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sábado, novembro 28, 2015

Travesti morta com 15 facadas no Bairro Universitário tinha 21 anos
Foi identificado como Leonardo Marcolan Shavetock, 21 anos, travesti conhecida como Penélope. Ela foi morta na madrugada de ontem (26) com pelo menos 15 facadas na Rua Ucy Nagamine esquina com Euvira Matos de Oliveira, região conhecida por ser ponto de travestis, no Bairro Universitário, em Campo Grande.
Travesti morta com 15 facadas no Bairro Universitário tinha 21 anos
Disputa por ponto de prostituição pode ter motivado morte de travesti

Travestis vencem preconceito com profissionalismo
Nickele Nascimento, de 31 anos, garçonete no restaurante Savanna Steakhouse, no bairro de Vilas do Atlântico, em Lauro de Freitas. Rosana Salvatore, 49, cabeleireira e artista performática. Além de travestis, as duas têm em comum o desejo de mostrar à sociedade que elas podem ser muito mais que corpos transformados nas esquinas das áreas de prostituição.

Travesti abandona prostituição para voltar a estudar: "Queria desistir da vida"
Travesti deixou a prostituição e voltou a estudar graças ao programa Transcidadania . “A sensação é de se libertar de uma coisa que você é obrigada a fazer"

Loose Women panellist: Transgender is ‘fashionable’ with kids like self-harming and bulimia
A panellist on Loose Women has claimed that being transgender is fashionable with kids, like self-harming and bulimia.

UK Government issues guide for employers on hiring and supporting trans staff
It’s also issued guidance for service providers on how to make transgender customers feel valued and welcomed

The harsh reality
A survey conducted in Fiji in 2011 funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) showed 57.2 per cent of transgender individuals were subjected to verbal and emotional abuse.

Charlie Sheen 'fears transsexual man he hired gave him HIV'
A source claims the 50-year-old actor believes he was made HIV-positive by a transsexual he hired to come to his home in Los Angeles

In ‘Transparent,’ a Heroine Evolves Further Still
On the set of “Transparent,” a handful of actors dressed for a flashback scene on a 1930s ocean liner — cloche hats, woolen jackets, long skirts — crowd together on benches in a large wooden container perched atop a gimbal, a device that can simulate the rolling of a ship. Sitting cross-legged on a long table a few yards away, the director Jill Soloway, who created this Amazon series, quietly throws out a few suggestions to the gently swaying actors.

Proposed Change To USA Judo Bylaws
The USA Judo Board of Directors has proposed an amendment to the USA Judo Bylaws.
The proposition will amend Bylaws Section 4.1 G & H and will reflect the following change:

Review: ‘The Danish Girl,’ About a Transgender Pioneer
“The Danish Girl,” Tom Hooper’s new film, is a story of individual struggle that is also a portrait of a marriage. In this respect and others it resembles “The King’s Speech,” Mr. Hooper’s earlier historical drama, a multiple Oscar winner a few years ago. In that case, the union of George VI and Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was the foundation on which the tale of George’s elocutionary striving was built. Here, the marriage is bohemian rather than aristocratic, but the stakes, while personal, are every bit as profound and consequential as the matters of state that drove the monarch to the microphone.
For 'The Danish Girl,' Eddie Redmayne studied issues facing transgender people

New policy would force Princeton schools not to tell parents if kids identify as ‘transgender’
Princeton public school teachers must call boys "girls," if they so "identify," and may not even tell their parents what sex the child is, or wants to be, if a new proposal is implemented.

Transgender woman turns pain into pages
They’re the emotions that often plague people around this time of year.

Nutter signs bathroom bill into law
Transgender activist Dawn Munro pointed out her regular seat at Fergie’s Pub; it was two from the end that’s closest to the bathrooms.

Investigator in Morris case resigns
Edward F. McCann Jr., a local prosecutor who supervised a controversial investigation of the Nizah Morris incident, has resigned.

Mount Horeb school cancels reading of transgender book after lawsuit threat
Around the same time a bill proposing restrictions on school bathrooms for transgender students prompted an emotional public hearing in an Assembly committee last week, one Dane County school made an effort to be more inclusive of a transgender student.

Asesinatos de mujeres transexuales en el limbo en Veracruz
*Se reportan en 2015 por lo menos 15 asesinatos de mujeres trans pero la cifra negra, es mayor dice Silvia-Susana-Jácome-García.

Activista de la comunidad LGBT de Pinar del Río denuncia acoso policial
Leodán Suárez, líder del proyecto de apoyo a la comunidad LGBT de Pinar del Río Luz de vida, denunció el miércoles en declaraciones a DIARIO DE CUBA que la Seguridad del Estado le está acosando con amenazas y citaciones informales, a las que se niega a acudir.

Transexuales podrán cambiar legalmente de nombre y género en Bolivia
La ministra de Justicia de Bolivia, Virginia Velasco, anunció hoy la aprobación de una ley que permitirá el cambio de nombre y género de las personas transexuales y transgénero en sus documentos legales de identidad.
Transgender people will soon be able to officially change names, genders
Transgender Bolivians Gain Right to Change Gender on ID Cards

Carnavaleros no quieren que trans compitan en concurso de reinas
El presidente de Daecpu señala que deben ser certámenes separados
Espert: "Hagan concurso de trans, putos y de bufarrones"