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domingo, janeiro 03, 2016

The Danish Girl is a film that is killed by good taste
It looks nice but is dull, repetitive and lacking in insight — and I wanted to punch Eddie Redmayne
Style but little substance in Tom Hooper's transgender period drama

Maria Miller calls for passports, driving licences to be ‘degendered’
A Conservative MP has called for official documents to be “degendered”, saying it is unnecessary for some to contain gender information.
Call to remove gender from UK passports and driving licences
Passports and driving licences should be gender neutral says former cabinet minister

The End of the Desistance Myth
Over the past few years, an endless parade of "concerned" people (trolls) have trotted out the same statistic over and over again: 84 percent of transgender kids stop being transgender on their own. They have used this to justify everything from reparative therapy, to denying medical care to transgender teens, to suggesting that reparative therapy on adults will work.

Kansas bill that would outlaw anti-gay discrimination will be heard first week of session
A bill that would outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity will receive a hearing during the first week of the 2016 legislative session.

Eastern: Farmer files for office
Farmer Rev. Dr. Wendy Ella May filed for public office on Dec. 16, 2015.

Kenney calls Mummers sign mocking transgenders 'hurtful'
Sign makes light of Caitlyn Jenner at Friday's parade

The top stories of 2015 — Plano passes rights ordinance; Houston shoots down HERO
City officials in both Houston and Plano fought hard in 2015 to pass LGBT-inclusive equal rights ordinances. But the battles took far different paths.

Protests erupt after Brazilian Judge releases trans woman’s killer
Friends and family of Brenda Lee, who was found dead on 16 December 2015, held a demonstration calling for justice in Pelotas, southern Rio Grande do Sul. Brazil. The 46-year-old transwoman’s body was found inside her house with signs of blows in the head. After two days of investigations, a 21-year-old man was arrested by police. He confessed having committed the crime after an argument with Brenda.

Men to go on trial for murder of Argentina trans advocate
An appeals court in Argentina has ruled that two men can go on trial for the murder of a prominent transgender rights advocate.