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sexta-feira, outubro 09, 2015

Travesti é morto com tiro no rosto em frente a motel no DF
Polícia Militar disse que local do crime é ponto de prostituição.
Autor dos disparos ainda não foi identificado.
Um travesti de 19 anos foi morto a tiros na noite desta quarta-feira (7) no Distrito Federal. Ele estava em frente a um motel na CSG 9, em Taguatinga.

TGEU Statement: EU Parliament calls for action to better trans people’s job situation
TGEU welcomes the European Parliament’s adoption of the Zaborska Report [1] on equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and education, this afternoon. Amongst other things the report also calls for trans people’s improved access to justice, proactive measures, non-discrimination laws, and trans-friendly workplaces.

WATCH: Incredible time lapse video shows physical changes during YouTube star Jamie Raine's transgender journey
Channel 4's new show Girls to Men airs October 13 at 10pm

Press Release: Inclusion of Trans Students Discussed at Historic Education Roundtable
Yesterday (Tuesday 6th October), a roundtable discussion of education partners and NGOs working with young trans people took place in the Department of Education and Skills. The event was organised by Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan, and hosted by Minister Kevin Humphreys.

Dispatches: Transforming Transgender Rights in Poland
This week Poland’s parliament has the chance to improve the lives of transgender people by passing a law that simplifies the legal gender recognition procedure.

APTN: Transgender Rights and Health Report Points to Progress, Gaps in Asia-Pacific
The health and human rights of transgender people in the Asia-Pacific region are highlighted in a new report released today by the Asia-Pacific Transgender Network. The “Blueprint for the Provision of Comprehensive Care for Trans People and Trans Communities in Asia and the Pacific” points to the significant barriers trans people face, highlights important progress in some countries, and calls for sustained efforts to improve the legal and social status of trans people across the region.

Indian state of Kerala will be first to introduce transgender only prison blocks
Kerala's Viyyur Central Jail will be the first prison in the country with a cell block reserved for transgender prisoners to keep them safe from other inmates

Transgender Indians appointed judges in Hindu religious festival in Kolkata
Transgender Indians will be included for the first time in 2015 in the judging panels to decide the best offering display to the Hindu goddess Durga as the city of Kolkata celebrates Durga Puja in October

Documentary ‘Sapna’ — the nightmare of being a transgender person
Based on the life of a transgender person, Sapna aims to challenge the thought which alienates 'them' from 'us'.

Back to square one for transgenders as Federal Court overturns landmark ruling on Shariah law
The Federal Court has overturned today the Court of Appeal’s landmark decision declaring an anti-crossdressing Shariah law unconstitutional and void, setting back the transgender community’s struggle for its civil rights.
Transgenders fail in bid to declare anti-cross dressing unconstitutional
Transgenders’ challenge of cross-dressing law deemed ‘incompetent’
Transgenders fear ‘retaliation’ from Islamic enforcers if apex court decision goes south

Fretting over safety of transgender community in Negeri Sembilan
The transgender community fears for the safety and well-being of their counterparts in Negeri Sembilan over the Syariah Enactment provision that penalises Muslim men for cross-dressing and posing as women.

VIDEO: Elizabeth May would make trans bill a priority
New MPs likely to pass new trans bill in post-election House of Commons, says May

Walking with our missing sisters
Ottawa exhibit wants to remember two-spirited people

Victoria trans woman takes on Facebook’s topless photo ‘double standard’
A transgender Victoria woman is taking on social media giant Facebook over what she says is a double standard for topless photos.

Gender Nonconforming Transgender People Face Greater Discrimination And Health Risks, Study Finds
A new study published last month in Sociological Forum has found two important connections that demonstrate how discrimination has a negative impact on the health and well-being of transgender people.

On Savage Lovecast, Equality Matters' Rachel Percelay Describes How Fox News Turns Transgender People Into Villains
From the October 6 edition of Savage Lovecast:

Chelsea Manning renews demand in court for hairstyle change
Imprisoned national security leaker Chelsea Manning is renewing her demand in federal court to wear a feminine hairstyle.

