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sexta-feira, dezembro 18, 2015

Cantora transexual goiana irá estrear programa na TV aberta
Ao lado da cantora Ellen Oléria e do jornalista Fefito, vocalista da Banda Uó Candy Mel vai comandar atração na TV Brasil

New report says LGBTI people still face discrimination in EU
The European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency released a report highlighting that LGBTI people in the EU still face fundamental discrimination and lack of protection.

Trans soldiers speak of military as 'form of therapy'
The experiences of former soldiers who have struggled with their gender identity is being explored at an exhibition in Liverpool. Many transgender people joined the military as a "form of therapy", according to an academic who has interviewed a number of trans veterans.

Transgender Rights Have Transformed Thanks To Amazing Brits Like These
The transgender rights movement witnessed a huge shift in public attitudes and understanding in 2015, partly due to some high-profile role models in the media.

Transgender prisoner Vikki Thompson wrote 'I can't last in here'
A transgender woman found dead in a men's prison wrote to her partner just days before her death saying "I don't think I can last very long in here".

UK trans woman, denied treatment in male prison, injected bleach into her testicles
'I cannot take no more,' the prisoner said. 'I am a woman in a male prison and it is not right.'

Beauty queen axed for being transgender
A beauty pageant hopeful has been axed from the finals of a top UK contest after officials discovered she was born a man.

Malta could become first country in Europe to ban ‘gay cure’ therapy
Malta could become the first EU country to outlaw ‘gay cure’ therapy, under a government bill submitted this week.

Why the closing of Toronto's CAMH gender clinic matters
External review highlights history of poor, awful practices
Infamous Reparative Therapy Clinic For Transgender Youth Set To Close

Model worked for Clairol, Avon, and Balenciaga in the 70’s – until her secret was revealed
Before there was Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox or Jazz Jennings, there was Tracey “Africa” Norman.

Why Do Men Kill Trans Women? Gender Theorist Judith Butler Explains
In an exclusive interview with Broadly, the beloved philosopher and author of "Gender Trouble" discusses extreme violence against transgender women in 2015.

Trans man endures fraught process for surgery
Sweat is pooling beneath Eliot Daughtry's freshly-pressed white shirt, cerulean tie and khaki vest as he walks up and down Franklin Street in Oakland. It's 86 degrees and his jeans are beginning to stick. As the shutter from a camera releases, his furrowed brow softens and he grins. Click.

Transgender Woman Accused Of Performing Sex Acts On Teenage Boys In Torrance
A transgender woman faces charges of engaging in sex acts with minors, and police asked for any other possible victims to come forward Wednesday.

Online Extra: Sampler: Activist shares experiences in Born on the Edge of Race and Gender
An Oakland transgender man is releasing a book Tuesday (December 15) he hopes will teach others about the needs trans people have and the health care, discrimination, and other issues they face.

NCAA Joins Group Supporting LGBT Rights in Indiana
The NCAA has thrown its considerable heft behind efforts to get Indiana lawmakers to add LGBT civil rights protections into state law.

Activist tackles trans, LGBT issues in the workplace
Among the many interesting things about Fargo resident Faye Seidler is that more Americans report having seen a ghost than having met a transgender person like Seidler.

Criticism as N.Y. LGBT group shuts down
Advocates are blasting New York’s largest statewide LGBT group over its surprise announcement that it will shut down next year.

N.Y. lawmaker opposes trans policy
A New York lawmaker last week spoke against a school district’s efforts to allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that are consistent with their gender identity.

Hate Group Sponsors Press Conference to Protest Ban on Conversion Therapy
The Ohio-based anti-LGBT hate group [Citizens for Community Values], which came out against GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson for being pro-gay by association, announced it will hold a press conference Friday to denounce the city council of Cincinnati's decision to ban gay conversion therapy for minors in the city.

Dallas School Board Hears Policy Concerns
A contingent of parents and students spoke before the Dallas School Board concerned about the district’s policy that allows a transgender male (female-to-male) student use the boys locker room and bathroom.

Friend of murder victim: 'I thought they were going to work'
Testimony continued Wednesday in the case of an East Texas man accused of killing a transgender woman.

Advocates aim to ease the process of changing the gender marker on Virginia birth certificates
When local woman Melissa Paige went in to get the birth marker changed on her birth certificate back in 2010, it was kind of a nightmare.

New Pierce, Kitsap YMCA policy change for transgender members raises concern
The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties announced this week that it’s putting together new rules for its transgender members.
New Washington YMCA nondiscrimination policies spark resignations

Despiden a periodista por celebrar triunfo de Tamara Adrián
La periodista venezolana Anamer Salazar denunció que fue despedida de la empresa privada en la que laboraba por celebrar que el pasado 6 de diciembre triunfó en las elecciones parlamentarias la diputada transexual Tamara Adrián.
¡Increíble! Periodista es despedida por apoyar a la diputada Tamara Adrián

Trans woman Gina Mar Cobos, fatally stabbed in Antonia Santos, Colombia
Colombian transgender woman Gina Mar Cobos, 27 died of stab wounds sustained on Friday 11th, 2015.