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segunda-feira, dezembro 07, 2015

O homem que foi freira ou a pseudo-hermafrodita
A sentença foi proferida depois de o condenado já ter feito votos e escolhido o nome de Claudiana da Natividade para viver em clausura. Expulso “por ser homem, e não mulher” há de voltar ao convento por decisão papal. Esta é a primeira história de uma curta nova série do “Crime à Segunda”, até ao regresso de mais uma temporada longa de criminosas portuguesas

Transgender child: Parents’ agonising decision to let three-year-old son grow up as a girl
‘People say I’m a bad mum but they didn’t see how unhappy Daniel was as a boy’ says mum Kerry McFadyen, who insists she has done the right thing

Fast-track transgender teachers for a £30,000 grant, school heads told
Schools offered extra funding to hire and promote gay and transgender teachers as critics describe it as "profoundly misguided"

How DO surgeons perform a sex change? Eye-watering animation reveals every stage of how a man becomes a woman
Male to female surgery involves removing the penis and testicles
A vagina is then formed from the skin of the penis and the urethra
The head of the penis, known as the glans, is used to make a clitoris
The labia - the vaginal lips - are made from the skin of the scrotum

Caning law pushes Aceh's LGBT further underground
Indonesia's most conservative province implements new Islamic Criminal Code and public floggings for same-sex relations.

The me I need to be
Being touched up at a nightclub would make most women uncomfortable, but for Jasmine Lockley it is a sign of success.
Border psychologist praises Wodonga's Jasmine Lockley for going public about her transgenderism and tells of others seeking advice

More Religious Schools Seek Right to Discriminate Against LGBT Students
There has been a spike in requests for waivers from compliance with federal nondiscrimination requirements.

We Still Have a Son and Daughter — Just Not the Way We Expected
Beth and Russ McGarrity's youngest child came out as transgender. Then a month later, their other child did, too.
Mother describes life with two transgender children

Ben Carson on Military: 'Deal with the Transgender Thing Somewhere Else'
The Republican presidential candidate told veterans he prefers 'don't ask, don't tell' and questions 'what woman wants to go out in the front line'?

Transgender people kept out of bathrooms
Voters in Houston, Texas struck down a city law on Nov. 3 that protected LGBT people and others from discrimination. The repeal effort was headed by conservatives who alleged that transgender women were not real women and were, in fact, straight men that were using the law in order to go into bathrooms and peek at girls. Apparently, voters agreed with them: The law was repealed by a vote of 61 percent to 39 percent, according to the Harris County Clerk's Office.

California petition to put bathroom-privacy on ballot
Pastor confronted by young girl: 'Why is there a man in my restroom?''

Trans Icon Holly Woodlawn Passes Away
Been hearing the mounting bad news that trans actress, icon and Warhol muse Holly Woodlawn was ill with cancer, and her health had been deteriorating for the last few months.
Transgender Actress, Warhol Muse Holly Woodlawn Dies at 69
Holly Woodlawn, Warhol Superstar And Trans Troublemaker, Dead At 69
Remembering Holly Woodlawn: Actress, Trans Icon, Warhol Muse
Holly Woodlawn, transgender Warhol star name-checked in ‘Walk on the Wild Side,’ dead at 69

Trans man harassed, mistaken for ISIS member
A trans man who works in Berwyn says that he was harassed and threatened at gunpoint by an area resident who mistook him for an ISIS member.
Benedetto DeFrancisco, who lives on Chicago's North Side and works as a teaching assistant in Berwyn, alleges that, on Nov. 18, William Jackson, of the 1400 block of S. Wesley Ave., began shouting at him and flashed a pistol because his beard made him resemble a terrorist.

Barred from Bathrooms
A mother's struggle as her Missouri school district bars her trans children from restrooms

Policies for transgender students new frontier for schools
One day in eighth grade, Mason Sonnenberg “finally came to realize ‘Aha, you’re probably a boy.’ ”