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quarta-feira, dezembro 02, 2015

Travesti é morto a facadas próximo à Arena do Jacaré
O crime aconteceu por volta da meia noite de terça-feira (01/12) próximo à entrada principal do estádio Arena do Jacaré. Segundo o vigia estádio, moradores da região, teriam ouvido gritos de socorro de uma mulher e muito barulho no mato. A polícia foi acionada, e chegando ao local os militares encontraram Suzana Mattano de 41 anos deitada no chão desacordada. A vítima estava com várias perfurações de facadas pelo corpo. A equipe do SAMU esteve no local para prestar socorro,mas Suzana não resistiu aos ferimentos e faleceu.

Scans prove there’s no such thing as a ‘male’ or ‘female’ brain
You may have read that having a male brain will earn you more money. Or maybe that female brains are better at multitasking. But there is no such thing as a female or male brain, according to the first search for sex differences across the entire human brain. It reveals that most people have a mix of male and female brain features. And it also supports the idea that gender is non-binary, and that gender classifications in many situations are meaningless.

Transgender inmate found dead in Woodhill prison cell
A transgender prisoner has been discovered dead in her cell at an all-male prison, the BBC has learned.
Joanne Latham, 38, was found hanging by a prison officer at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes in the early hours of Friday.
Transgender Inmate Joanne Latham Found Dead In All-Male HMP Woodhill
Transgender prisoner found dead at all-male jail

Guide to UK Legal Gender Recognition
Guide on how to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate under the Gender Recognition Act 2004. This guide was created by UK Trans Info with support and funding from the Scottish Transgender Alliance.

Is this history's first transgender person? Roman skeleton found with both male and female DNA
The body was first dug up in 1979 and is thought to be from the ancient city of Londinium in around 50 to 70 AD

Trans woman sent to men’s prison secures early release
Tara Hudson, a transgender woman who was originally sent to a men’s prison to serve a 12 week sentence, has secured an early release.

Philippine court to issue verdict in US Marine’s murder case
A Philippine court is expected to deliver its verdict Tuesday in the emotion-charged case of a U.S. Marine accused of murdering a transgender Filipino after discovering her gender when they checked into a hotel, officials said.
US Marine found guilty of killing Filipina transgender woman
U.S. Marine found guilty of killing transgender woman in the Philippines
US Marine found guilty of killing transgender woman in Philippines, sentenced to six to 12 years

We can and must end the discrimination of trans and gender diverse people
Last Friday, we marked Transgender Day of Remembrance, an important day on the calendar of the transgender and gender diverse community both in Australia and internationally. It is a day to remember those transgender and gender diverse people, who have been killed due to violence and prejudice. It is a day to commemorate the many, many lives lost and cut short by hate. And it is a day to raise our collective awareness about the impact of transphobia on the lives of our trans- and gender-diverse family members, workmates, friends and community members.

The Gender Fairy: New book helps young children deal with gender dysphoria
A new picture book for children is helping kids and their families deal with the issues around gender dysphoria.

Man who bashed transgender woman at Newtown pub given community service
A man who bashed a transgender woman outside a Newtown pub in June narrowly escaped jail time on Tuesday.

U of S rolling out official gender-neutral bathrooms
The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) is now rolling out official gender-neutral bathrooms to help transgender individuals feel safer. Starting from early 2016, 100 single-stall washrooms on campus will be converted to more welcoming spaces that read, “Gender Neutral Accessible Washroom.”

Mya Taylor is the face of this year’s most improbable Oscar campaign
If “Tangerine” is the film that gets people to think compassionately about the often dismal realities of life as a trans sex worker, that’s lovely. But Mya Taylor, one of the film’s stars, would like you to please get the words right.

Obama’s quiet transgender revolution
Years before the White House was lit in rainbow colors celebrating the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, President Obama used a routine bureaucratic tool that ended up drastically changing the government’s understanding of gender and how it can be changed.

U.S. drops plan to create transgender wing at notorious private prison
Immigration officials have dropped their plans to relocate dozens of transgender detainees who identify as women to a remote detention center in Southern California, a spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement told Fusion. The facility in Adelanto would have been the first U.S. immigration detention center to house trans women alongside other female detainees.

Ted Cruz's 'Transgendered Leftist' Claim About Planned Parenthood Shooter Emerged From Far-Right Web
When asked yesterday about reports that the shooter who killed three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs said “no more baby parts” to law enforcement officers, Ted Cruz said that he read reports that the shooter was actually “a transgendered leftist activist,” while graciously adding that he wouldn’t blame the “rhetoric of the left” for the attack.
Ted Cruz: When in doubt, blame it on the “transgendered!”

Proposed ballot question would repeal LGBT equal rights protections
A conservative talk radio host and others are calling for a vote to repeal new citywide equal rights protections for people based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

SDSU removes "king" and "queen" from homecoming ballots
San Diego State University (SDSU) will no longer have a homecoming king and queen, the school is now making the titles gender neutral, calling them “royals” instead, reports the The Daily Aztec.

Schools follow transgender law with few bumps
Schools have made a relatively smooth transition to a law that says transgender students can use restrooms and locker rooms designated for the sex they identify with, educators say.

Transgender Larimer jail deputy hangs up holster
Rachel Esters covered up her true identity for decades. Now, the retired Larimer County Sheriff's Office has her eyes set on her new life.

Parent group opposes compromise in Dist. 211 transgender case
A newly formed parents group is opposing any compromise between Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 and the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights regarding a transgender student's access to locker rooms.

For now, transgender rights bill stalls on Beacon Hill
In a recent private meeting with transgender rights activists, House majority leader Ronald Mariano, the gravel-voiced Quincy Democrat, offered up one of the many theories of politics he has developed during a long career on Beacon Hill.

Judge: Fired Trans Woman Doesn't Have to Reveal What's Between Her Legs
For the second time, lawyers defending a Michigan funeral home in a civil lawsuit have been rebuffed in their attempt to invade a transgender woman's privacy.

MN commissioners to health insurers: Discrimination against transgender customers is illegal
The commissioners of the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Commerce issued a joint bulletin to health insurance providers on Monday.

Transgender Woman Beaten Outside Home in Jackson Heights, Queens; AVP looking into motive for the attack
AVP has learned of the beating of a 35-year-old transgender woman in Jackson Heights, Queens, which occurred around 4 a.m. early Sunday morning, November 29th on 93rd Street near 37th Place. According to, the woman was attacked by a man outside her apartment, following an argument. Media reports that the woman's landlord saw the man slam her head into the sidewalk multiple times before fleeing on foot. The woman is in critical condition at Elmhurst Hospital, with bleeding ion the brain and on a respirator. The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is currently looking into this incident.
Cops: Transgender Woman Brutally Attacked In Queens

School openly accepts transgender student
St. Luke's Episcopal School reaffirms school's commitment to diversity