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quarta-feira, novembro 25, 2015

Primeira transexual do mundo a assumir cargo em um mecanismo ligado à ONU é brasileira
A primeira transexual do mundo a assumir um cargo em um Mecanismo de Prevenção e Combate à Tortura, órgão que atua em parceria com a Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU), é brasileira.

Travesti denuncia agressão de seguranças em boate em Campos, RJ
Yasmim Fazolly disse que foi expulsa por usar o banheiro feminino.
Travesti alega que foi atingida por barra de ferro.

Hanged, stoned, killed by their parents: 271 trans people murdered this year
Transgender Day of Remembrance: The US has seen 27 killings of trans people in 2015, the highest in years

Mum of transgender 8-year-old forced to hide blades and scissors over fears child would cut off penis
Avery Jackson was just four when she confessed she was in fact a girl and desperately unhappy with her body and even asked questions about dying

DUP minister defends £3,500 grant to festival which showed play of Jesus as transgender
A DUP minister has defended a grant awarded to a festival that screened a play portraying Jesus as a transgender woman.

Poster for LGBT helpline could go up in every GP surgery
Helpline Switchboard has sent 10,000 posters to GP surgeries across the country, offering free support to people who are struggling with their identity.

Transgender child aged 10 disqualified from boys' race at school swimming gala
The child's “disappointed” mother wrote to organisers, saying she believed the disqualification stemmed from the child’s gender transition

Trans documentary I Am Leo wins kids’ BAFTA
CBBC’s first documentary about a transgender person has picked up a children’s BAFTA.

Toys R Us to scrap ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ labels on toys
Toys R Us will no longer label its toys as “for boys” and “for girls” online – becoming the latest retailer to make the gender-inclusive move.

Transgender woman from Virginia, Claire Green, is “Looking for Love” in new BBC documentary
Claire Green says she is moving away from Virginia’s gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains to Richmond, the state capital, because she wants to “make a future for myself…move on from the past.”

Once risky, 'Danish Girl' movie catches transgender zeitgeist
"Risky" was a word British director Tom Hooper heard a lot when he was trying to get "The Danish Girl" made seven years ago.

Trans Kadın Önce Bıçaklandı Sonra Boğularak Öldürüldü! Trans Woman Stabbed And Strangled To Death!
Nilay, a trans woman in Maltepe, Istanbul has been found dead at her home. She was first stabbed and then strangled with the bathrobe cord. Police said to Istanbul LGBTI activist who requested information, that “Already dead, why do you care?”
Nilay, a 33 years old trans woman in Maltepe, Istanbul lost her life after transphobic hate crime. Nilay who was attacked yesterday (23 November) around noon at her house suffered several stabbings on her body. The murderer strangled her with the bathrob cord after stabbing her.
Yanki Bayramoglu, friend of deceased Nilay stressed the fact that this transphobic hate crime took place right after 20 November Transgender Day of Remembrance:

First he stabbed her, then strangled!
“The attack took place yesterday after 3pm. Our mutual friend Emel talked to Nilay on phone around 3 pm. Nilay said that her client was about to arrive and then she hanged up. Later, we tried to call her again but couldn’t reach. Emel got suspicious at night and went to her home. She insistingly knocked on the door but there was no answer. They called for a locksmith and found Nilay’s dead body.”
“I saw the house myself, too. Everywhere was scattered. There was blood. The girl’s body was stabbed everywhere. In the end when she was in death agony, he strangled her with the cord of a bathrobe, and left her there with the knife he used.”

The family is on the road to pick up the body
After Nilay’s friends found her body, they called the police. CSI team and the state prosecutor decided to move Nilay’s body to Kartal Training and Research Hospital’s morgue.
Bayramoglu, stated that they informed the family of Nilay and they are on the road from Diyarbakir to pick up her body.~

Police to Istanbul LGBTI activist: “Already dead, why do you care?”
Kivilcim Arat from Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association said that they have kept calling police offices all night after they heard about the attack in order to get concrete information. However, they were not informed by the police officers. Arat, “Police officers talked to me in a very disrespectful manner and mockingly. We were trying to get information for legal follow up procedures, but they did not provide us any information. They said ‘he is already dead, his throat is cut open, why do you care’ and such other sentences.”
According to the information provided by police to Yanki Bayramoglu, the suspect has not been identified yet. Istanbul LGBTI lawyers will follow up the legal process after murdering.~

Transphobic Hate Attack Three Days Ago!
On 20 November Transgender Day of Remembrance, a trans woman was attacked by a group of men in Istanbul. Around 3 am in the night, Adriana was wounded by a pry bar.

Cremation of transgender activist going to Israel’s Supreme Court
The Supreme Court of Israel will hear the appeal brought by the haredi Orthodox family of a transgender activist over the activist’s cremation.

Transgenders ramp up efforts for recognition
Tall models sashaying down a makeshift ramp to the tune of Bollywood numbers and a cacophony of hoots, whistles and cheers to greet them. This hybrid dance-cum-fashion show, which took place at the Civil Lines on Thursday, could be like any other-except for one crucial difference: All the models were transgender.

