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terça-feira, novembro 10, 2015

Laerte: “As pessoas me veem como uma ursinha carinhosa”
Uma das cartunistas mais importantes do país, autora de séries memoráveis como “Piratas do Tietê” e “Los Três Amigos” e atualmente ocupando um lugar de prestígio, ao lado do editorial, na Folha de São Paulo, Laerte Coutinho empolgou o público que praticamente lotou o cinema onde acontecem as principais mesas do Fórum das Letras de Ouro Preto (Flop). Militante da questão transgênera desde 2010, quando assumiu que gostava de se vestir de mulher e começou a mudar publicamente de “o Laerte” para “a Laerte”, o tema dominou a conversa, como era de se esperar.

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015 – Trans Murder Monitoring Update
The 17th International Transgender Day of Remembrance is being held on November 20th 2015: Since 1999 the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), a day to remember those trans people who have been victims of homicide, takes place every November. The TDOR raises public awareness of hate crimes against trans people, provides a space for public mourning and honours the lives of those trans people who might otherwise be forgotten. It began in the USA but the TDoR is now held in many parts of the world. In the past, events to commemorate the day were held in more than 180 cities in more than 20 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

York woman tells of her transgender struggle
A transgender parent-of-two has revealed her long mental battle to become a woman.

Revealed: Secret lives of transgender soldiers who served in Northern Ireland
The secret story of transgender British soldiers who served in Northern Ireland will be told in an extraordinary photographic exhibition opening in Belfast this week.

MPs could get "gender-sensitive" transgender loos
MPs could get transgender loos as part of a series of recommendations being made in a “gender insensitivities” review into the House of Commons.

Former ITV presenter opens up about leading ‘double life’ during transition
A former ITV News presenter has opened up about living a “double life” during her transition.

Beyond the binary: what does it mean to be genderfluid?
Public figures such as Ruby Rose and Jonathan Rachel Clynch are challenging our idea of transgender people as ‘trapped in the wrong body’

First-Time Transgender Voters in Kerala Hope for More Social Acceptance
33-year-old Jenson in Kerala, a first time voter has been proudly flashing his 'inked finger'. He says he refused to vote all these years because being a transgender, he never felt like voting as a male or female. But the state included transgenders as a separate category in this year's civic elections.

Meet India's first trans police officer
'The social impact of such recruitment cannot be lost sight of, as it would give strength to the case of transgenders'

Philippines woman wins world's biggest transgender beauty pageant
'A true queen also possess a golden heart’

Transgender in China: secrets and surgery
At home her son still calls her daddy, at work she dresses in a masculine style, but this Chinese person has a "little secret" -- she was born male, but is not any more.

Injustice in Zambia: Trans Woman Faces 15 Years For 'Deceiving' Man
A transgender woman in Zambia reportedly faces 15 years in prison for the crime of sodomy after a man she met claimed he was “deceived” by her, reported the Washington Blade.

Ontario eases process for sex change surgery
Saying every Ontarian has the right to be who they are, Health minister Eric Hoskins has proposed enabling more health care providers to refer patients.

Preconceito contra trangéneros no emprego confirmado em estudo
Um estudo divulgado recentemente conclui que as entidades empregadoras preferem candidatos menos qualificados a candidatos transgéneros com mais qualificações.

Hundreds sign petition calling for LGBTI community to 'drop the T'
Offensive campaign, started by gay and bisexual men, causes rift with trans community
LGBT Groups Respond to Petition Asking to 'Drop the T' Drop The T Petition Needs To Die
Exclusive: Gay Man Explains His Petition To Drop The T In LGBT

More Universities Move To Include Gender-Neutral Pronouns
More and more colleges and universities are allowing students to choose their own gender pronouns, meaning instead of just "he" and "she," the options now include pronouns like "ze," which are intended to be gender neutral.

Trans activist Janet Mock gets married
'It was a dream, an impossible dream come true'

Critic Camille Paglia says 'transgender mania' linked to Western culture collapse
'I would be concerned about how Western culture is defining itself to the world,' Paglia said.

Transitioning To Male, And Taking Some Of A Past Self With Him
Youth Radio's Cole Carman, of Pittsburg, Calif., is one of the first transgender teens in America to freeze his eggs pre-transition. He shares his story:

Trans teen loses out on homecoming queen, but wins her classmates’ hearts
A teenager in the US has lost out on becoming her county’s first out trans homecoming queen.

Orlando Police Department adopts transgender policy
The four-page policy outlines how officers interact with the transgender community.

District's Transgender Policy Questioned
"I have no problem with him being transgender," said Jean Aikens. "I have something with him still having his male parts and being in the restroom with my born female granddaughter."

Transgender student takes life one day at a time
Legacy High School sophomore Ashley Heyd, now choosing to go by Seth Heyd, was 13 years old when he decided to reveal a true identity. There was denial at first: Heyd and his parents struggled, but they are getting more comfortable with the change.

Transgender veteran has this powerful message for Americans: 'I fought for your right to hate me'
'The rights and privileges secured enable others to lobby against me and my transgender brothers and sisters'

This trans woman expertly shut down questions about which bathroom she should use
A trans woman from Illinois has amazingly shut down any possible debate about which bathroom she should be using.
Trans men respond to Houston's anti-LGBTI law in the best way possible