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domingo, outubro 04, 2015

President Andrzej Duda vetoes the Gender Accordance Act
It is with our deepest regrets to inform that yesterday President Andrzej Duda vetoed the Gender Accordance Act and denied trans people in Poland their human rights, treating them as second-class citizens.
Polish President Vetoes Major Transgender Rights Bill
Polish President vetoes Gender Accordance laws

[South Africa]
Gender identity in the spotlight
What if we got it wrong? What if gender is not some binary construct of male or female. Over the last few years scientific thinking has shifted to understanding that gender identity is much more fluid than was originally thought.

Iranian women’s football squad includes eight trans women, report claims
Eight transgender women are part of Iran’s women’s football squad, according to reports.

Bureaucracy Vs. Gender Reassignment
Bureaucracy prevents Muugi, a transgender woman from Mongolia, from continuing her life as a teacher.

The Story of Mike and Anchaaya – A Transgender Marriage
The story of Mike and Anchaaya is a similar story. Twelve years ago, Mike was visiting Thailand on a holiday. He went to a beauty salon to get a manicure where he met a girl. He asked her out. She told him no. Mike came back the next day. He asked her out again. She refused him again. On the third day, she finally relented and went out with him. They went out for the next three straight days which turned into a relationship that has lasted over a decade.

[New Zealand]
Trans woman allegedly raped in men's prison
The group No Pride in Prisons says a prisoner who was has made a rape complaint at an Auckland men's prison is a transgender woman.
Prison rape victim was transgender
Rape allegation at Serco prison
Jail attack inmate transgender

Canadian Store Fined for Selling Chest Binder to Trans Teen
Elected officials want the law that allowed for the fine to be repealed.

Infighting continues over transgender policy at Edmonton Catholic School Board
Many parts in document outlining considerations for Catholic boards creating transgender inclusive polices "I would not include," says board chair.
Alberta Catholic school board prepares to pass extreme transgender policy, defying archbishop’s recommendations

After Legal Hurdle, Arizona Courts Finalize Divorce of "Pregnant Man"
Thomas Beatie — who rose to fame as the first legal man to become pregnant — is officially divorced after a tumultuous years-long court battle.

Transitioning to a king: Summerville student blossoms after gender reassignment
Student musician Oliver Bishop may have stood taller than any football player at the Summerville High School homecoming game.

CU-Boulder student leaders call for gender-inclusive housing
Current options for transgender, gender non-conforming undergraduates limited, leaders say

Transgender patients one focus of Dallas surgery conference
For the transgender community, finding health care can be difficult, and finding competent health care can be even harder.

Search begins for missing transgender man in SW Houston
Volunteers with Texas Equusearch and Houston police will begin looking for a transgender man missing since September 11 in southwest Houston.