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terça-feira, dezembro 29, 2015

“Precisamos de mais mulheres trans em cima dos palcos e menos nos caixões”
O Largo da Ordem, em Curitiba, parecia dividido em dois. O primeiro lado ecoava risadas em tom de deboche, assobios maldosos, cantadas baratas e olhares curiosos. O segundo, bem mais interessante, estava preenchido com gargalhadas, batuques de salto alto, purpurina, cílios postiços e orgulho. Ali, a tristeza não teve vez.

Transexual impedida de usar banheiro feminino de bar desabafa: 'Sem chão'
Amigo questionou e foi agredido; ela tentou evitar a confusão e se feriu.
Direção do local nega preconceito e vai apurar caso em Araraquara, SP.

Why I began living as a woman - then decided to transition back
By the end of my seven months as Sarah I was frightened, angry, lonely, confused – and, perhaps worst of all, bored. Utterly bored with the topic of transgenderism

Meet The Couple Who Stayed Together When The Husband Became A Woman - Then Invited A Third Lover To Join Them
“I would feel more comfortable if I slept in a nightdress, that kind of stuff.”

80 primary school pupils a year seeking help to change gender – charity
Children as young as four already ‘transitioning’, says Susie Green, chair of Mermaids charity

School blasted for not acknowledging the sex of transgender eight-year-old
An eight-year-old born a girl is locked in a battle with primary school bosses because they refuse to treat her as a boy.

First transgender candidate seeks to make congressional history amid religious unease
There had been one gay senator and at least a couple of closet queens in the House but, for the first time, a transgender is making local history – or is it her story – by seeking a congressional seat.

Lara Rae: navigating the world of dating and sex as a trans woman
Growing up, I always knew I was female — but my sexual orientation was much less certain

What It’s Really Like Being A Transgender Model When Trans Is Trending
23-year-old Tschan Andrews on whether the fashion industry is really becoming a more progressive place.

Transgender inclusion latest legal hot button in sports
With the media spotlight surrounding Caitlyn Jenner, 2015 was a year that brought transgender issues to the forefront. Increased attention brings increased scrutiny, and sports leagues and athletic associations have not always had the most comprehensive or inclusive policies with respect to transgender athletes. Yet, given the competitive nature of athletic competition, participation in sports is a key issue in the movement toward transgender equality.

Violence and Visibility
For many, the most disturbing trend of 2015 has been the surge in murders of transgender people. Headlines of major news organizations, bulletins and calls for action from advocacy groups, top elected officials and transgender men and women themselves have been sounding the alarm.

2015 moments: The transition to transgender
Part of a series about trends, places and things that seized the international spotlight in 2015.

Some shelters hold no set policy on where to house homeless transgender people
When transgender people face homelessness, some local shelters have no set policy on whether they should be placed in a men’s or women’s shelter, despite the gender with which that person identifies.

Palatine softball star now a transgender advocate
Had Palatine High School softball star Lauren Logan been born a boy, he'd be 20-year-old Ryan Logan today, playing college ball somewhere.

Community remembers Leelah Alcorn on anniversary of teen’s death
Remembrance ceremony planned Monday

Trans woman beaten and burned in Curitiba, Brazil
A group of young men beat a transgender woman then poured gas on her burning her badly early Sunday morning. The attack happened at corner of Victor Ferreira do Amaral Avenue and Paul Kissula in the Tarumã district, of Curitiba, Brazil.