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sábado, dezembro 05, 2015

Germaine Greer: ‘You can hold a knife to my throat, I won’t recognise trans people’
Germaine Greer has given an interview for the first time since her controversial appearance on BBC’s Newsnight, and nothing appears to have changed when it comes to her views on transgender people.

Lawyer’s prison plea for his sex swap client
A lawyer has asked magistrates not to send his transgender client to a male prison if they decided to jail her.

This trans woman has some awesome advice for dating whilst trans (VIDEO)
A trans woman has released a video where she attempts to get to the bottom of the problems facing trans people in the dating world.

Sting's child Eliot Sumner comes out as non-gendered - is dating a woman
Sumner, 25, has new album coming out next month

WATCH: UK pastor's DISGUSTING homophobic tirade on school's 'gender bender agenda'
A christian pastor took to YouTube to slam a Jewish school's LGBT anti-bullying campaign.

Transgender prisoner Vikki Thompson funeral takes place
The funeral of a transgender woman who was found dead at a male prison has taken place.

Transsexual vice girl says new life is better than 'hell' of serving time in Scotland's only female prison
Katelyn Findlay, who was born a man, was subjected to bullying and abuse whilst in prison and says the staff treated her like "an outcast" because she was transgender

Ireland passes bill removing religious exemptions from LGBT equality law
Fresh off of the country’s first same-sex weddings, Ireland’s Parliament has passed a bill removing religious exemptions from LGBT anti-discrimination laws.

Press Release: 380 Health Professionals Attend First Trans Healthcare Conference
Yesterday (Thursday 3rd December), 380 health professionals attended the first National Transgender Healthcare Conference in Carlow.

Protest & Press Release For Alev And Transphobic Hate Crimes In Ankara
Last night at around 20.30 in Avcilar, Istanbul Alev was murdered by stabbing in the street she was working.
Even only in last 10 days there has been 4 transphobic hate attacks in Istanbul and Ankara. 2 of the victims lost their lives.
Another Transphobic Murder in Istanbul

Trans Support Helpline Set Up
The project carried out by the Istanbul LGBTTI Solidarity Association and supported by the Open Society Foundation aims to provide legal assistance to trans individuals and protect victims of violence. Work for the Istanbul LGBTTI Trans* Rights project began on 10 November 2015.

Is this proof trans people existed and were accepted 2,500 years ago?
New DNA analysis reveals a skeleton of a warrior buried 2,500 years ago was a trans woman

Breitbart Uses "Trannies" To Mock 15-Year-Old Transgender Activist
Breitbart News headlined a post about HIV rates in the transgender community with the anti-transgender slur "trannies," accompanied by an image of a 15 year-old transgender girl.

Trans Woman Wants Refund for Transphobic Treatment on Cruise
It was supposed to be an idyllic getaway for transgender travelers and allies, but Sherry Donegan claims the cruise was ruined by rude and biased behavior.

Boise transgender teen plans to use girls locker room
"I shouldn't have to lose getting a physical education because of the gender I was born as,” said D.W. Wiona Trantham, a 14-year-old transgender teen.

Dist. 211, ACLU interpret transgender student's deal differently
A transgender student's representatives at the American Civil Liberties Union say Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 officials are misrepresenting an agreement with the Department of Education in an attempt to build stronger public support for it.
Illinois School Will Accommodate Trans Student, Settling Landmark Case
Transgender student locker room case settled, but controversy remains

Manhattan pastors press for sexual orientation protection
Nine Manhattan pastors are pushing for sexual orientation and gender identity protections.

Paul LePage argues against changing Virginia transgender restroom use policy
Gov. Paul LePage and other conservative elected officials have asked a federal court in Virginia to block a transgender boy’s challenge of his school district’s bathroom-use policy, arguing he is “biologically of the female sex.”

Proponents of Missouri Non-Discrimination Act to give bill another go in 2016
In what has become a recurring uphill battle for some members of the Missouri legislature, a new version of the Missouri Non-Discrimination Act (MONA) has been filed as SB 653. The bill prohibits discrimination based upon a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Cherry Hill school bathroom welcomes all genders
A sign will soon be placed on a wall next to a new single-use, gender-neutral bathroom inside Cherry Hill East.

PGN files appeal for Morris 911 recordings
PGN has filed an appeal with the state Office of Open Records, requesting that the District Attorney’s Office be ordered to provide a certified copy of its 911 recordings pertaining to the Nizah Morris incident.

Parole Denied for Transgender Inmate
Passion Star, a black transgender woman who has served 13 years in men’s prisons, was denied parole last week. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles cited the nature of her offense, although her co-defendant — also convicted of aggravated kidnapping and sentenced to 20 years — was released over two years ago.

Bolivian lawmakers approve transgender rights bill
Bolivian lawmakers have approved a proposal that would allow transgender people to legally change their name and gender on official documents.

A Transgender Candidate Defies Social Conventions in Venezuela
For Tamara Adrián, seeing her name written on the ballot of the upcoming parliamentary elections on 6 December 2015 in Venezuela is a milestone — not only for being acknowledged as the first transgender candidate in the electoral history of the country, which is already an achievement, but also for the fact that, at least on this particular document, her identity corresponds with her gender.