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sexta-feira, outubro 16, 2015

Aluno transexual é expulso de faculdade após criticar professora
Samuel Silva, de 22 anos, afirmou que professora de Redação Publicitária excluía alunos que não têm o domínio de uma língua estrangeira

Travesti é assassinado a pauladas e corpo encontrado em um matagal
O corpo de um travesti, identificado pela polícia coo "Neto" ou "Miscilene", foi encontrado por populares em um matagal na cidade de Ipiaù, no estado da Bahia. De acordo com informações repassadas pela polícia, ele foi assassinado a pauladas.

Travesti é espancado e estrangulado no Jorge Teixeira
Um jovem travesti ainda não identificado foi encontrado morto com sinais de espancamento e estrangulamento na manhã desta sexta-feira (17), em uma área entre a Rua das Joias com rua Filodendro, bairro Jorge Teixeira, Zona Leste de Manaus.
(Em Abril, descobriu-se agora a notícia)

Revealed: The Powerful Lobby Group Behind New Transgender Characters In Eastenders And Hollyoaks
Channel 4 has revealed a transgender schoolteacher will feature in the soap opera Hollyoaks, just two days after the BBC announced they would introduce a transgender character into their flagship drama Eastenders.
Newspaper mocks EastEnders trans character as ‘Gender Bender EastEnder’

“Transition makes things easier, but it doesn’t fix everything”: “Trans” author Juliet Jacques
Salon speaks with the author about coming of age in the transphobic '90s and navigating her identity

This 16-year-old is no longer trapped in a boy's body
In July, Vasant Valley School student Krishna Singh, 16, hung up his boy's uniform for good. He switched to the gender-neutral physical education uniform and started hormone replacement therapy. Now, she goes by Naina Singh and wears a salwar-kameez to school. Naina plans the sex reassignment surgery after her Class XII exams.

Transgender lecturer sues Thammasat University
Transgender lecturer and activist Kath Khangpiboon on Monday filed a lawsuit in a Bangkok court against Thammasat University for allegedy unlawfully refusing her employment.

UN urges Section 66 of NS transgender law be amended
The United Nations Human Rights Office today expressed its concern and regret over last week’s Federal Court decision to reinstate Section 66 of the Negeri Sembilan Syariah Criminal Enactment (1992) that criminalises transgender women and subjects them fines and up to six months’ jail.

[New Zealand]
Telling the tales of our first lady
The first New Zealander to have full gender reassignment surgery and have the sex on her birth certificate changed has told her compelling life story in a book co-written by Ali Mau.

B.C. transgender woman challenges social media censorship with topless photos
Courtney Demone is pushing companies like Facebook and Instagram to #freethenipple

Edmonton Catholic trustees take second crack at trans-inclusive policy
After failing to do so on September 15, Edmonton Catholic School District trustees will try to approve a transgender-inclusive policy, Tuesday.

First transgender suicide hotline overcomes growing pains
Until Trans Lifeline, there was no suicide and crisis counseling hotline specifically for transgender people

An Interview With Actress, Performer and Trans Activist Candis Cayne
Back in 2007, long before the recent mainstream media's embrace of the trans community, Candis Cayne was cast as a lead character on the ABC primetime drama series Dirty Sexy Money.

Two LGBT murders within 24 hours leaves community in 'state of emergency'
Transgender woman killed in Philadelphia and gay man shot dead in Detroit
Transgender homicides have risen by 11% from 2014

St. John's Addresses Unmet Needs of Transgenders in South LA
A multitude of stories have illustrated the scarcity, high cost and inadequate services in transgender health care, but it's imperative these conversations don't become an echo chamber. Access can be especially difficult for the transgender community, with 15 percent of the community reporting extreme poverty of less than $10K per year.

UNC march mourns trans victims of homicides
So far this year, 21 transgender people have been murdered. Nine more killed themselves because of constant bullying and a society that fails to protect them. Leaders in an LGBT march on Wednesday night read the names of these individuals and other trans murders and suicides from recent years as participants responded, “Rest in power.” Ages accompanied each name, ranging from 13 to 66 years old.

Judge: Yes, Hobby Lobby Discriminated Against Trans Woman
Last year activists worried that the Supreme Court's ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby opened the door to discrimination — but in one trans employee’s case, the bias was already occurring.

Man charged in connection to murder of crossdressing man
New developments in the murder of Gregory Daniels, the cross-dressed man who was shot and killed on Detroit’s east side a week ago.
Warren resident charged with Detroit murder

Transgender Christian shares his struggles & success
Religion versus equality, it's what's been taking the spotlight in headlines recently.

En 2012 había recibido su DNI de la mano de la Presidenta Apareció asesinada en su casa Diana Sacayán, un ícono de la militancia trans
La encontraron en su departamento del barrio de Flores “con signos de violencia”, relató una fuente judicial. La División Homicidios de la Policía Federal investiga a “una persona que entró con ella al edificio”, según el testimonio de un testigo. "Se investiga un crimen, un homicidio", confirmó a Infojus Noticias un funcionario policial.
Diana Sacayán: Renowned Trans Activist Found Murdered
Argentine president orders inquiry into trans activist’s death; another Brazilian trans death