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quinta-feira, janeiro 07, 2016

Dame Edna Everage creator Barry Humphries calls trans women 'mutilated men'
Barry Humphries also called Caitlyn Jenner a 'self-mutilated publicity-seeking ratbag'
Dame Edna creator Barry Humphries provokes outrage among transgender campaigners after he says sex change surgery 'is self-mutilation' and attacks Caitlyn Jenner in latest outburst
Barry Humphries’ transphobic comments a distraction from real issues
Dame Edna's comments about Caitlyn Jenner might be rude, but are they wrong?
Dame Edna star Barry Humphries is a transphobic ratbag
BBC's leading transgender actress says Barry Humphries should apologise for 'retrograde' comments, or be sacked

Premier League's first transgender woman applauded
The first transgender woman to work in the Premier League received applause from the players when she returned to Bournemouth after undergoing gender reassignment surgery.
First out trans Premier League photographer: ‘I thought I’d never work in football again’

‘This Book is Gay’ author to document her transition in Glamour
A best-selling Young Adult author will document her transition to female – after signing a deal with Glamour magazine.

Transgender woman Davina Ayrton denies rape
A teenage girl was raped in a garage by a transgender woman when she was still living as a man, a court has heard.

We say: ‘Do away with gender on documents.’
‘Documents such as driving licences, identity cards and passports don’t need to state a person’s gender,’ Equality Rights Group has said in its most recent press release.
‘Do away with gender on documents,’ says ERG

Why intersex folks need recognition
It seems that finally Il things are moving to protect the rights of transgenders across the country .Tamil Nadu pioneered welfare measures for them and the Rajya Sabha passed the Rights of Transgender Persons bill on April 24, 2015. It was DMK MP Tiruchi Siva who moved the bill and it was the first private bill to be passed in 45 years.

Transgender airline passenger forced to remove prosthetic genital in 'demeaning' search, inquiry told
Calls for greater sensitivity training for security staff was just one of the recommendations made at a Senate inquiry after a transgender passenger described being subject to "demeaning and unnecessary" search when they were asked to remove their prosthetic genitalia.
'You want me to touch that thing with my bare hands?': Calls for airport security overhaul
Transgender passenger 'humiliated' as airline staff 'forcibly removed his prosthetic penis'

Winnipeg school district now allows 11-year-olds to ‘change gender’ behind parents’ back
Under pressure from the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, a Winnipeg school district has set down policies to accommodate transgender students that allow them to choose their gender, their washroom, and their school team, regardless of their parents' wishes or their real sex.

More Research Needed on PrEP Use in Transgender Women
A policy brief released in December by the National Center for Innovation in HIV Care -- a program of The Fenway Institute, AIDS United, and ARCW -- examines questions that have been raised about the interaction between feminizing hormones used by transgender women, and the medication currently approved for use as pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention (PrEP). It calls on the scientific community to conduct more research on PrEP with transgender women, and urges transgender women who are HIV-negative to discuss PrEP with their doctors as a potential option for helping them stay HIV-negative.

25 Legal Advocates Fighting for Trans Rights
Legal advocates stand on the front lines of the fight for transgender equality. Whether they are transgender or cisgender, LGB or straight, these professionals represent clients, crunch statistical data, lead organizations, analyze issues, direct policy, and build coalitions that produce social change for the truly disadvantaged. Many donate their time for the public interest outside of lucrative posts in corporate law. Others work within corporate law as forces for good. Here are 25 out of hundreds of legal advocates fighting for trans justice today.

Watch Bill O'Reilly Use NYC's Human Rights Law To Ridicule Transgender New Yorkers
A segment on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor ridiculed New York City's Human Rights Law protecting transgender New Yorkers by mocking the transgender community and ignoring the need for anti-discrimination protections.

Policy brief: "Bathroom bills" threaten trans people's health, opportunities
A policy brief released today by The Fenway Institute and the Center for American Progress examines controversial state and local legislation that would prevent transgender people from using gendered public facilities, such as restrooms or locker rooms, that align with their gender identity. The brief debunks myths about safety concerns regarding the use of these spaces by people who are transgender and describes the many negative outcomes that these discriminatory bills could cause. Lastly, it calls on states to pass laws that protect the rights of all Americans to access public accommodations regardless of gender identity.

Cathedral City will get gender-neutral restrooms Friday
Cathedral City will become the first in the Coachella Valley to get gender-neutral, single stall restrooms Friday, joining a string of cities in California and across the country to make such restrooms available.

Florida sheriff outs and endangers trans women arrested for sex work
In a most recent sting operation dubbed “Operation Naughty Not Nice” the Polk County Sherriff’s Department, in conjunction with Lakeland Police Department, held a five-day-long undercover investigation in December focusing on individuals who allegedly advertised prostitution services in online ads. During the operation undercover detectives responded to ads posted online and arrested a total of 95 suspects, including sex workers, their clients, and others who were arrested for related offenses.

Once A Prisoner In Cuba, A Transgender Cuban Vows To Never Return
Ana Marrero pulls back her shirt sleeve and holds out her left arm.
“Look, in Cuban prisons I tried on various occasions to kill myself with knives,” she says.

Sorority Opens Doors To Transgender Women
A sorority at Missouri State University has changed its bylaws to accept transgender students who “identify as a girl.”

NSAA to Consider Transgender Participation Policy
A new policy for Nebraska schools may end up affecting your children soon.

Nebraska Catholic Group Urges Schools to Back Proposal Requiring Students to Take Part in Sports Based on Gender at Birth
With competing proposals regarding transgender athletes up for consideration this month, one faith-based group is urging support for a proposal that would require students to participate in sports based on their gender at birth.

Transgender Activists Denounce ESPA
New York State transgender advocates and allies have come out strongly against statements made about transgender rights by the Empire State Pride Agenda in their press release of December 12, 2015 announcing the organization’s closure.

City's New HIV Prevention Campaign Targets Transgender Community
The city's Department of Health is making an effort to reach transgender New Yorkers with a new campaign promoting HIV prevention.

Council will consider adding sexual orientation, gender identity to housing discrimination ordinance
A proposal to prohibit discrimination in housing on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity was slated for debate by the Oklahoma City Council.
Oklahoma City forbids LGBT discrimination in housing
BREAKING: OKC passes LGBT housing protection

School system could find itself part of battle over transgender rights
The Arlington School Board’s decision last July to add protections for transgender students and staff won’t be center stage of a potential court battle, but it could be impacted by the result.

State Gender Identity Law Causes Controversy Over Bathroom, Locker Room and Dressing Room Use
Ever since Caitlyn Jenner's transformation last year, being transgender has been a controversial and hot topic.
Washington Quietly Adopts New Transgender Bathroom, Locker Room Policies
New Washington rule opens bathroom use to transgender people

One suicide Two Murdered in Mexico
Year after year transgender people worldwide end their lives because of hatred and rejection from society. In most cases this pain comes from being rejected by the general public. But sometimes that rejection comes from the ‘LGBT’ community for not ‘complying’ with the stereotypes that society dictates.

[Republica Dominicana]
Homosexual vestido de mujer estafa a ex policía en prostíbulo
Un Ex raso de la Policía Nacional fue despojado de miles de pesos por un homosexual de un prostíbulo de aquí, cuando lo invito a su habitación a compartir un rato para hacer el amor y luego en un descuido, le sustrajo la cartera conteniendo miles de pesos y huyo del lugar.

Salta: golpean a travestis en el boliche Divas Night
La fiesta de fin de año se convirtió en un verdadero acto de violencia contra la diversidad sexual.