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terça-feira, setembro 29, 2015

Adolescente trans tem registro de alistamento vazado no Facebook e sofre perseguição
Marianna Lively recebeu dezenas de ligações, mensagens de WhatsApp e teve dados pessoais e fotos suas compartilhadas em redes sociais com mensagens transfóbicas.

Trans beauty pageant dedicates gender surgery prize to dead teen
A trans beauty pageant hosted by Kellie Maloney dedicated a controversial ‘prize’ of gender surgery to a transgender teen who took her own life.

Winner of Miss Transgender Glasgow heat: We need this kind of platform to push transgender equality forward
The UK's first ever Miss Transgender United contest takes place in London today It comes at a time when, following the much-applauded coming-out of reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner and the broadcasting of the first BBC trans comedy, Boy Meets Girl, transgender issues are snowballing in profile. But the pageant, the first national competition of its type, is not without controversy. Some, for instance, have complained that the first prize of full gender reassignment surgery is inappropriate. Others see the contest as objectifying. For Jai Latto, though, finalist and the winner of the Glasgow heat, it is an opportunity to get some political messages across. It is a chance to be a role model, a chance to get transgender issues heard, to campaign for the many charities and causes she supports.

Wasaga Beach photographer captures journey for transgendered
A Wasaga Beach photographer has set out to capture how transgendered individuals make the transition – emotionally and physically - from one gender to the other.

How Do You Define the Genre of Trans Literature?
In the late ‘90s there was an explosion of politicized art – film, video, and performance art – by trans artists. What we're seeing in literature today is a move to a much broader scale.

Transgender experience in the ER: "I was a freak show"
A troubling new report chronicles a transgender patient's humiliating experience in a hospital emergency room and sheds light on the many issues transgender people face when seeking health care. The report, published in the Journal of Emergency Nursing, calls on health care professionals and organizations to improve training and awareness of how to care for transgender patients.
ENA highlights need for transgender patient care awareness

Know Anybody Who Saw Stonewall This Weekend? Not Likely
The film depicting the events that gave birth to the modern gay rights movement bombed in its opening weekend, earning back far less than one percent of what it cost to make.
Stonewall crashes at US box office amid boycott

"Hollywood must do better"
So many of our stories are being told on the big screen now, but we’re still also the butt of jokes. GLAAD has put together a video showing some of the anti-LGBTI moments in film over the last five years, and says Hollywood needs to pick up its game.

Watch This Trans Teenager Find Out She Can Finally Begin Hormone Therapy
Erica Maison, a mother of five from Detroit, surprised her transgender daughter Corey with her first dose of hormones — something the 14-year-old had been waiting over two years to receive. She managed to capture the emotional moment on video:

High school crowns transgender homecoming king
A teenager who was crowned the first transgender homecoming king at his suburban Twin Cities high school said his accomplishment is “a really big step” toward his goal of helping lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

Marla Krolikowski, Transgender Teacher Fired for Insubordination, Dies at 62
Marla Krolikowski, who was fired from her job as a teacher at a Roman Catholic high school in Queens for insubordination after acknowledging in 2011 that she was transgender, died on Sept. 20 in Oceanside, N.Y. She was 62.

In New Ad Campaign, Former Baseball Star Spreads Anti-Trans Myths
Lance Berkman, former Houston Astros star and Texas native, has waded into the fight for LGBT protections, sharing his views in a new ad campaign this week. At the center of Berkman’s concern is Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), a nondiscrimination law similar to those on the books in cities across the country and the subject of an intense debate leading up to the November 3 vote.