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quinta-feira, dezembro 17, 2015

Câmara de Lisboa recusa secção LGBT nas bibliotecas
Excerto: Em contrapartida, vários livros de não-ficção já hoje aparecem identificados no catálogo online das bibliotecas da capital como sendo de temática homossexual, tarefa essa que foi feita pela associação ILGA Portugal, segundo Susana Silvestre. Note-se, ainda assim, que os temas transgénero não surgem identificados. E as estantes específicas, como queria o Bloco, muito provavelmente não vão aparecer.

Editor da secção Gay da Time Out Lisboa afastado
Bruno Horta, colaborador permanente e editor da secção Gay da revista Time Out Lisboa, foi afastado depois de ter solicitado o pagamento de uma avença em atraso à direcção da revista.

Travesti é esfaqueado e morto no bairro Cidade Operária
Uma pessoa identificada
 Silvio César, conhecido pelo nome de Layana. O corpo foi encontrado em sua residência. Um amigo do travesti o encontrou no chão com várias perfurações.

Travesti Brenda Lee é encontrada morta em Pelotas
Paulo Rogério Duarte Nunes, de 46 anos, receberia o diploma do curso de Psicologia no sábado
Velório de Brenda Lee será às 21h no Fragata

This map shows the 31 countries where transgender and gender-variant candidates have run for office since 1977
Last week, Tamara Adrián became the first transgender person elected to office in Venezuela, and the second trans person elected to national office in South America. She becomes only the fifth transgender person ever elected to a national office, following Georgina Beyer of New Zealand, Anna Grodzka of Poland, Vladimir Luxuria of Italy and Michelle Suarez of Uruguay. Petra de Sutter joined the Belgian Senate in 2014, but she was appointed and not elected.

New report on legal situation LGBTI people in the EU
This Monday, the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency released an updated EU-wide legal analysis: ‘Protection against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics in the European Union: Comparative legal analysis’

Justice minister: Government ‘committed’ to protecting trans prisoners
Justice and equalities minister Caroline Dinenage has said that the government remains committed to protecting transgender people in prisons, after a number of high-profile failures.

Transgender Explained: Everything You Need To Know About Being Trans
Transgender awareness has improved greatly over the last few years, with US stars such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox giving greater visibility to the issue.

Trans man convicted over ‘sex by deception’ after using fake penis to ‘dupe’ girlfriend
A transgender man has been sentenced for obtaining “sex by deception” – for using a fake penis to have sex with his girlfriend without revealing he is trans.
Lincolnshire woman who posed as man by wearing body suit and sexually assaulted woman avoids jail

Public consultation launched for draft law criminalising harmful conversion therapies
Affirmation of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression Bill tabled for its first reading in Parliament with the aim of prohibiting ‘conversion therapy’ as a deceptive and harmful act.

Introducing The Founder Of Mumbai’s Transgender Dance Troupe, Abhina Aher
Dancing Queens is a transgender-led dancing troupe formed in 2009 as a part of Queer Azaadi, Mumbai. Over the years, they have used dance as a powerful tool of expression for breaking social barriers and advocating for transgender rights. Led by Abhina Aher, Urmi Jadhav and Madhuri Sarode, Dancing Queens is a powerful voice within the LGBT community, working relentlessly for the rights of sexual minorities. They performed most recently at the Godrej India Culture Lab during Transgender Awareness Week. The Culture Trip Mumbai met with Abhina Aher to talk about her dance, challenges and the larger transgender struggle in India.

Four transgender women arrested over death of British tourist in Thailand
Four transgender women have been arrested after a young British tourist fell to his death in Thailand.

CAMH to make changes to Child and Youth Gender Identity Services
CAMH is announcing plans to change the gender identity services it provides to children and youth, following an independent clinical review of its Child Youth and Family (CYF) Gender Identity Clinic released today.
Ontario NDP LGBTQ critic Cheri DiNovo applauds closure of CAMH’s controversial gender identity clinic

Department of health discusses transgender healthcare model
The groups met with Victor Boudreau today to discuss healthcare access for transgender people

The First Black Trans Model Had Her Face on a Box of Clairol
No one knew her secret. Until they did.

Facebook Talks to Us About Its Test of 'Real' Name Policy
The social network provided The Advocate with a special preview of what it calls 'improvements' to the way users report and defend their names.
Facebook takes Important Steps to improve their ‘Authentic Name’ Policy

Jennifer Boylan reflects on transgender activism
Let's face it: mainstream and LGBT media do not always get it right—especially when referencing transgender lives. Decorated New York Times columnist and best-selling author Jennifer Boylan has made her life an open book, quite literally, in an effort to facilitate positive change from within—and outside of—the community.

Nebraska’s Aggressive New Plan To Keep Transgender Students From Playing Sports
The Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) has been wrestling with what to do with transgender athletes for years. In December of 2012, the NSAA quietly opened the door for transgender students to play for the teams that match their gender identities, but its latest policy proposal places several hurdles into the process, some of which are likely to be insurmountable. In fact, the policy segregates the locker room usage of almost every transgender student who would take advantage of it, which is quite likely a violation of federal law.

Princeton school board will vote on proposal for transgender students
A proposed policy which could make the Princeton Public School District and school buildings more accessible to transgender students could go into effect as soon as tomorrow, following a Board of Education meeting Tuesday night.

District solicits more feedback on transgender policy
A second public discussion on the Clarence Central School District’s proposed student gender identity policy was held Monday night during the Board of Education’s monthly meeting at Clarence Center Elementary.

Arrest in Hate-Crime Attack on Cross-Dressing Howard Stern Regular
The suspect reportedly yelled "I'm going to cut off your schmeckle" at the victim, using a Yiddish word for penis.
AVP has learned of an anti-LGBTQ hate violence incident in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Communities around transgender children face new equal rights frontier
From a young age, 19-year-old Crimson Jordan recalls his parents discrediting his feelings that he was a boy, not a girl -- the gender assigned to him based on his anatomy at birth.

Testimony begins for East Texas man accused of killing transgender woman
Testimony began Tuesday for an East Texas man accused of murdering a transgender woman in January.

Tacoma YMCA announces new rules for transgendered members – and $1 million to upgrade locker room privacy
The YMCA in Tacoma on Tuesday announced plans to spend $1 million to improve privacy in its locker rooms and showers, alongside a change in policy that will allow transgendered people to use those facilities without discrimination.

Bill revised to allow gender-neutral bathrooms in Wisconsin schools
Public schools would be allowed to offer gender-neutral bathrooms to students under a revised version of a controversial bill setting gender restrictions on school bathrooms and locker rooms.

200 people gather to support and oppose Lewisburg's LGBT ordinance
Without protection from the state, it's up to local municipalities to protect its LGBT citizens and workers. The city council meeting in Lewisburg brought out hundreds of people on both sides of the proposed ordinance.

Meet Transgender woman Samara Braga, Brazilian Mayoral Candidate
If elected, Samara Braga would become Brazil’s first transgender mayor.

Transexual fue asesinado de tres puñaladas en Antonia Santos
En el área de urgencias del Hospital Universitario de Santander, HUS, murió un transexual de 27 años, identificado por las autoridades como Gina Mar Cobos, quien recibió tres puñaladas a la 1:30 de la mañana de este viernes, en la calle 33 con carrera 20 del barrio Antonia Santos, en Bucaramanga.