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sábado, novembro 14, 2015

Travesti é encontrada morta em frente a portão de supermercado na av. Pedro Teixeira
Um vigilante disse ter visto a vítima fazendo programa em um veículo e depois o corpo sendo jogado na rua. Ela estava com órgão genital para fora, com preservativo

Travesti rouba mulher, mas rejeita celular "por não ser da moda"
Um travesti foi preso no bairro de Itapuã, em Salvador, após roubar R$ 22. Segundo informações da polícia, a mulher andava pela avenida Dorival Caymmi quando foi abordada por Joseildo Silva de Oliveira, 24 anos. A vítima entregou o dinheiro e um celular, que foi rejeitado "por não ser da moda". Após o roubo, a mulher pediu ajuda a um homem que passava, que é capitão da polícia, e chamou uma viatura.

“Precisamos de mais mulheres trans em cima dos palcos e menos nos caixões”
O Largo da Ordem, em Curitiba, parecia dividido em dois. O primeiro lado ecoava risadas em tom de deboche, assobios maldosos, cantadas baratas e olhares curiosos. O segundo, bem mais interessante, estava preenchido com gargalhadas, batuques de salto alto, purpurina, cílios postiços e orgulho. Ali, a tristeza não teve vez.

Homens disparam vários tiros contra Paola Cabellos; Vítima está em estado grave. Veja!
Após o crime os autores dos disparos fugiram efetuando tiros para o alto em direção ao bairro cangote do Urubu.

The fundamental rights situation of intersex people
This paper examines the legal situation of intersex people from a fundamental rights perspective. It draws on evidence from the Agency’s updated legal analysis on homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, which now includes a section on intersex issues.

Urgent need to provide protection from violence and better legal gender recognition in EU Accession countries
The European Commission published on 10th November its annual progress reports [1] addressing the track record of EU accession countries, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo [2], Serbia and Turkey. The EU Commissioner Hahn stressed that the leading principle of “fundamentals first” in the accession process must include the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people.

Hollyoaks promises surprises for first trans character played by a trans person
The first ever trans actor to play a trans character in Hollyoaks has said there will be surprises in store.

Fake penis sex attack woman's 8-year sentence slammed as it emerges judge gave paedophile half the jail term
Gayle Newland, 25, sobbed hysterically as she was locked up by same judge who caged child abuser for four years and eight months

Transgender bureaucrat sues METI over sex discrimination
A transgender trade bureaucrat on Friday launched a landmark ¥18 million discrimination lawsuit against the government, claiming the trade ministry refused to let her use the female toilets and harassed her about her sex change.

Tokyo Transgender Man Found Dead With Face Skinned Off: Reports
transgender man was found dead with his face skinned off, local media reported.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Police told NBC News that 38-year-old Yoshi Tsuchida's body was discovered wrapped in a blanket at his apartment in the Fussa City area on the outskirts of the Japanese capital on Thursday.
Transgender Fussa man found dead with face skinned off

Edmonton schools want provincial board support on LGBTQ policy
The Edmonton Public School Board wants its lobby group to take a stance on protecting gay and transgender students.

Guilty Verdict In Herntier Murder Trial
A Winnipeg man has been found guilty of second degree murder in the 2004 killing of a transgender sex trade worker.

Transgender Athletes Find Community, Support In Roller Derby
Josie Simonis played every team sport they could get their hands on as a kid. Simonis wrestled, played football and baseball -- "It was a major part of my life." But to get access to all those fields, Simonis had to check an often-misunderstood identity at the door. The world saw Simonis as a boy, but Simonis didn't have the tools or language to describe themself.

Colorado Springs transgender woman will run for state office
Shari Zabel was inspired to run for state office after she had both good and bad experiences with El Paso County lawmakers while testifying for a bill that would have made it easier for transgender individuals to get new birth certificates to reflect a change in gender.

Casa Ruby leader to take sabbatical
Ruby Corado, founder and executive director of Casa Ruby, a D.C. LGBT community services center with an outreach to the transgender and Latino communities, says she will step down from her job for between one and two years beginning “sometime” in 2016.

EXCLUSIVE: Caitlyn Jenner Confronts Protesters at Chicago Event Who Call Her 'An Insult to Trans People'
After the I Am Cait star gave a speech during a luncheon in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday, she was confronted by protesters outside the venue. The 65-year-old former Olympian stopped to address one protester, who over the loudspeaker could be heard saying, "You are an insult to trans people, you are an insult to women."
Protesters: Caitlyn Jenner Doesn't Represent Trans People
Transgender Women Picket as Caitlyn Jenner Delivers First LGBT Keynote

Mother of transgender student at center of national debate speaks out
The mother of a transgender student at the center of a heated national civil rights debate spoke out for the first time Thursday, writing of her daughter's devastation at being banned from the girls' locker room at her northwest suburban high school.

Transgender policy raises new tension: Neb. schools conflicted on possible rules change for students involved in sports
Debate over establishing a state policy on transgender students participating in high school activities is heating up, with four parochial schools backing the current policy, and the ACLU of Nebraska saying that would be a mistake.

Legal battles likely as schools put transgender policies into practice
A legal skirmish in a Western New York school district over policies for treating transgender and gender non-conforming students has education attorneys statewide bracing for more widespread litigation.

No further arrests in murder of trans women
Police have not taken any new suspects into custody in the October murder of a trans woman in Logan, police spokesperson Officer Christine O'Brien told PGN this week.

Did gender confusion delay Morris probe?
A key 911 transmission in the Nizah Morris case could clarify whether gender confusion between responding officers delayed a criminal investigation into Morris’ fatal head wound.

Transgender woman says sexuality being used to keep her from seeing her kids
At 48, Maddie Singer has finally found happiness.

Local transgender group speaks out against proposed bill
A national debate over gender-specific bathrooms in schools remains a hot topic in our region.

Anti-HERO Activists Set Sights on Dallas Protections
The group of transphobic activists who defeated the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance have turned their attention to recently affirmed LGBT protections in Dallas.

Fairfax school board member retweets anti-trans article
A group that represents LGBT employees of the Fairfax County School District has called upon a school board member who voted against adding gender identity to an anti-discrimination policy to apologize for linking to an article that describes transgender people as mentally ill.

Expedia to offer transgender surgery as healthcare benefit
Expedia employees will soon be offered gender reassignment procedures as an employee benefit.