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quarta-feira, outubro 07, 2015

"Justiceiros" agridem travesti no Largo do Arouche (Vídeo)
O fato ocorreu na madrugada deste domingo (04/10) no Largo do Arouche, ao Centro de São Paulo. Estávamos meus amigos e eu reunidos no Arouche conversando e utilizando ao espaço público para lazer, quando percebi um grupo de travestis correndo no meio da praça. Decidi olhar em direção ao local de origem da correria, quando percebi que havia dois homens e uma mulher agredindo violentamente com socos e chutes a uma mulher no chão, quando fui me aproximado do local, um grupo de pessoas que estavam próximos, saíram em disparada fugindo dizendo que um dos homens havia sacado uma arma e apontado para as pessoas que estavam por perto.

Número de travestis e transexuais inscritos no Enem quase triplica
O nome social passou a ser adotado oficialmente na aplicação do exame no ano passado, mas era preciso solicitar o uso por telefone. Neste ano, o pedido foi feito pela internet. Nos dias do exame, os transexuais deverão ser tratados pelo nome com o qual se identificam e não pelo nome que consta no documento de identidade. Além disso, usarão o banheiro do gênero com o qual se identificam

Global civil rights groups coalition wants changes to Facebook's real-name policy
Problems begin for account holders when users report them to Facebook for using a fake name, according to the groups.

Transgender woman ‘facing real difficulties’ if jailed over her part in armed robbery
A transgender woman who admitted her part in an attempted robbery should not be sent to prison because of the difficulties she could face there, a court has heard.

UK Parliament to hear case for introducing a legal ‘third gender’
Campaigners calling for a gender-neutral legal third gender will give evidence to Parliament, it has been announced.

Scottish Lib Dems call for review of Gender Identity Clinic support
Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesman Jim Hume MSP today called on the Health Secretary to review support provided for Gender Identity Clinics (GICs) after new figures revealed the average waiting time for a first appointment at two of Scotland’s GICs is more than a year.

Transgender woman targeted with a PIPE BOMB ‘for being LGBT’
Police are investigating after a trans woman’s home was bombed in Northern Ireland.

Polish President vetoes gender recognition bill
Last Friday, Polish President Andrzej Duda, vetoed the Gender Accordance Act.
We call for all Member of the Polish Parliament to vote against the Presidential veto for the Gender Accordance Act
The Polish President just shattered the hopes of trans people in his country
Disappointment in Poland as gender recognition act vetoed

Defendant accused of murdering trans woman Çağla Joker gets a sentence reduction because of his age, then a reduction for having been ‘unjustly provoked’
In the case of Çağla Joker, the victim of a hate-crime killing in Beyoğlu last April, the court reduced the defendant’s sentence to ten years on the grounds of “unjust provocation.”

India court asks police to help US transgender man go home
An Indian court has ordered the police to help a transgender man who was allegedly tricked by his parents into coming to the country, return home to the US.
19-yr-old NRI transgender gets back passport, free to return to US

No objection to transgenders as school bus conductors: Chandigarh education department
The city's education department has decided to drop plans for a survey asking parents for their opinions on the appointment of transgenders as school bus conductors. Senior officials have said the decision on appointing transgenders as school bus conductors would be left to the schools.

Bhumika becomes first transgender to travel abroad with 'other' category passport
Bhumika Shrestha has become the first transgender woman to travel abroad by identifying herself as ‘other’ in the gender category.

New genetic discovery for intersex people questioned by national intersex community group
A new genetic condition has been discovered that will help form another piece of the puzzle when it comes to understanding why some people are born intersex.

[New Zealand]
Possible changes to system after transgender inmate's alleged rape
The alleged rape of a transgender inmate put into the general prison population has been described as an "inevitable" result of a flawed policy.

[New Zealand]
Petition for gender identity rights
A petition seeks to amend the current New Zealand Human Rights Act to include a protection on the basis of gender identity.

Transgender students could get greater protection under proposed Winnipeg School Division policy
Winnipeg School Division could be the first school division in Manitoba to adopt a policy specifically aimed at protecting transgender and gender non-conforming students.

A Forgotten Latina Trailblazer: LGBT Activist Sylvia Rivera
Before Harvey Milk, she was a seminal figure in the LGBT rights movement. Before Caitlyn Jenner, she was one of the country's first transgender activists who worked tirelessly for justice and civil rights.

