishops on gender policies: priest
An Alberta Catholic school trustee and the chair of a Catholic school board believe that Catholic parents should not have been sent home a strongly worded letter from Calgary Bishop Fred Henry last week that denounced the NDP government's new "gender identity" guidelines as “totalitarian” and “anti-Catholic."
I must reject’: Another Alberta bishop strongly denounces ‘gender ideology’ school guidelines
Alberta education minister to meet with consultant over Edmonton Catholic board problems
Gender issue criticism out of hand, says Teachers’ Association

Transgender actress Alexis Arquette calls Will and Jada Pinkett Smith 'gay' hypocrites
'You are either with or against us. You decide. Today.'

Philanthropist donates $US2 million for transgender studies
American billionaire philanthropist Jennifer Pritzker has donated $US2 million ($2.9 million) to a Canadian university to establish a chair of transgender studies, believed to be the only such research position in global academia.

Proposal floated at St. Vrain Valley to add transgender status to its nondiscrimination policy
The St. Vrain Valley School District is proposing adding transgender status to its nondiscrimination, hiring and equal opportunity policies.

New Idaho bill would ban gay discrimination
A bill has been introduced in the Idaho Senate that seeks to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Area school creates transgender bathroom policy
A Sarasota County school is believed to be the first in the Tampa Bay area to create a bathroom policy for transgender students.

Transgender woman lodged in all-male halfway house sues Dismas over rape
A transgender woman assigned to an all-male halfway house has filed a lawsuit after she says she was raped.

Mecklenburg County Commissioner candidate Joel Levy accused of transphobia, responds
Yesterday, I wrote a post about Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James running for reelection after serving two decades and, in that time, making numerous homophobic and racist comments, not to mention his anti-gay voting record. The article listed seven of his worst moments, and originally encouraged District 6 voters to finally oust him. Unfortunately, they only have one alternative, candidate Joel Levy, also a Republican and, it seems, perhaps another poor choice for the LGBT community and our allies.

Rep. Dan Bishop rips Charlotte’s ‘radical transgender proposal’
Republican state Rep. Dan Bishop Tuesday slammed Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the Charlotte City Council for considering what he called a “radical transgender proposal,” and warned of consequences in court or in the General Assembly.

Controversial Va. school bathroom bill sparks debate
The Virginia House of Delegates will debate the question of who can use which bathrooms in schools and other public buildings in its current session, thanks to a controversial bill submitted by a Republican lawmaker from Stafford County.
Activists gather at Virginia Capitol to criticize anti-LGBT bills

Kent School Board approves transgender student policy
The Kent School Board unanimously approved a policy concerning transgender students at its Jan. 13 meeting despite concerns from several residents.

Comments to Kennewick council mostly oppose transgender bathroom restrictions
Councilman Trumbo wants council to back state bill restricting bathroom choice
Speaker says LGBT community under attack
Others say too much is being made of what bathroom people choose to use

Washington State Lawmakers: Transgender People’s Bodies Are ‘Security Concerns’
On December 26, the Washington State Human Rights Commission enacted new rules guaranteeing access to bathrooms and other facilities on the basis of gender identity, and conservative lawmakers are now scrambling to find a legislative solution to undo these protections.
Local lawmaker backs bills on gay, transgender issues

Presidente afirma que cambios en la Ley de Gestión de Identidad no restringen derechos
El Presidente Rafael Correa, a través de su cuenta de Twitter, defendió el proyecto de Ley de Gestión de Identidad y Datos Civiles y explicó que el cambio en el campo “sexo” por “género” será voluntario y no restringe derechos, como afirman algunos opositores, que antes mintieron y tildaron a la Constitución como abortista.

Two transgender women, gay man murdered in Brazil
48 transgender women have been murdered in Brazil since the beginning of the year

Hit and run kills brazilian trans woman Bábara Malquimi
Bábara Malquimi and two other trans women were walking near a street corner in Itaguaí Monday evening when a car suddenly careened towards them. Apparently to avoid a crossing dog, the driver of the speeding vehicle plowed into the group, fatally hitting one of them.