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domingo, dezembro 06, 2015

Eddie Redmayne: ‘I felt so vulnerable playing a trans woman’
Eddie Redmayne has opened up about his experience of portraying a trans woman in The Danish Girl.

Recalling the First Sex Change Operation in History: A German-Israeli Insurance Salesman
The long-forgotten story of a German Jew who was born as Martha and escaped the Nazis as Karl, rediscovered by a Tel Aviv University student.

Ancient trans warrior “discovered” at Siberian dig
In our male dominated world, when a women of authority is recognized, be her alive or centuries gone, the key to her power is unfailingly attributed to men.
No, The Siberian Ice Maiden Is Not A Man

A Dream Deferred: A Look at Transgender Discrimination in Thailand
Warat “Bai Thong” Tanasanti was a brilliant student who dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Her dreams came to a screeching halt, however, when she realized that this wasn’t possible.

North Vancouver gets first gender-neutral washroom in school
North Vancouver continues to gain socially progressive ground: it now has its first gender-neutral washroom in a school.

Should the Government Pay for a Sex Change?
Officials are examining when and whether Medicare should cover surgeries to change a person's biological gender.
The Obama administration is considering whether Medicare, its health care program for older and disabled adults, should regularly cover sex reassignment surgery.

TLC Renews Transgender Teen Docuseries 'I Am Jazz' for Season 2
Eight new hourlong episodes will debut in 2016.

Transgender Actress Mya Taylor’s Journey From Unemployed Sex Worker To Oscar Contender
“See? You already got it wrong. The film is not about people in sex work. The film is about friendship. The people just happen to be sex workers. It’s just like a real life story, you know?”

Caitlyn Jenner sued over fatal Malibu crash
A family who says it suffered serious injuries in a fatal traffic collision involving Caitlyn Jenner earlier this year sued the Olympic gold medalist on Friday.

Transgenders in Flagler Schools: District Takes It Case By Case as State Scrutinizes More Than Nurtures
A few years ago transgender issues, like transgender individuals, were all but invisible to school officials across the country. No longer. Transgender student access on athletic teams and in locker rooms at public schools is now a matter districts are confronting directly as more and more teenagers feel increasingly comfortable enabling what they feel is their true gender identity.

Deal for transgender student now in question amid 'bad faith' claims
Just one day after a suburban school board approved a historic agreement to settle a transgender student's claims of discrimination, the district is now threatening to retract the settlement with the federal government amid accusations that the agency acted in "bad faith."
District 211 threatens to abandon transgender agreement
An Illinois School’s Odd Plan To Quit Sex Discrimination While Pretending Not To
Suburban Chicago school may recant transgender locker room OK

Plasma Group Must Face Trans Bias Claim
A federal judge advanced claims that a Minnesota plasma center discriminated by refusing to let a transgender woman donate.

Rhode Island says Transgender Health Insurance Exclusions are Prohibited under State Law
Yesterday, the Rhode Island Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner released a bulletin Regarding Prohibited Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity and Expression. The bulletin is a significant step toward increasing access to critical health care for transgender residents of Rhode Island, who have long been arbitrarily denied coverage for medical treatments related to gender transition. Insurance companies will have 90 days to implement the changes.
New Law: RI Health Insurers Must Cover Trans Health Care

Trans woman left in men’s prison despite ‘repeated rapes’
The woman is serving a 20 year sentence for aggravated kidnapping, is incarcerated in a Texas prison.