LGBTI advocacy group publishes guidelines for firms to support transgender staff
Out & Equal's guidelines arrive as the organization hosts its annual Workplace Summit; speakers will include former NBA player Jason Collins

Statement on Ninth Circuit ruling in Michelle Norsworthy case
Today, the Ninth Circuit ruled Michelle Norsworthy’s case moot due to her release on parole, but remanded the case to the district court to determine the status of April’s historic preliminary injunction order requiring the state to provide Michelle adequate medical care, including gender-confirming surgery, as promptly as possible.
Appeal Over Transgender Inmate's Surgery Ends
Ninth Circuit Finds Timing Suspect in Release of Transgender Prisoner

Transgender health month to kick off
Second-year UF medical student Ansley Schulte revamped HealthQueer Alliance last year with two goals in mind: to educate the health science community on LGBTQ+ health and to create safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community.

Appeal rejected for killer of Cobb trans woman
A man convicted of shooting a Cobb County transgender woman in the chest and head and murdering her will remain in prison as the Georgia Supreme Court rejected his appeal and upheld a life sentence.
Life sentence upheld for Cobb man who shot prostitute

Transgender woman, former inmate putting life back together
Ashley Diamond is struggling with painful memories of her time behind bars in Georgia.

Judge Tells Hobby Lobby To Stop Discriminating Against Trans Employee
Hobby Lobby may have won its infamous Supreme Court case to refuse to provide its female employees with contraception, but a state administrative judge recently ruled against the retailer for its ongoing refusal to allow a transgender employee access to the bathroom at one of its Illinois stores. In a decision back in May — revealed only this week — Administrative Law Judge William J. Borah ruled that Hobby Lobby violated the Illinois Human Rights Act when it refused to let long-time employee Meggan Sommerville use the women’s room after she transitioned.

Carmel City Council passes anti-discrimination ordinance in 4-3 vote
The city of Carmel passed an anti-discrimination ordinance Monday night expanding protections to people based on gender identity and sexual orientation.
Carmel council approves anti-discrimination ordinance
Carmel passes LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance

Source: Pence meeting about LGBT protections
Gov. Mike Pence has been holding private meetings with leaders in the business community – apparently looking for solutions to the statewide debate over LGBT protections before next year's legislative session.

Conference confronts transgender ‘confusion’
A “first-ever” conference by evangelicals on the subject of transgenderism is underway today at Southern Seminary.
Transgender Issues to be Discussed by Southern Baptist Seminary

Statehouse hearing scheduled on bills to expand transgender protections in public spaces
U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy is among those planning to testify at a public hearing on a pair of bills that would extend non-discrimination protections to transgender people in public spaces in Massachusetts.

Families of transgender children share stories with legislators facing access bill
Jeanne M. Talbot of Grafton recalled that even before age 3, her child - then named Nicholas - had an obsession with the Disney princess Mulan.

MCPS Examines Procedures When it Comes to Transgender Students
School system began reviewing guidelines after questions over how to report gender of students who are transgender or gender non-conforming

Md. birth certificates law takes effect
A Maryland law that makes it easier for transgender and intersex people to legally change the gender on their birth certificates without surgery took effect on Oct. 1.

Activist: Crossdressing man was targeted, murdered
A man dressed as a woman was found murdered.
A young man was found dead and gay community activists fear he was targeted for his sexual orientation.
Julisa Abad is remembering her friend, the man known as Melvin, found near McNichols and Woodward Monday morning.
"Melvin identified as a gay male not transgender," said Abad, a trans advocate. "He did cross dress from time to time in order to make a living."

Thousands hear Cox speak at Wake Forest
Laverne Cox is proud to be a black transgender woman, even though she said transgender people face violence and bigotry every day.

Transgender student’s bathroom request divides Nevada lawmakers
A transgender student who wanted to use the boy’s bathroom and locker room at his school in Nevada has sparked a new round of debate among legislators over the issue.

Trans woman murdered in Philly
Another transgender woman has been killed in Philadelphia.
Kiesha Jenkins, 22, was shot and killed in North Philadelphia early Tuesday morning.
Homicide Capt. James Clark told PGN that Jenkins had just gotten out of a car at 13th and Wingohocking streets around 2:30 a.m. when five or six males approached and assaulted her.
Philly Trans Woman Becomes 20th Murdered in U.S. in 2015
Trans Black Woman Attacked, Killed By Group Of Men In Pennsylvania
Number 21-Rest In Power Keisha

Interview with Monica Roberts
This week’s interviews are going to be about the referendum for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which the Supreme Court ordered to be on the ballot.