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domingo, novembro 29, 2015

Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa a 18 de Junho de 2016
Já foi divulgada a data da Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa para o próximo ano. 18 de Junho é Sábado escolhido para a 17ª edição. O anúncio foi efectuado esta tarde no Facebook oficial da Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa.

Travesti que mandou matar Abelha é condenada a 15 anos de prisão
Foi condenada em primeira instância a 15 anos de prisão a travesti Mirella (Wellington Princy de Souza e Silva). Ela teria mandado matar em 2013 a também travesti Abelha (Adilson Felippe).

Preconceito leva a agressões e causa prejuízos
Travestis / Relatos de quem já foi ou é vítima de atitudes hostis
A atitude de colocar a primeira roupa de mulher, aos 12 anos, deu início a um processo de autoafirmação, mas também desencadeou uma série de agressões físicas e psicológicas por parte da família. Sobretudo da mãe, que não aceita o único filho como travesti e o colocou para fora de casa. Nicole tem 14 anos de idade e se prostitui desde os 12, quando foi expulsa da casa da família por assumir sua atração por homens.

Travestis sofrem ameaças na Pituba após reportagem
Uma travesti que trabalha na Avenida Manoel Dias da Silva, na Pituba, entrou em contato com a reportagem nesta sexta-feira, 27, para denunciar que algumas colegas estavam sofrendo retaliação por parte de "cafetinas", que também são travestis. Conforme relato, a represália ocorreu após publicação de reportagem, na última quinta-feira, 26, sobre "cafetinagem" em sete pontos de prostituição de travestis, na capital baiana.

# campaign in solidarity with trans prisoners
Over 100 social media accounts will post, tweet, and share the same hashtag, #transsolidarity, this morning in an attempt to draw attention to the issues faced by trans prisoners.

'My boyfriend told me he wanted to become a woman - now our relationship is stronger than ever'
Hannah Williams says boyfriend Danny's revelation came as a huge shock - but the devoted girlfriend stuck by her partner as they became Lexy and even took her shopping and showed her how to apply makeup

Confused about gender, sex and sexuality? This trans YouTuber can help
When Lewis Hancox came out as transgender, a lot of people asked him “are you sure you’re not just a butch lesbian?”

The fight for equality: a transgender woman's struggle in society
STOP. Just for a second. And imagine. Imagine how it feels to live a life in which your every move has to be mapped out in advance as if you're a pawn on a chessboard. One miscalculation and you could end up dead. Imagine a life of constant fear, of not knowing where the next piece of physical, sexual or verbal abuse is likely to come from. Take a wrong turn and it may well be your last. Imagine a life in which death is all you can contemplate; suicide is the last vestige of control. Imagine, just for a moment, being trapped in a body that you don't recognise as your own.

Eddie Redmayne: Playing a trans woman made me look at my own gender identity
Eddie Redmayne has responded to a reporter who asked if he questioned his own gender identity, after playing a trans woman in a film.

Transgender people concern over sex reassignment legalization in Vietnam
A number of Vietnamese transgender people have concerned how a recent revised law that recognizing of the right to sex reassignment will take effect on them.

[New Zealand]
Trans women arrested after release from prison
A Gisborne transgender women has been arrested only 11 days after being released from prison where she was serving time for similar charges.

Transparent’s Gaby Hoffmann: ‘The whole question of gender is so foreign to me’
Amazon’s Emmy-winning comedy-drama tackles pretty much every taboo in modern family life. With her own eccentric upbringing, one of its stars can identify better than most

Gay Star News chats with first transgender actor to appear on daytime soap in US
Scott Turner Schofield: 'I'm thankful for the amazing and beautiful story that The Bold and the Beautiful is telling'

These actors’ best roles were as women
Playing a woman is hardly a drag.
Eddie Redmayne stars as a transgender pioneer in Friday’s “The Danish Girl,” and like many male actors before him, he’s discovering that donning a wig and a dress is a good way to stand out in a crowded movie field.

The trans women who could change Oscars history
This summer, a little movie called “Tangerine” came out. It was a scrappy, low-budget comedy shot on an iPhone 5s. Its plot concerned two sex workers in West Hollywood trying to track down a pimp and his mistress. You probably missed it.

Obama praised for screening trans films in the White House
Barack Obama has won praise from the director of upcoming film The Danish Girl – after he held a special White House screening.

Transgender guard sues corrections department
A transgender prison guard is suing the state Department of Corrections saying he has been the victim of discrimination.

Transgender community lags behind others in workplace benefits
Delaware companies are ranked among the best in the nation for corporate policies supporting lesbian, gay and bisexual workers, but members of that community say state businesses lag behind in meeting the needs of transgender employees.

Y defends transgender locker room policy
Woman cancels membership over 'inappropriate' allowance

New Report Quantifies Disparities for Transgender New Yorkers
A new survey-based assessment of the educational, employment, income, housing, and health status of transgender residents of New York State demonstrates startling disparities in their well-being, even when compared to other segments of the LGBT community.

Recovery program for transgender people creates culture of trust
Transgender people are more likely to battle substance abuse and homelessness. Helping some in this region along the road to recovery is Philadelphia's Morris Home, the only U.S. in-patient recovery program exclusively focusing on trans people.

Hate group’s threat halts reading of “I am Jazz” at Wisconson elementary school
The ‘liberty council’ a known hate group, threatened a Madison elementary school with a lawsuit if they read “I am Jazz” as planned.
School bans book about trans student after threats from hate group
Religious extremists get trans kid Jazz Jennings’ book “I Am Jazz” BANNED!

Trans people win right to change name and gender in Bolivia
The policy was announced by the country’s justice minister last week.