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quarta-feira, outubro 28, 2015

No Outubro Trans de 2015, nasce a 2ª Edição da TRANSZINE, numa iniciativa das Panteras Rosa: frente de combate contra a lesbigaytransfobia, e no contexto da convocatória da Stop Patologização Trans. ( )

Nesta edição, exploramos o território dos nossos próprios corpos, para poder viajar sem destino obrigatório: eles são nossos! Surge uma transzine que espera agitar e transformar-se num pequeno meio de informação e reflexão em torno das questões trans, numa visão despatologizante, empoderadora, queer e interseccional.

De barriga cheia, junta-te a nós para o lançamento e ver algumas curtas despatologizantes e participar na conversa informal: "Despatologização trans, que mudanças no contexto nacional?".
Entrada Livre


[20h00]: Jantar Vegetariano no RDA 69

[22h00] CONVERSA INFORMAL: "Despatologização trans, que mudanças no contexto nacional?" no RDA 49

Travesti foi enforcado após golpes de pá na cabeça
Um homem de 22 anos preso nesta terça-feira (27), em Andradina (a 112 km de Araçatuba), confessou ter matado o travesti Ivan Carlos Rodrigues Costa, 34 anos, que era surdo e mudo. O crime aconteceu na noite de 6 de setembro, em Araçatuba.

Miss Cadiz fails to become the first ever transexual Miss Spain
While chosen to represent Cadiz... a transexual has lost her battle to become Miss Spain

Scots Game of Thrones star Kate Dickie plays transsexual
One of Scotland’s biggest female stars of stage and screen is set for her most challenging role yet – playing a married transsexual.

This trans woman is going to be sent to an all-male prison in the UK
Ministry of Justice tears up their own guidelines when it comes to handling trans prisoners
Petition launched in bid to move Bath transgender woman Tara Hudson to all-women's prison
Bath transgender woman sent to all-male prison after admitting assault at city bar
Sex-change woman sent to all-male prison

Germaine Greer: Lopping off your d**k and wearing a dress doesn’t make you a f***ing woman
Germaine Greer has delivered a foul-mouth rant about transgender women, after coming under scrutiny for her anti-trans views.
Oh, Ms. Greer
A Trans Woman’s Reply To Germaine Greer

Guardian columnist Jack Monroe comes out as trans
Food blogger Jack Monroe has come out as transgender.

Intersex Awareness Day: Here’s why intersex people need change
As activists mark Intersex Awareness Day – the day that celebrates people who are born with an indeterminate gender – here’s why the law still needs to catch up.

Transgender Loiza wins Holland’s Next Top Model
A 20-year-old transgender has won this year’s Holland’s Next Top Model competition, in what is thought to be the first time a transgender has taken a ‘top model’ title.
Transgender woman Loiza Lamers wins Next Top Model Holland
Over 640k watch transgender Loiza Lamers win Holland’s Next Top Model

Uproar Over 'Suicide' of Transgender
The suspicious death of a transgender Anusha has turned into a controversy Monday with over 100 members from the hijra community, under the banner of Naandi Service Society, submitted a representation to city police commissioner Amit Garg stating that Anusha had died a natural death and that there was no foul play. However, a neighbour of the deceased, G Jyothi (40), lodged a complaint at the Two Town Police Station stating that Surada Yellaji, leader of the hijras and founder of Naandi Service Society and also a TDP leader, and three others brutally murdered Anusha and burnt her body on September 24.

This Transgender Woman Shared Photos Of Her Horrifying Attack On Facebook
“The physical damage can be healed, but I’m scared of even going out now.”
Rudrani Chettri Chauhan is a transgender model and activist currently residing in Delhi.

Transgender Tourism: For $2,000 a New Life Begins
Thep Vechavisit uses local anesthetic and sedatives to block the pain from the two-hour surgery he performs in a cramped room in his Bangkok clinic. It’s possibly the cheapest sex-reassignment operation in the world.
How Thailand Became a Global Gender-Change Destination

Trans activist escapes death after being beaten by Ugandan mob
She was previously raped at gun point and had her hair cut by the police to make her 'masculine'

There’s Now A Yelp To Help Trans People Find A Doctor
A new Yelp-inspired database of trans health care resources may help break challenging barriers that trans patients regularly face in the doctor’s office. The Referral Aggregator Database (RAD) Remedy, launched in June, now has nearly 2,000 resources submitted by providers, community organizations and patients across the country.