Make gender choice official, says Phuket Poll
More than half the respondents to an online poll by The Phuket News have voiced their support for transgenders or transsexuals to choose the gender shown on their Thai government identity cards.

Vietnam recognizes transgender rights in breakthrough vote
Transgender people in Vietnam will be recognized under the law and have all relevant rights to their new gender, according to the Amended Civil Code passed by lawmakers on Tuesday.
Vietnam recognises transgender people, allows sex change on legal documents

Trans army officer is patron of glbti foundation
The highest ranking transgender woman in the Australian Defence Force has been appointed as a patron of a not-for-profit organisation working to promote and protect the human rights of glbti people in the Asia Pacific region.

Trans rights get a boost in NSW Parliament
With today being Transgender Day of Remembrance, plans are afoot in NSW Parliament to amend laws that prevent trans people from changing their gender on birth certificates without first having to undergo a surgical procedure.

[New Zealand]
Trans prisoner protest targets Correction Minister
Red paint was thrown at Correction Minister Sam Lotu-liga’s electoral office on Wednesday night, in protest of Correction’s handling of transgender prisoners.
No Pride in Prisons share support for protesters

Two agencies would accept B.C. birth certificates without gender marker
Two agencies that could be affected if the British Columbia government stopped listing sex on birth certificates have told the province they could live with the change.

Alberta NDP gov't will make discrimination against transgender people illegal
Edmonton Pride Centre spokesman declares it a great day for human rights in Alberta

Trans advocates want more from anti-discrimination law
Liberals pledged to protect gender identity, but what about expression?

B.C. Corrections makes it official policy to house transgender inmates based on gender identity
British Columbia has become the second province in Canada to make it official policy to hold transgender prisoners in facilities based on gender identity as opposed to physical attributes.
British Columbia prisons implement reforms for transgender prisoners

Trans student group demands more from university
Trans Emergency Caucus says resources would help students, Peel community

WATCH: SNL Knows How to Shut Down Transphobic Thanksgiving Talk
Hint: It all starts with a simple ‘Hello.’

WATCH: Transgender Pilots Subject to Extra FAA Scrutiny Despite Policy Change
A pilot from California says she was forced to undergo an extra psychological evaluation because she is transgender.

Transgender Women’s Health Benefits From Transition Surgery, Study Finds
A new study finds that transgender women may actually experience physical health benefits from undergoing transition-related surgery compared to those who only use hormone therapy.

Fox Contributor Laments Girls Trying To Join Boy Scouts Because It Violates "Classic American Tradition"
From the November 23 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

Watch This State Representative Call Out The Extreme Group Behind Laws Targeting Transgender Students
During a hearing on a bill aimed at denying protections for transgender students, a Wisconsin state representative called out the extreme anti-LGBT legal organization working to enact similar laws across the country.

Feds Tell Shelters to House Trans People According to Gender Identity
Yesterday, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed a new regulation that would require homeless shelters receiving federal funds to house transgender people according to their gender identity.

San Diego Unified School District considers solution to problem of gender expression and bathroom
According to the San Diego Unified School District's policy regarding Nondiscrimination of Transgender Students, "all persons, including students, have a right to privacy; this includes keeping a student's actual or perceived gender identity and gender expression private." That means, in part, that "students have the right to be addressed by a name and pronoun corresponding to their gender identity that is consistently asserted at school." But it also means, according to Bob Sagat Middle School Principal Barnaby Brickhouse, "that it's impossible to designate a particular bathroom as being for the exclusive use of either boys or girls. It amounts to a forced declaration of gender. Some people have proposed the free-pee-for-all of unisex bathrooms as a solution, but I don't cotton to that."

Oakland: Police name homicide victim as transgender woman's killer
On the eve of the 17th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, Oakland police have identified a resident fatally shot three years ago as the man who shot a transgender woman weeks earlier, authorities said Thursday.

Pioneering UCSF Clinic Helps Transgender Youth Be Themselves
Clues to a transgender identity can start very early.

Task Force Condemns Police’s Treatment of Transgender Activist
The National LGBTQ Task Force condemns the treatment of transgender activist Jes Grobman by the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia. Grobman was arrested during a “Transgender Week of Action” protest in DC yesterday, November 18 at about 6pm ET. Initial charges brought against her yesterday have been dropped, but today new charges were brought against her while she was in court and she will appear in court again soon. At the time of her arrest, activists were blocking an intersection next to the Columbia Heights Metro, and police did not follow procedure for issuing verbal warnings to clear the intersection before she was arrested. The protest was attended by dozens of transgender community members, and Jes Grobman was one of the lead organizers along with Alexa Rodriguez of the TransLatina Coalition.

LGBT Debate Will Have Greater Focus on Transgender Hoosiers
The legislative debate over LGBT rights next year is likely to focus more than ever before on the T.

Lawsuit challenging Jindal’s anti-LGBT religious objections order going to trial
A lawsuit challenging Gov. Bobby Jindal’s executive order offering protections to people who oppose same-sex marriage is headed to trial.

