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sábado, outubro 03, 2015

Angela Ro Ro dá show de transfobia e racismo em Fortaleza
Angela Ro Ro deu um show em Fortaleza, mas não foi de belas canções. A cantora, declaradamente lésbica, protagonizou um espetáculo de homofobia, transfobia e racismo, na quinta-feira 1º.

Evangélicos querem impedir que travesti use banheiro feminino
Grupo causa confusão, em Ribeirão Cascalheira, e é expulso pela PM; MPE é favorável a uso

International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization
This year the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization will be held on the 24th of October and TGEU is preparing a campaign with a special focus on Depathologizing Gender Diversity in Childhood.

Take action on the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization!
TGEU invites member organizations, trans communities and individuals to join in and take action on the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization. With this Call for Action TGEU endorses the Stop Trans Pathologization (STP) campaign and encourages trans activists and allies to get together to raise awareness on the need for depathologization of transgender identities.

Changing the minds of straight, white men – and what not to say to a trans colleague
The first Dive In festival came to London this week, exploring LGBTI diversity and inclusion in the insurance sector

Droits des transsexuels : l'Europe avance, la France recule
Après le Danemark et l'île de Malte c'est l'Irlande, pays des verts pâturages, qui vient, deux mois après avoir adopté le Mariage pour Tous, de voter une loi permettant aux personnes transsexuelles de changer officiellement de sexe grâce à une simple déclaration devant un officier d'état-civil.
L’image du jour: «Le monde avance, la France recule!», le mot d’ordre de l’Existrans 2015

TGEU Statement: Polish president Duda vetoes Polish Gender Accordance act
Today, 2nd October, the Polish President Andrzej Duda vetoed the law on Gender Accordance, which had been previously approved by the Polish Parliament (Sejm). The act will now return to the Sejm, where the veto can only be rejected with 3/5 of votes.

[South Africa]
First transgender enters surrogacy agreement
Although classified as female at birth, a man has made South African legal history by becoming the first transgender person to enter into a surrogacy agreement. X was raised as a girl but identifies as male.

Family tries to “fix” their trangender son by tricking him into an arranged marriage
A trans man says he was tricked by his parents into going to India where they arranged a sham marriage in an effort to “fix” him.

Federal Court to deliver cross-dressing judgement on Oct 8
The Federal Court has fixed Oct 8 to deliver its judgement on whether the landmark ruling which declared criminalising cross dressing as unconstitutional will be maintained.
Transgender Case: Federal Court To Decide On Oct 8 On Preliminary Objection In Appeal

Medical experiences for transgender Nova Scotians need to improve, says study
51.1 per cent of transgender people report having negative medical experiences

12-year-old transgender youth among those honoured at anti-bullying awards ceremony
In the short time since she came out as a transgender person, 12-year-old Olie Pullen from Pointe-Claire has accomplished a lot.

SEE IT: Canadian mom surprises transgender daughter with legal name change: ‘You are now Gabrielle!’
This is the heartwarming moment a Canadian mother rendered her transgender daughter speechless by surprising her with news of her legal name change.

Edmonton's Catholic school board in disarray over transgender policy
A policy for the inclusion of transgender students in the Edmonton Catholic School District could become a visible power struggle between Catholic officials and locally elected trustees, says a trustee at the centre of a dispute that threatens to implode the board.
Edmonton Catholic board enmeshed in fresh controversy
Edmonton Catholic School Board says release of internal guidance document is 'destructive'

'What I Wanted to Wear' Lays Bare Transphobic Street Harassment
For transgender and gender-nonconforming people, walking down the street as their authentic selves can mean suffering verbal assault or worse.

