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segunda-feira, setembro 28, 2015

No rescaldo de "I am Cait"
Faz hoje uma semana que terminou em Portugal a emissão de "I am Cait". Supostamente esta foi a primeira season, pois parece que ou Caitlyn Jenner pretende continuar com o seu docu-reality show, ou a emissora pretende mais seasons, ou whatever. Vi e acompanhei com muita atenção todos os episódios, e "I am Cait" não me desiludiu, porque não estava iludida, mas ficou aquém das minhas expectativas.

Transex teme preconceito e sonha com mudança de sexo
Mesmo com a agenda cheia no salão de cabeleireiro onde trabalha, a Miss Transexual Uberaba 2015, finalmente, conseguirá fazer a cirurgia de mudança de sexo na Tailândia.

Trans rights are changing in the Catholic world, and Argentina is leading the pack
Argentina's Buenos Aires province passed a groundbreaking new law this week, believed to be the first of its kind worldwide.

Ex-Lookaround newsreader begins life as woman she always wanted to be
For years, she refused to confront the truth. Thousands of Cumbrians knew India Willoughby in her former life as Jonathan, the fun-loving TV journalist who reported on the big news stories in Carlisle and the Border region.

Transgender Sutton Coldfield woman honoured for promoting LGBT acceptance
A transgender woman from Sutton Coldfield who has been instrumental in highlighting issues and promoting acceptance has been honoured for being an exemplary role model.

Before Caitlin, This Athlete Was Fired For Being Transgender
The company thought it would be bad PR to keep her.
Before Janae Marie Kroc came out as a transgender woman, she was known to friends and fans as Matt Kroczaleski, one of the strongest and toughest men in the world.
This Transgender Bodybuilder Is Ready To Tell Her Full Story & Show Her Fans How She Lives

My Husband Is Now My Wife
The spouses of transgender people face their own dramatic transformations—only no one celebrates them.

Caitlyn Jenner Gets Legal Name And Gender Change, But Many Transgender People Struggle To Do The Same
Caitlyn Jenner has successfully changed her gender in the eyes of the law. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg approved Jenner’s petition to legally change her gender and name on Friday.

Health survey gathering info from Arkansas’ transgender community
A survey currently underway in Arkansas is gathering information about the transgender community’s health-care issues on an unprecedented scale.

Transgender Woman Sues Louisville Nursing College For Discrimination
A transgender woman files suit against a Louisville nursing college. The lawsuit, filed Friday in Jefferson Circuit Court, alleges the Galen College of Nursing discriminated against Vanessa Gilliam for being transgender. The complaint also accuses the college of excluding Gilliam from using the women's restroom even though she identifies as a female.

Lance Berkman's comments upset transgender supporters
Former Cardinal Lance Berkman may be a fan favorite, but his comments and appearance in an ad opposing an equal rights ordinance on the ballot in Houston touched a nerve in the St. Louis area, where local anti-discrimination ordinances have for years protected many against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Parents question Great Falls' transgender-friendly schools
The Great Falls public school system is drawing criticism for updating its board policy regarding non-discrimination to include transgender students after parents complained that the policy change could allow students of the opposite sex to enter each other's bathrooms or locker rooms.

Gender identity at Miami
Gender is a spectrum, much like the experience of transgender students on Miami’s campus.

Transgender at school: As more teachers come out, districts struggle to put policy into practice
Leo Soell came back to school with no hair, a new name and an announcement.
The Hall Elementary School fifth grade teacher left to undergo cancer treatment last fall as Brina. A double mastectomy and four rounds of chemotherapy clarified a few things.