Transgender community finding acceptance in Kent County
Members of the transgender community here and elsewhere face challenges as they work toward gaining acceptance and the same rights of everyone else around them.

Carefirst expands coverage to transgender patients
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, the state's largest insurer, is expanding coverage so gender reassignment surgery is covered for transgender customers in Maryland.
Transgender insurance exclusions lifted in Maryland

Pat McCrory goes after transgender protections in Roy Cooper political attack
Pat McCrory is asking Attorney General Roy Cooper to join South Carolina in signing an amicus brief opposing the Obama Administration, who filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting a transgender student in Virginia in a Fourth Circuit Federal Appeals Court case over the use of school bathrooms corresponding to the student’s gender identity.
Gov. McCrory Fights Against Allowing Transsexual Students To Use Gender-Specific Bathrooms
McCrory calls on Cooper to oppose transgender bathroom lawsuit
Despite McCrory's request, Cooper won't join Virginia transgender bathroom suit
McCrory, Cooper face off on transgender rights
A Governor, an Attorney General, and a Transgender Kid

Conservative legal group weighs in on NSAA transgender policy debate
The conservative Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom is the latest to weigh in on the Nebraska School Activities Association’s efforts to create a policy on transgender students’ participation in sports.

Princeton Schools considers policy change for transgender students
Board of Education members are considering a proposed policy that could make Princeton Public Schools more accessible for transgender and gender nonconforming students.

Victory! Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Reverses Coverage Denial for Transgender Man’s Medically Necessary Gynecological Care Following TLDEF’s Intervention
We are thrilled to announce that Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield of New York has reversed its coverage denial for a transgender man’s medically necessary gynecological care after we intervened on his behalf. John Doe, who wishes to remain anonymous, began his transition during his teenage years. He underwent medical care as part of his gender transition. He changed his name and updated his social security records, passport and driver’s license to reflect that he is male. In 2013, he purchased a health insurance plan from Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (Empire). He was listed as male on the health care plan.

Today Is Transgender Day of Remembrance
November 20 is the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance to honor and mourn those lost to violence based on hatred of their gender identity, expression, or nonconformity.

Transgender restroom debate brought to Cleveland City Council
Legislation introduced 2 years ago stuck

Transgender student at Lewis & Clark College assaulted
Lewis and Clark College officials say they are investigating an assault on a transgender student, just a day after a black student was assaulted by three white men.

Government: Gender dysphoria has physical cause
The U.S. Department of Justice says gender dysphoria appears to have a physical cause, thus it’s not necessarily excluded as a protected disability by the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Lambda Legal Commends Pennsylvania School District for Rejecting Discriminatory Policy
The Northwestern Lehigh school board in New Tripoli, PA announced that it would continue its current practice to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and single-sex facilities that match their gender identity. The Board explicitly rejected efforts by the anti-LGBT Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) to implement policies that would discriminate against transgender students.

Trans man sues MontCo supermarket
The trouble started for Sam Melrath when he cut his hair.

Banner disparaging transgender women hung by Lehigh students
Robert Linney went to Lehigh University, as did his daughter.

Gender Neutral Bathroom Bill Signing at Fergie’s Pub a Major Crossroads
When a bill is signed into law, most ceremonies are invitation only and take place in government buildings. That’s why today’s signing of Philadelphia’s gender neutral bathroom bill is such an interesting twist. The ceremony is taking place at Fergie’s Pub, a location that isn’t necessarily the first to come to mind when thinking about the transgender community, despite it being located pretty much in the Gayborhood.

Houston Trans Man Says Police Mocked Him, Failed To Arrest Attackers – VIDEO
Just weeks after Houston voters rejected an equal rights ordinance, a transgender resident says he was assaulted by neighbors with a gun and a knife.

More than five years after firefighter's death, transgender widow to get his death benefits
Nikki Araguz Lloyd finally prevails in legal battle with late husband's family

This transphobic teacher has a lot to learn from her trans student
A teacher who says she was sacked for refusing to address a trans boy as male, has filed a lawsuit alleging she was discriminated against.

Seattle doctor writes book for transgender youth
While there are now transgender parades and conversation about Caitlyn Jenner's transition, transgender youth still face many struggles.

[América Latina]
El 80% de las transexuales de América Latina mueren antes de los 35 años
Las estadísticas destacan que la mayor parte de la violencia contra este colectivo se produce en el entorno familiar.
Se ven forzadas al trabajo sexual y a ser perfiladas por la policía como "peligrosas".

Intentan linchar a dos trasvestis en Chiapas; Comunidad Gay exige intervención de autoridades
Habitantes de uno de los barrios del municipio fronterizo de Comitán capturaron a intentaron linchar esta noche a dos transexuales, a quienes acusaron de robo, lo que provocó la movilización de la comunidad Gay para exigir la Intervención de la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado.

Elite Mexico school celebrates 'skirt day' to challenge gender roles (PHOTOS)
'Every year, every guy in my high school in Mexico wears a skirt/dress'