Governor signs bill ensuring equal benefits for transgender employees
Gov. Jerry Brown signed landmark legislation today that prohibits state agencies from doing business with companies that fail to offer transgender employees the same health care coverage and benefits they provide all other workers. Senate Bill 703, authored by Sen. Mark Leno, builds on existing California law that requires gender nondiscrimination in employee benefits. Specifically, it prohibits a state agency from entering into a contract in the amount of $100,000 or more with any company that does not offer equal benefits based on an employee’s gender identity.

Fox Reports Another Fabricated Bathroom Incident To Attack California's Non-Discrimination Laws
Fox News reported a bogus story about a California mom who claims to have been kicked out of an REI sporting goods store for complaining about a man frightening her daughter in the store's women's restroom. Fox's reporting was based on statements made by an anti-LGBT hate group with a history of fabricating similar incidents in order to fearmonger about transgender people using public restrooms.

LGBT History Month: Book tells trans prison stories
'The Women of San Quentin' comes amid historic changes

Pride 2015: A look at trans life in Atlanta
In the past year, stories of transgender life -- from Caitlyn Jenner to Laverne Cox -- have made headlines. But what about transgender life in Atlanta?

KU adds accommodations for transgender and gender-fluid students
When two transgender students requested special accommodations to live in campus residence halls this fall, University housing officials worked with them to make it happen.

WMass residents have mixed reactions on “Bathroom Bill”
There's a Beacon Hill effort to expand transgender rights into restrooms

Third transgender murder in Detroit surfaces; victim is another person of color
Details are scant and Detroit police are withholding certain details, but a person of color found shot to death on October 5, 2015 was transgender. The victim’s identity has not been released by officials. There have been two other trans murders in Detroit this year, both trans women of color.

"VisibiliT" tells the stories of trans Minnesotans
The transgender community comes out of the shadows in a new exhibition, curated by Andrea Jenkins. Called "VisibiliT," the show features photography by Anna Min and Shiraz Mukarram. There's also a project, Visible Bodies: Transgender Narratives Retold, which gives voice to the transgender experience in the words of individuals living it. The show, presented by the Tretter Collection and Intermedia Arts, marks one of the first times a work of this magnitude has been displayed in the Twin Cities.

Transgender woman drops suit claiming jail assault
Aja Kennedy says she was harassed in Brentwood jail

Millburn BOE to adopt policies on transgender, dyslexic students
Do school district staff members have to abide parents’ requests to have their child addressed by a name different from that associated with the students’ gender at birth? Do conscientious objectors have to stand up during the Pledge of Allegiance?

ACLU demands the school's transgender policy be reversed
The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada is demanding that the school board change its decision to not allow a transgender student access to the male restroom and locker rooms.

North Portland bar owner asks Oregon appeals court to reconsider $400,000 discrimination case
The owner of a shuttered North Portland bar is asking the Oregon Court of Appeals to reconsider its recent decision upholding a state ruling that found he discriminated against a group of transgender patrons.

Robbery eyed as motive in death of transgender woman
Philadelphia police are investigating the possibility that a transgender woman slain in Logan on Tuesday morning was killed during an attempted robbery.
Friends describe final moments of transgender woman slain in Logan
Police: Logan murder likely not a hate crime

Mom dresses son up like woman as punishment
Is it cruel punishment or justified consequences? A mom in Rock Hill dressed up her son like a woman and shaved his head in an attempt to embarrass him, according to a police report.

HERO supporters report million-dollar haul ahead of Nov. 3 vote
Supporters of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance announced Monday, Oct. 5, they raised $1.2 million since launching their campaign seven weeks ago.

YMCA backtracks on policy about transgender locker room use
Pressure from a vocal group of members has prompted the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties to back-track on a new policy intended to be more sensitive to the needs of the transgender community.

Green Bay schools quiet on transgender bill
Two Republican legislators are proposing a law that would bar transgender students from using the locker room or bathroom assigned to the gender with which they identify.
Proposed bill would place gender restrictions on school bathrooms

Blazing a trail, Madison high school makes homecoming court gender neutral
Madison West High School is switching to a gender-neutral homecoming court this year, one of only a few in the country to do so and possibly the first in Wisconsin.