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segunda-feira, outubro 26, 2015

Transexuais reclamam de preconceito durante prova do Enem
A citação da célebre frase da filósofa Simone de Beauvoir “ninguém nasce mulher: torna-se mulher”, escrita em uma das perguntas do Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio (Enem), contrastou com o tratamento recebido por alguns transexuais que fizeram a prova neste sábado (24), no Rio de Janeiro.

Demands for trans depathologisation
International Stop Trans Pathologisation Day took place yesterday with over 100 actions for trans depathologization taking place in over 45 cities around the world.

“Being told you have a ‘disease’, is extremely harmful”
We interviewed Bex and James Naylor, parents of Willa, a 7 year old trans activist from Malta.

El día en que los transexuales alzan la voz
El colectivo LGTBI celebra una jornada internacional para exigir que la transexualidad deje de estar considerada como una enfermedad mental en los manuales de Psicología

OUSU elects first ever Trans Officer
OUSU has elected their first Trans Officer in history

Transgender women fear crackdown after court ruling, mulling legal options
Three transwomen are still weighing their options following the Federal Court's refusal to declare that a provision in the Negri Sembilan Islamic criminal enactment violated their fundamental rights. – The Malaysian Insider filepic, October 25, 2015. Three transwomen are still weighing their options following the Federal Court's refusal to declare that a provision in the Negri Sembilan Islamic criminal enactment violated their fundamental rights.

[New Zealand]
ITANZ supports Intersex Awareness Day Twitterstorm
Intersex Awareness Day is tomorrow and you can do your bit to show your solidarity here in New Zealand.

The 7th Annual International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization
This weekend marks the seventh annual International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization, organized by trans activists and people around the globe who are working to confront gender injustice. The global trans movement has grown exponentially in the years since the campaign started, and the effort to move away from a pathology framework and toward one based on the affirmation of identity has been central to forging the path to liberation.

Christina Kahrl, transgender pioneer long before Caitlyn Jenner, says passion for talking, writing baseball transcends differences
ESPN’s Christina Kahrl believes the Mets have a great shot at winning their first World Series title since 1986, thanks to the club’s young, heat-throwing pitching staff.

10 Must-Read Books When You’re Having Gender Questions
Oops! You read Gender Trouble and now you're having gender trouble...

The 25th Annual Southern Comfort Conference Comes to Broward
When walking into the Southern Comfort Conference, one was greeted with a sense of calm.
It wasn't the wild prideful convention that one might expect of the gay or lesbian community, but instead felt like a place of warmth for those who were forced to live a double life.

Law Now in Effect Easing Rules for Gender Changes on State ID
The day-to-day hurdles facing transgender Marylanders should become less burdensome with the passage of Senate Bill 743 and its companion House Bill 862, entitled “Vital Records – New Certificates of Birth – Sex Change or Diagnosis of an Intersex Condition.” The legislation, which took effect on October 1, makes it significantly easier to amend the gender on birth certificates by eliminating the requirement that a person undergo surgery before the birth certificate can be changed to match the individual’s gender identity.

Transgender man fights denial of child visitation rights
A transgender man has asked Maryland‘s Court of Appeals to review a lower court’s decision that denied him visitation and custody rights to a child conceived before he and his partner were married and later divorced.

Trans Woman Murdered Because Friend Was Embarrassed By Her
There were quite a few men who seemed to miss the whole message behind the trending hashtag, #MasculinitySoFragile. Perhaps, this tragic story will illustrate the problem that topic was trying to confront.
On October 15, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20-year-old Rico LeBlond shot and killed Zella Ziona, a trans woman.

'Bathroom predator' spin on Houston equal rights bill puts Texans in hot seat
Christian conservatives and LGBT rights activists battle in court and media ahead of 3 November vote on Proposition 1 ordinance

Marshall’s first transgender homecoming candidate promotes equality, acceptance
Ashley Prichard, a 22-year-old Marshall University graduate student and the college’s first transgender Mr. Marshall candidate, gives a campaign speech Tuesday on campus. His platform calls for equality and acceptance of transgender men and women on campus.