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segunda-feira, dezembro 21, 2015

Português vence prémio com documentário sobre transexualidade
O português Nuno Viegas venceu, no domingo, o Prémio do Júri do Macau Indies com o documentário "Sirena", que retrata o percurso de um travesti das Filipinas em várias cidades do sudeste asiático.

Germaine Greer on trans women: I could call myself a Cocker Spaniel
Germaine Greer has continued to defend her anti-trans comments, insisting she could “call herself a Cocker Spaniel” but wouldn’t be accepted as one.

Berlin politician Berndt Krömer says transgender people may not be 'medically fit' to join city's police
LGBT activists say entry criteria is discriminatory

I am ‘Madam’ not ‘Sir’, says Transgender govt. officer
Coming out boldly in defiance of social conventions, a 32-year-old Odisha government gazetted officer has made public her transgender identity, saying how it was the Supreme Court's decision that empowered her to fully embrace her selfhood.

Amazon Picks Up New Kids Show by Trans TV Producer Shadi Petosky
Among the new shows ordered by Amazon is an animated series about a girl and her best friend: a giant, talking egg.

Caitlyn Jenner Prays With Rabidly Anti-LGBT Pastor During Visit To Houston – VIDEO
Already under intense fire from LGBT advocates, transgender former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner seems intent on digging her hole deeper.
Caitlyn Jenner under fire for praying with pastor who fought against LGBT rights law
My Being Patient With Caitlyn Is Over

Calif. Churches Fight to Flush Transgender Bathroom Law
A big deadline is coming up in California's co-ed bathroom battle. Currently, California transgender students can use any bathroom or lockeroom in the public school system.

Transgender Woman Held Captive, Chained Naked Outside And Used As Sex Slave For Two Years
“After 30-something years of law enforcement in this area, this is one of the most gruesome deals that I’ve ever heard of,” Sheriff Victor Jones, an officer in Natchitoches, Louisiana, said during a press conference over the weekend and reported by The Town Talk.

Police Investigate Crown Heights McDonald's Assault as a Hate Crime
A 20-year-old man was assaulted, threatened and robbed at this Crown Heights McDonald's in what police are investigating as a hate crime.

Transgender Oregon student wages lonely battle to use boys' locker room
No one testified at the Dallas School Board meeting in November. People in this working class Oregon town tend to trust their elected officials. But the chairs filled so fast at December's meeting volunteers had to bring in dozens of extras.

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms A boon to the transgender community? ETSU has installed signage identifying certain bathrooms as gender-neutral restrooms
College junior Aaron Granoski generally avoids using the public restrooms at East Tennessee State University. They make him uncomfortable.

Welcome Tamara Adrián Venezuela’s first elected transgender woman
Tamara Adrián, the newly elected opposition lawmaker, is well aware that Chavistas in the National Assembly and will put up all kinds of obstacles, ideologically and personally. Adrián is the first elected out transgender person in the history of Latin America to be elected to parliament. She won her seat in this socially conservative country as a candidate with the Voluntad Popular (Popular Will), a party led by the jailed political leader Leopoldo López.