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quarta-feira, dezembro 16, 2015

Dez anos do grito de ipiranga
Faz hoje, 15 de Dezembro de 2015, dez anos que me mudei de armas e bagagens para a outra margem do rio. Faz hoje dez anos que dei, finalmente, o meu grande grito do ipiranga e me assumi como mulher trans sem medos e sem receios cada vez que saía ou que voltava para casa.

Comissão Europeia Publica a Lista de Ações para Promover a Igualdade das Pessoas LGBTI
No dia 7 de dezembro de 2015, a Comissária Vera Jourová apresentou no Conselho de Ministros dos Assuntos Sociais dos Estados-membros da União Europeia (EPSCO) o documento de trabalho da Comissão Europeia sobre as ações futuras em matéria de defesa e promoção dos direitos das pessoas LGBTI (Lésbicas, Gays, Bissexuais, Travestis, Transexuais e Transgéneros), para o período 2016-2019.

Human brains aren't distinctly male or female - study
Scans show there's no such thing as a 'male' or 'female' brain, according to an Israeli research team. Edward Baran reports.

Courageous transgender role models blaze trail for others to come out
What do an American comedian, a British boxing promoter and a Norwegian ex-submarine captain have in common? What sounds like the opening line of a joke is no laughing matter.

Fifth Transphobic Hate Attack in Istanbul Since 20 November 2015
There has been a transphobic hate attack in Kartal, Istanbul last night. This incident counts to be the 5th attack on trans community in Istanbul since 20 November 2015.

Bangalore-based NGO for sexual minorities demands discussion on Transgender Bill
Sangama, a human rights organisation for sexual minorities in Bangalore, on Tuesday demanded withdrawal of Rights of Transgender Persons Bill 2014 immediately.
Sangama and Reach Law, a law firm working for the rights of sexual minorities, organised a series of meetings and plans to organise consultations at regional and national level with different civil society and human rights groups to highlight, define and fill the gaps of the Bill.

The first third gender person to contest polls
By becoming a candidate in the upcoming municipality elections, 48-year-old Dithi has marked the beginning of a new era in Bangladesh.

Seven Sisters Festival under fire for transphobia
A women-only festival which is set to take place in Mount Martha, Victoria, in March 2016 has been labelled transphobic after it was alleged organisers suggested only post-operative trans women would be welcome at the event.

The Sistergirls of Tiwi Islands: How a remote community in northern Australia has the highest population of transgender people in the country - including children as young as six
Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory has the highest population of transgender people in Australia
'Sistergirl' or 'Yimpininni' is a term used to describe transgender, homosexual or bisexual indigenous people
Locals say as many as five per cent of the population consider themselves a Sistergirl
While they are largely accepted in the remote community, there are still many instances of serious abuse

Ottawa mural finds a home at last
Artwork honouring trans women of colour is restored, finds permanent location

Documentary about January Marie Lapuz to explore transgender women of colour issues
January Marie Lapuz was stabbed to death in September 2012 in New Westminster.

Human rights complaint filed over Correctional Service of Canada transgender policy
A human rights complaint has been filed against the Correctional Service of Canada, alleging the service’s policies toward transgender inmates leaves them vulnerable to harassment and sexual violence behind bars.

CAMH to 'wind down' gender identity clinic after review of services
Review sparked by criticism that clinic was practising conversion therapy

Chicago’s Alexandra Billings brings reality to ‘Transparent’
When actress Alexandra Billings called the other day to chat about the new, second season of “Transparent,” the Schaumburg native said being part of that groundbreaking Amazon series’ cast reminded her of a quote from the late Bea Arthur.

Pentagon report on lifting trans ban on track for January
The Pentagon’s review of the U.S. military’s ban on openly transgender service is nearing the end of its scheduled six-month time period and a spokesperson said Monday initial findings are on track to be released in January.

Caitlyn Jenner clarifies 'man in a dress' comment and says: 'Maybe I've made some mistakes'
'I promise to keep learning, and to try to be more articulate in the future'
Jazz Jennings FINALLY Meets Caitlyn Jenner!
Still So Much to Learn

Rep. Mike Honda Introduces Resolution For Acceptance Of Transgender People
California Congressman Mike Honda, a Democrat, on Friday introduced a resolution calling for acceptance of transgender people.

New Tucson VA clinic will treat transgender veterans
The Veterans’ Administration hospital in Tucson will soon become the fourth in the country to hold special clinic hours for transgender patients.

California Privacy Group Calls for Lawsuits to Control Public Bathroom Access Based on Gender
If you live in California, your bathroom privacy is apparently under attack, and a cadre of horrified parents and church folk is gathering signatures to enforce genital segregation.

Northern Indiana mayor issues order on gender identity
A northern Indiana mayor has issued an executive order adding gender identity to the city's anti-discrimination hiring ordinance.

NSAA advances strict transgender policy
The Nebraska School Activities Association’s proposed policy on transgender students’ participation in high school sports would require at least a year of hormone therapy for students transitioning from male to female.

Transgender woman attack victim said 'sorry’ to assailants before vicious assault
A transgender woman who was attacked by a pair of Brooklyn men, one armed with a piece of plexiglass, apologized to the assailants before the vicious assault.

Attorneys Challenge Transgender Exclusion in Americans With Disabilities Act
A federal district court in Pennsylvania heard arguments last week in the first-ever case to challenge the transgender exclusion in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

School bathroom policy a clear case of privacy rights
Alliance Defending Freedom is defending a Virginia school that's being sued for its refusal to allow transgender students to use bathrooms of the opposite sex.

Melissa Batson - transgender woman on a mission
It has been a lifelong journey to finally be able to say "This is who I am," and this is what I need to do.

Meet Tamara Adrián, Venezuela’s Crusading Trans Politician
Tamara Adrián is Venezuela’s first out trans member of Parliament. She intends to use her influence to campaign for LGBT rights.
Primera diputada transgénero de Venezuela avizora un trabajo arduo