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sexta-feira, novembro 27, 2015

Travestis pagam R$ 50 a cafetinas para 'trabalhar' na rua
A prostituição das travestis vai muito além do livre arbítrio de fazer o que quiser com o próprio corpo. Descer para a pista, em Salvador, está condicionado ao pagamento de R$ 50 por semana às cafetinas ou às pessoas designadas por elas para fazerem a cobrança. Quem não paga está passível de sofrer represálias.

Justiça decreta prisão preventiva de pintor por 6 mortes e estupros, diz MP
Jorge Oliveira passa a ser réu no processo e responderá preso pelo crime.
Segundo promotor, provas apontam que 6ª vítima é Kelvin Silva; falta DNA.

Travesti é encontrado morto em quarto de hotel da zona leste de SP
O principal suspeito de cometer o crime pagou a conta do hotel com o cartão de crédito da irmã. Os funcionários do estabelecimento encontraram o travesti morto na cama dez horas após o crime. Ele tinha um corte profundo na garganta.

If you're young, trans and looking for love, the outlook on the BBC's latest documentary isn't optimistic
Nevertheless, the subject was handled sensitively in this case - but it does make me fear if it's just the beginning of a slippery slope

Five transgender Kenyans sue state to change their names
Five transgender Kenyans are suing to compel the state to register their new names on their national ID cards.

Transgender community demands implementation of SC ruling
The transgender do not want to dance on the streets or beg for money, claimed Bindiya Rana. Accept us as equal humans and provide us chances for employment, she demanded.

Officially Recognized But Publicly Shamed: Transgender Life in Pakistan
One Friday night earlier this year, a nervous but meticulously made-up crowd of transgender women sat in the upper circle of the smart Al Hamra Arts complex in Lahore, Pakistan. Bored with waiting for the performance to begin, one and then all of them stood up to take in a better view of the surroundings.

Vietnamese transgender people celebrate win
This week, Vietnam passed a law which will allow people who have undergone gender reassignment surgery to register under their new gender. For many people living in limbo since their operation this was an extraordinary moment, as the BBC's Nga Pham finds out.

Magistrate will be asked to consider an assault victim is a 'six-foot-six, 120kg transgender person' when he sentences the man found guilty for fracturing her cheekbone and eye socket
Stephanie McCarthy was viciously bashed outside a pub in Newtown
One of her attackers has claimed he felt intimidated by physical size
Nicholas Wells claims he only 'grappled her (McCarthy) in self-defence'
But CCTV footage shows him aiming three upper-cut punches at her face
Mr Wells and his friend Alexis Clifford Ozanne pleaded guilty to assault
It comes after she faced her other attacker outside Newtown Local Court

Transgender man has penis construction surgery using skin from his stomach
Early on Billy-Joe told his girlfriend he was transgender and wanted to become a man. That was five years ago. He was 21. "This is going to be difficult journey are you with me?" he asked. He had already once tried to take his own life. "The road seemed so long at the time."

[New Zealand]
Trans women encouraged to contribute to UN report
Trans women are encouraged to join the conversation in ending discrimination against women ahead of New Zealand’s periodic report to the UN.

Alberta education minister satisfied with Catholic school board progress on LGBTQ policy
Alberta’s education minister is pleased with the progress being made by the Edmonton Catholic School Board as it works to develop policy on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Edmonton Catholic school board now a leader on transgender policy, education minister says

Caitlyn Jenner plans to vote for oppression
In the past, a transgender voter interested in ordinary equality and civil rights for transgender people could have found reasons to vote against a Democrat and for a Republican.

National survey shows public supports rights, protections for transgender people
From Donald Trump and the Syrian refugee crisis to terrorism and the Islamic State, there will be more than enough political fodder to go around the Thanksgiving dinner table this year.

How ‘The Danish Girl’ Will Open New Doors For The Transgender Community
Director Tom Hooper’s latest film The Danish Girl is already stirring Oscar buzz, as well as a bit of controversy. Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of Lili Elbe, the first transgender woman on record to undergo sex reassignment surgery, is certainly worthy of such consideration, as is Alicia Vikander’s as the character’s loving but conflicted wife. Such recognition could cause it to become one of the most widely viewed films about a transgender character ever released.

Transgender 'Tangerine' star Mya Taylor is making the most of her moment
"Tangerine" star Mya Taylor adjusted her glasses, flipped her long hair off a shoulder and took in the cracked linoleum floor and the picture-heavy menu at Donut Time in Hollywood.

The new Happy Birthday Marsha trailer is everything that Stonewall should have been
Now that’s more like it, the trailer for Happy Birthday Marsha is out and it is everything Roland Emmerich’s Stonewall should have been.

Electing trans officials: A new frontier in politics
Recent years have seen a record number of openly gay people seated in the U.S. House, the election of the first out lesbian to the U.S. Senate and the appointment of a bisexual woman as governor of Oregon. But there remains a dearth of openly transgender officials at any level of government.

San Clemente Bus Driver, Former Navy Technician Transitions From Man to Woman
Editor’s Note: This is the first part of a two-part series about transgender policy in the Capistrano Unified School District and the people it affects.

Voices From South Florida's Transgender Community
November is Transgender Awareness Month and a number of events took place across South Florida to celebrate the trans community and raise awareness around key issues affecting transgender individuals including homelessness, unemployment and violence.

Settlement coming in District 211 transgender case?
Special school board meeting scheduled for Wednesday night

Board considers transgender policy
The Marionville R-9 School Board had about 15 policy revisions in its packet to cover during the November 17 meeting.

Transgender Policy Enforced
Law allows Dallas High School student to use boys locker room with others

Gender-identity language divides County Council
Proposal would have added transgender employees to protected groups
Split votes kills proposal, as well as larger package of employee benefit changes
Meeting turns into an airing of grievances over YMCA transgender policy

Festival honors transvestites in Mexico
A lively parade of transvestites wearing flowers and ribbons on their heads partied through the streets of an indigenous Mexican town in the weekend of their 40th annual “muxe” festival.

Bolivia permitirá a transexuales cambios legales
Ministra de justicia anunció aprobación de ley para documentos legales de identidad
Bolivia proposes law allowing transgender people to officially change names, genders