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quarta-feira, novembro 04, 2015

Tertúlia Braga Fora do Armário 2015
No âmbito da preparação da III Marcha pelos Direitos LGBT, o Braga Fora do Armário organizou a tertúlia “Não à violência transfóbica: percursos, (in)visibilidade e direitos” no sábado, 13 de junho de 2015, às 21h30, no Juno Café, em Braga.
O evento visou promover a reflexão crítica sobre os percursos, a (in)visibilidade e os direitos das pessoas trans em Portugal, contribuindo para a definição de estratégias de intervenção no contexto nacional. Contou com a participação de Eduarda Alice Santos e Lara Crespo, do Grupo Transexual Portugal, e de José Soeiro, deputado do Bloco de Esquerda. A moderação ficou a cargo de Liliana Rodrigues, investigadora e co-autora do livro “Transfeminismo: Teorias e Práticas”.

Muslim trans woman attacked by a Scottish man in Sheffield
A Muslim trans woman was attacked in the centre of Sheffield by a Scottish man in broad day light, in full view of passers-by who passively looked on and offered her no support.
A trans woman, in her early thirties and wearing a niqab (face veil) was assaulted while waiting for a bus in a station on Church Street right outside Sheffield Cathedral.

Disabled Berden man told sex change neighbour during row to 'act like a man', court told
A Berden man who told his trans woman neighbour to "act like a man" was today (Monday) hit with a court bill of over £200 for his "aggravating" choice of words.

Norway ethics body backs IVF for legal males
A Norwegian scientific ethics body has backed government plans to allow those who change legal gender from female to male to retain their ovaries and have children.

A transgender woman in Aceh, Indonesia gathers strength as new anti-gay sex laws roll out
Indonesia has been called the smiling face of Islam for its moderate religious bent. But for Echa, an LGBT activist in the northern Aceh province, that smile can be deceiving.

Transgender student safety policy passed by Winnipeg School Division
'We can make the many hours [students] spend in school so much safer,' school board trustee says
Winnipeg School Division unanimously votes to create policy for transgender students

WATCH: Pawn Stars Host Slams Trans Women, Fears Losing Show Over Rubio Endorsement
Pawn Stars host Rick Harrison fears 'massive liberal PC police' could cost him his show and cites transgender bathroom accommodations as an example.

Arrest in LA serial shooting case that killed 2, wounded 6
Excerpt: Hayes said there was no apparent pattern in how the 35 victims in the case were chosen. Eighteen were men, 14 were women and three were transgendered.

Statement From High School District 211 Superintendent Daniel Cates In Response To OCR Communication Today
The OCR has informed Township High School District 211 of its allegation that District 211 has violated Title IX by not providing a transgender student unrestricted access to the locker room. We do not agree with their decision and remain strong in our belief that the District's course of action, including private changing stations in our locker rooms, appropriately serves the dignity and privacy of all students in our educational environment.
Feds say Illinois school district broke law by banning transgender student from girls’ locker room
Illinois District Violated Transgender Student’s Rights, U.S. Says
Palatine district violated law regarding transgender student, authorities say

Group objects to district's transgender policy
A Christian advocacy group has asked a western New York school district to stop letting a transgender student use the boys' locker rooms and restrooms, saying it violates other students' privacy.
Radical legislation aims to mainstream homosexuality, transgenderism in New York

TLDEF Condemns New York Senate Majority Leader's Disingenuous Criticism of Transgender Rights Regulations
TLDEF responded to comments made by New York Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan suggesting that Governor Andrew Cuomo went beyond his authority by proposing new regulations to protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, and credit. “The scourge of harassment and discrimination against transgender individuals is well-known – and has also has gone largely unanswered for too long,” Governor Cuomo said in announcing his action on October 22.

Houston Voters Reject HERO After Despicable 'Bathroom' Scare Campaign
After Right-wing Christian groups stoked voters' fear with purposely misleading "bathroom" ads, citizens have rejected HERO - the city's anti-discrimination ordinance.
Houston votes to abolish ‘crucial’ LGBT rights law in landmark result
HERO Dies..And I'm Pissed About It
Predators Targeting Women under LGBT Ordinances?
Governor Tweets That Discrimination Is A ‘Texas Value’
Why Is The LGBT Movement Struggling To Uphold A Simple Law In Houston?
Five Of The Most Bigoted Attacks On The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance
From Salt Lake City, Many Eyes On Houston For HERO Vote
Why Michigan gay rights advocates are watching, wary of Houston election

Gender-neutral locker room planned for old Bookie remodel
WSU will have its first gender-neutral locker room and second gender-neutral bathroom, according to a design proposal given to the Board of Regents, when the building that once housed the old Bookie is remodeled in 2017 as the Chinook Student Center.

Mom becomes advocate after losing transgender teen to depression
Joanne Lee didn’t know how to react to raising two trans teens until it was too late