Why Transgenderism Tops Obama's Agenda
RUSH: What do we get from the White House? "The White House is reaching out to the transgender community for a list of things that its members want as they follow their lifestyle choices."
Limbaugh: Obama's Focus On Transgender Equality Is Proof "The Aliens Have Already Landed"
Limbaugh Decries Transgender Equality Movement Because The Transgender Community "Is So Small You Can't Even Assign It A Number"
Limbaugh Suggests Parents Are "Trying To Transgender" Their Children In A "Quest For Fame," And It's Caitlyn Jenner's Fault

Should Caitlyn Jenner Speak for the Trans Community?
Caitlyn Jenner has had many expectations placed on her. The demand of being a spokeswoman for the transgender community is perhaps the most daunting.

GLAAD sets up a UK-based operation to support LGBT Global Voices
GLAAD announced the launch of a UK operation as part of its growing global work to accelerate acceptance of the LGBT community. The launch marks the springboard for GLAAD’s international work, which to date includes lending ground support to activists in Ireland’s marriage equality referendum earlier this year, and ensuring FIFA addressed anti-LGBT slurs at the 2014 World Cup. GLAAD is also currently working to support LGBT activists in Nigeria, Russia, Jamaica, and China.

Fort Lauderdale To Transgender Travelers: Welcome
Fort Lauderdale rolled out the rainbow carpet 20 years ago to gay travelers. Today, it is a go-to travel destination for the gay and lesbian community.

Implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act: Progress in Maryland for Transgender Inmates
Stephen T. Moyer, the Secretary of the Maryland Division of Public Safety and Correction Services, has accepted most of the recommendations by Administrative Law Judge Denise Oakes Shaffer, requiring the Division to implement key elements of the Prison Rape Elimination Act, a federal statute whose regulations address important issues concerning appropriate treatment for transgender inmates. Moyer’s August 17 action, responding to Judge Shaffer’s April 1, 2015, decision on the grievance filed by inmate Neon Brown, has been described in some media accounts as the first legal victory by a transgender inmate under the PREA.

First Transgender Youth Empowerment Workshop Comes To Affirmations
Stand With Trans -- a nonprofit organization working to provide education, advocacy, mentorship, scholarship, empowerment and support to transgender youth and their families -- will host a Youth Empowerment Workshop at Affirmations beginning at 9:15 a.m., Oct. 18.

Oak Park High Alumni Face Down Hate Group In Support Of Transgender Student
Several hundred protesters met the Westboro Baptist Church outside Oak Park High School Thursday in support of the school's transgender homecoming queen.
Hundreds rally to support KC transgender homecoming queen
Opposition brings protest at KC school to early end
Community rallies in support of school's first transgender homecoming queen

Portland Police searching for missing transgender teen
Portland Police are searching for a 13-year-old transgender girl who went missing in Northeast Portland on Wednesday.

New state policies for trans inmates
The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections recently instituted new policies in response to the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, but critics say the rights of trans inmates continue to be violated.

Fifth-annual Trans* March to celebrate progress
The fifth-annual Philly Trans* March will step off again later this month and, while organizers say the event will serve as a rallying cry for more equal treatment of trans individuals, it will also celebrate the progress that has been made for trans visibility.

Transgender Houstonian Speaks Out In New Pro-HERO Video
After working a ten-hour day underground installing a basement tub, Dylan Forbis is finally ordering a drink.
Anti-HERO ads center on bathroom use, city complaint data shows other problems

Healthcare options limited for transgender persons on the Palouse
With nearly 20,000 students on campus, WSU holds significant and cherished diversity—each student brings their own ideas, values and lifestyles to Pullman.

JBLM transgender soldier endures ‘excruciating’ wait for Army reforms
As she came to realize her true gender as a woman, Jennifer Peace knew she needed to have two difficult conversations.

Charges dropped in Spokane transgender attack
A lack of evidence forced the Spokane County Prosecutor's Office to drop charges in September against two men accused of attacking a transgender woman.

Honduran advocates organize LGBT rights conference
More than 100 people on Thursday gathered in the Honduran capital to discuss ways to expand the country’s LGBT rights movement.

Photographer Captures Striking 'Before' And 'After' Images Of Men And Women Transitioning
No matter what you identify as, man or woman, we're all human.