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domingo, dezembro 13, 2015

Saudades da vida que não tive
Num mundo cada vez mais caótico e em que as crises de valores são mais que muitas, sobreviver como uma outsider torna-se cada vez mais difícil.

46-Year-Old Trans Woman Starts New Life As A 6-Year-Old Girl
A transgender woman has left behind her former life — including a wife and seven children — to live as a six-year-old girl with two adoptive “parents.”
Stefonknee (pronounced Stephanie) Wolschtt, 46, says she does not “want to be an adult right now.”
Homem deixa mulher e filhos para viver como uma criança de seis anos

Transgender Woman in Israeli Prison Says Locked in Isolation Because of Gender Identity
24-year-old inmate, born into an ultra-Orthodox household as a male, is serving her third jail term for robbery and assault of her prostitution clients.

WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner's Slip of the Tongue in Discussing Trans Rights at U.N.
The woman who represents the United States at the United Nations took time this week to recognize the woman who people around the world see as representing transgender women. But that representative, Caitlyn Jenner, at times misspeaks or makes statements seen as problematic by the wider trans community.
Caitlyn Jenner: More damage inflicted on the transgender community
Caitlyn Jenner on Privilege, Reality TV and Deciding to Come Out

Our Lady J, 'Transparent's' first trans writer, discusses becoming part of the family
Hers was the voice creator and show runner Jill Soloway was searching for to bring an added authenticity to critically acclaimed "Transparent."

A Christian University Toughens Its Anti-LGBT Stances
California's Biola University strengthens anti-LGBT language in a belief statement and seeks an exemption from federal antidiscrimination law, while still receiving federal funding.

California Will Get 'Bathroom Police' If 'Privacy' Measure Passes, Critics Fear
Stall-patrolling vigilantes could collect $4,000 for catching transgender people under a proposed measure.

PRIDE MAGAZINE salutes local black trans activists
The online LGBT publication PRIDE is recognizing the liberating work of 17 black transgender activists, six of which happen to be Atlanta residents. Raquel Willis, an emerging voice in local trans activism compiles the list that features Dee Dee Chamblee, Holiday Simmons, Cheryl Courtney-Evans, Tracee McDaniel, Micky Bee and Cazembe Jackson.

Feelings charged between sides at District 211 meeting
Emotions were running high between opposing sides who attended the Township District 211 emergency school board meeting held Dec. 7 at James B. Conant High School to affirm or rescind their ruling upon the rights of a transgender student to use the locker room in accordance with her gender identity.

Transgender deal, hearing process criticized again
Several residents of Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 attended Thursday's school board meeting to criticize both the recent agreement with the federal government on a transgender student's limited access to a girls' locker room and the process by which it was reached and reaffirmed this month.

Anderson council backs local gay rights ordinance
Officials in another Indiana city have approved banning discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity ahead of an expected debate in the state Legislature over whether to stop allowing such local ordinances.

Police Release Photo of Man They Say Attacked Transgender Girlfriend
Police release a photo Friday of a man suspected of beating up his transgender girlfriend in an attack last month.

Houston HERO Defeat Doesn't Mean End of Discrimination Protections for LGBT
In a development that made front-page news across the country, Houston voters recently repealed the city's first-ever non-discrimination ordinance. The ordinance, known as HERO (the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance), prohibited discrimination in housing, public accommodation, and employment based on race, gender, and 24 other characteristics, most of which were already protected under state and federal law. But opponents focused on HERO's protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, claiming that the transgender access provisions would allow men to masquerade as women in order to harass girls in public restrooms. Fears about "the bathroom bill" trumped any discussion of the ordinance's broader employment-related protections, and HERO was defeated.

Marquette changes restroom signs for transgender students and guests, blasted by alumni group
Marquette University in Milwaukee is currently in the process of implementing gender-neutral restrooms on the ground floor of residence buildings to accommodate individuals who consider themselves transgender, a move which has prompted a Marquette Catholic renewal alumni group to question the University’s devotion to maintaining its Catholic identity.

[El Salvador]
Transgender woman stabbed 58 times underscores violence facing people from LGBTI community in El Salvador
Neila – not her real name – has been forced to flee El Salvador after being stabbed 58 times in four knife attacks. The 26-year-old, who is now living in Mexico, has been left with visible scars on her neck and arms.