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quinta-feira, novembro 12, 2015

As Marias são rapazes e os rapazes também choram
O mundo já foi mais simples. Eles tinham carrinhos, elas tinham bonecas. Eles tinham emprego, elas tinham filhos. Hoje, elas querem ser como eles e eles querem ser como elas. O género conta cada vez menos. É mais o que os une do que aquilo que os separa

Belfast transgender woman Alicia Perry making history by representing Ireland at beauty pageant
Transgender champion Alicia Perry has told how she was moved to tears when she was chosen to represent Ireland at a beauty pageant.

INTERVIEW: Feminist Author Tells Breitbart Transgender Lobby Targets Livelihoods, Gov CREATING Trans Children
The Conservative MP leading the British Parliament’s “Transgender Equalities Inquiry” has promised the recommendations of her committee, which are currently being written, will be “radical”. Of the hundreds of pieces of evidence submitted, only seven were critical of transgender ideology, and not a single person invited to give oral evidence opposed the transgender lobby.

Transgender Day of Remembrance Held in Tbilisi
Georgian LGBT activists organized the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 10th. They hope that November 10th will become the national counterpart to the international Transgender Day of Remembrance occurring annually on November 20th.

Fiji High Court rejects transgender woman's bid to have birth certificate corrected
The High Court in Suva has declared a 42-year-old transgender woman to be just a male who has had plastic surgery and won't allow her to correct her documents

Murder charges ‘all wrong’
Defence closes Divas B murder trial by cautioning jury to avoid wrongful conviction

B.C. defends current policy to keep gender on birth certificates
It’s considered a vital statistic – one of the key pieces of information parents of children born in B.C. must provide to obtain a birth certificate for their child.

10 Misconceptions Every Trans Ally Needs to Understand
Okay, so you get that gender identity is different from gender expression, which is different from sexual orientation.

Caitlyn Jenner: Last 6 months have been ‘eye-opening’
Caitlyn Jenner took the stage at Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year awards and told an admiring crowd that the six months since she came out as a woman have been “the most eye-opening experience of my life.”
Caitlyn Jenner named Transgender Champion at Glamour Woman of the Year Awards

White House: Obama ‘strongly supports’ Equality Act
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced on Tuesday the Obama administration “strongly supports” legislation that would prohibit anti-LGBT discrimination known as the Equality Act following a weeks-long review of the bill.

Interview: Trans Comedy Executive Producer Shadi Petosky on her new Amazon TV pilot
Transgender comedy Executive Producer Shadi Petosky is a co-creator and writer for the new TV pilot, Danger & Eggs, which became available to watch on November 5th as part of the launch of Amazon's Pilot season. Danger & Eggs, created by Petosky and Mike Owens (Yo Gabba Gabba!), follows the adventures of fearless D.D. Danger, an energetic future stuntwoman, and her ever-cautious best friend, a giant talking egg named Phillip.

TLDEF Urges Administration to Adopt Rule to Improve Transgender Health Access
ubmits Comments to HHS Supporting Broadest Possible Rule to Ban LGBT Health Care Discrimination

A Plea on Veterans Day
The nation honors the sacrifices of its servicemembers Wednesday, in its annual observance of Veterans Day. But for many LGBT servicemembers, it's a bittersweet day.

Fox's Megyn Kelly: Accepting Transgender Children Causes "Confusion" For Other Students
From the November 9 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

Ask Lambda Legal — What does “intersex” mean?
Q: What does “intersex” mean?
Intersex is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of natural bodily variations. Intersex people are born with sex characteristics that do not fit typical binary notions of bodies designated “male” or “female.” In some cases, intersex traits are visible at birth, while in others they are not apparent until puberty. Some intersex variations may not be visibly apparent at all.

America might have accidentally banned transgender discrimination in 1964
On Tuesday, the Obama administration endorsed an amendment that would expand the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to protect gay and transgender Americans. As of yet, there is no federal law that explicitly prevents people from being fired, evicted, or refused service on account of their sexual orientation or gender identity. A proposal just to ban employment discrimination for LGBT Americans has been continuously stymied since 1994.

FIU medical school studies why transgender women are at high risk for HIV
This is the first HIV study of transgender women in South Florida, FIU says
Workshops for trans women will be held in Miami-Dade and Broward counties
The study will be done through a grant from the Miami Foundation

Transgender woman files complaint against Iowa hotel
A transgender woman has filed a complaint against a hotel in central Iowa, accusing staff of discriminating against her because of her gender identity and race.
Arrested transgender woman says hotel harassed her

Quincy councilors want gender identity in anti-discrimination ordinance
Two city councilors want gender identity added to the list of protected characteristics in the anti-discrimination ordinance, banning the unfair treatment of transgender men and women in Quincy.

Members of Congress urge passage of transgender rights bill
U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy and six other members of the state’s congressional delegation have sent letters to House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Stan Rosenberg urging them to pass legislation extending non-discrimination protections to transgender people in public spaces in Massachusetts.

Cleveland VA opens first VA transgender clinic
The Cleveland VA Medical Center will open the first VA clinic specifically dedicated to the healthcare needs of transgender veterans.

Transgender employees at center of controversy over restroom at North Side post office
Members of the clerks union at the post office on the city's North Side have voiced their concerns to management about transgender women using the ladies' restroom.

Dallas city council approves transgender bathroom ordinance
Dallas city council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve an ordinance allowing transgender people to use the "facilities" of the opposite sex.
Jeers, cheers for Dallas anti-discrimination update

Houston anti-gay activists rally against trans child
Two employees at a Houston area daycare say they are planning a federal lawsuit, claiming their rights were violated when they were fired for refusing to accept the transgender child of a gay couple.
Katy daycare worker claims she was fired in dispute over transgender child
Attorneys: Katy-area teacher fired for refusing to address girl, 6, as transgender boy

DOT offers clarification on nondiscrimination policy
Existing nondiscrimination policies covering public transportation already include protections for transgender people, according to a statement issued Monday, Nov. 9, by the federal Department of Public Transportation, at the request of Dallas’ Trans Pride Initiative.

Trans Houstonians: 'It's Not About the Bathrooms'
Transgender residents of Houston speak out after their city voted down an antidiscrimination ordinance that would have protected them.
Anti-HERO Champion Defends Man Busted Taking Secret Photos in Bathroom
What it means to be a bullied transgender kid in Texas

Amnesty demands action on trans killings after murder of leading activist
Amnesty International has demanded action to tackle the shockingly high transgender murder rate in South America, after a leading activist was stabbed to death.