EXCLUSIVE: About That TSA 'Coalition' of LGBT Groups
Screening protocol for transgender passengers is broken. How deep is the agency digging for solutions?

Meet the Surgeon Sought After by Transgender Men
Curtis Crane spent 20 years training in the U.S and abroad, acquiring penis-making skills that have won him a global following.

Lambda Legal Sues U.S. State Department on Behalf of Intersex Citizen Denied Passport
Lambda Legal today filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. State Department on behalf of an intersex client, Dana Zzyym, denied a U.S. passport because Dana could not accurately choose either male or female on the passport application form, and the form does not provide any other gender marker designation.
Intersex applicants face passport discrimination, says lawsuit seeking option other than ‘M’ or ‘F’

'Her Story' is something new for Hollywood with trans actresses in trans roles
What if a show featured women living normal lives, falling in love, dealing with career stress—and those women just happened to be transgender?

Sylvia Rivera Gets a Place in the National Portrait Gallery
The National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution got a little more diverse this month, adding its first portrait of a transgender American — Stonewall participant and pioneering activist Sylvia Rivera.

Transgender In Prison: How California’s New Guidelines Will Be Implemented
California became the first state in the nation last week to agree to pay for transgender prison inmates to receive sexual reassignment surgery. Prison officials released specific guidelines in the wake of several lawsuits.

Iowa prisons draft policy on transgender inmates
Iowa prison officials are in the midst of drafting a policy addressing the treatment of transgender inmates, although it’s not clear yet whether state officials will approve spending taxpayer money for sex-reassignment surgery.

Sparks approves transgender surgery coverage
Sparks City Council voted on Monday to approve insurance coverage for gender reassignment surgeries for transgender city employees.
Gender reassignment surgery now insured for Sparks city workers

Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces New Protections for Transgender New Yorkers
TLDEF responded to news that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will issue new regulations to protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, and credit. The governor said the new protections will extend the reach of the New York State Human Rights Law that already bars discrimination on the basis of sex and disability. “[T]he fair legal interpretation and definition of a person’s sex includes gender identity and gender expression,” the governor said. A statement from the governor’s office also read in part: “These regulations affirm that all transgender individuals are protected under the State’s Human Rights Law, and all public and private employers, housing providers, businesses, creditors and others should know that discrimination against transgender persons is unlawful and will not be tolerated anywhere in the State of New York.”

Murdered transgender woman one step closer to a final resting place
Diamond Williams is finally among friends.
Williams is the transgender woman I wrote about last week who was dismembered by a john in 2013.

I’m More Worried About Anti-HERO Activists in Bathrooms Than Trans People
This is the scenario people opposed to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance want me to believe is going to happen: my little girl, all pink eyeglasses, blond curls, and a sass level over 9,000, will need to use a public restroom at the park or a restaurant. Once in there she will be at the mercy of a transwoman, maybe even one with a penis, who will use the rights protected by HERO to… what? Pee within a certain amount of feet from her? Expose herself? Molest her? What diabolical she-penis monstrosity has the City unleashed on our powerless womenfolk?
Anti-Gay Donor Quietly Bankrolling Campaign To Repeal Equal Rights Ordinance Spends Up To $350,000

WATCH: Trans Widow Nikki Araguz Wins Fight Over Late Husband's Estate
A Texas appeals court has vindicated Nikki Araguz Loyd by once again validating the transgender woman’s marriage to her firefighter husband, five years after he died battling a blaze in Houston.
Court sides with transgender widow in fight over firefighter's estate
Decision reaffirmed to validate marriage of firefighter's transgender widow

Transgender committee begins to form policy specifics
Before the transgender policy committee’s second meeting, on Oct. 15, Verona pastor Jeremy Scott passed around a memo questioning the concept of embracing alternate gender identities.