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sexta-feira, janeiro 01, 2016

El Síndic de Greuges abre investigación sobre el suicidio de un joven transexual
Alan, un menor de 17 años, se quitó la vida después de sufrir una “enorme presión e incomprensión en el ámbito escolar”
Que se lo digan a Alan...
"Acosaron a Alan desde los 14 años, su suicidio es un crimen social"
Protest marches, Twitter campaigns and an ombudsman inquiry sparked by transsexual teen's suicide

Some UK schools refusing to help up to 80 kids a year who start to transition
Schools are “reluctant” to offer support to as many as 80 school aged children in the UK who say they want to transition.

Nicole Lax death: Coroner concerned over investigation delays of Stanley transgender woman
Investigators waited almost six months for toxicology reports to confirm the cause of the death of the 21-year-old

Britain's youngest transgender patient says she can't get a job 'because of her past'
Rihanna Cooper, now 21, claims an employer googled her name and found out she once did escort work

The Murderer of Nilay Has Been Caught
he suspect of murdering Nilay, who was a trans woman murdered on 23 November 2015 at her own house in Maltepe Istanbul by first being stabbed and then strangled with a bathrobe corde, has been caught today.

Saskatchewan teen wants to change gender on ID without surgery
Lucas Kreutzer, 17, learned he couldn't officially change his gender without reassignment surgery

Huge support for most transgender rights, poll says
A majority of Americans support legal protections for transgender people in most circumstances according to a new University of Delaware poll.

25 Trans Pioneers Who Took Us Past the Tipping Point in 2015
Even as attacks against trans people of color increased, 2015 saw greater acceptance for gender-variant people. Below, we celebrate some of the people who opened hearts and minds.

It’s a trans world: 2015 really put the T in LGBT on the cultural map in these ways
There was a time in LGBT media stories when the G dominated the conversation. We love gay men, of course, and their stories are in no danger of extinction. But we also longed for more movies and TV shows about the L, the B, and the T, for narratives we weren’t getting, for people of color to have a stronger voice, for older lesbians, for everybody else to sing their song. In 2014, Time magazine put Laverne Cox on the cover and called that moment The Transgender Tipping Point. And in 2015, here’s what we got…

The Texas News Station That Helped Fuel The Year's Biggest Setback For LGBT Equality
Just months after the Supreme Court made the historic decision to legalize same-sex marriage, the LGBT community experienced its most stunning defeat at the ballot box since California's Proposition 8.

After a historic year for LGBT rights in US, 2016 may see backlash and complacency
The US supreme court approved same-sex marriage, transgender people can serve openly in the military but campaigners warn full equality remains elusive

How 'Transparent' is Reshaping Image of Transgender Jews
The prevalence of transgender issues in pop culture seems to have reached a pinnacle this year.

Trans activist Broadus interviewed on Jenner backlash
In a recent interview with on UBN Radio — that is, "One on One With Jasper Cole" —trans activist Kylar W. Broadus, Esq. spoke openly about the state of the trans community along with its newest and most high-profiled member, Caitlyn Jenner. However, an online media outlet erroneously misquoted the comments of Broadus, saying that because of recent backlash, Caitlyn Jenner has harmed the trans community. This is untrue.

Management attorney J. Randall Coffey of Fisher & Phillips LLP traces the recent evolution of Title VII jurisprudence as questions surface on whether “sex” discrimination encompasses LGBT-related bias in the private-sector workplace.

Araujo's mother seeks help
The mother of slain transgender teen Gwen Araujo, whose murder over a decade ago played a huge part in advancing transgender rights, is struggling financially and has launched an online crowdfunding campaign.

Couple in trans attack released
A couple accused of attacking a transgender woman were recently released from jail after pleading guilty to charges in the case.

Lake County police hope further DNA testing reveals clues about transgender woman’s body
Police may soon know more about the transgender woman whose body was found along a Clermont road in 1988.

Indiana Lawmaker Introduces ‘Pay To Pee’ Bill For Transgender People
If Indiana hopes to overcome its reputation for being an anti-LGBT state, 2016 is not shaping up to be a productive year. The state’s top conservative groups are suing to overturn the “fix” tacked onto last spring’s “religious freedom” bill in the hope it will allow them to discriminate against LGBT people in cities where that is prohibited. A Republican-proposed so-called LGBT nondiscrimination bill has so many religious exemptions it wouldn’t actually be enforceable. And now a new bill would actually criminalize transgender people for using the restroom.

All New York City single occupancy bathrooms now required to be gender neutral
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration issued a report last week explaining how they will interpret a 2002 civil rights law to accomodate transgender people. The New York Commission on Human Rights document explains the way the city will enforce the law.

New York City will fine up to $250,000 for willful, malicious misuse of gender pronouns
Expect "“up to $125,000 for violations, and up to $250,000 for violations that are the result of willful, wanton, or malicious conduct.”

Trans woman attacks two passengers on the subway, turns herself in
After being captured on camera attacking subway riders in New York, a woman has decided to turn herself over to police.

Tennessee Equality Project: ‘2016 could be one of the worst’ years for LGBTQ rights
In a recent message to members, Chris Sanders, chairman of the Tennessee Equality Project, warned that “2016 could be one of the worst” years for LGBTQ rights, and lists several antigay measures to be aware of:

What do you say to a naked girl in the boys room?'
Student sues over rules threatening punishment for transgender comments

Transgender, Privacy Issues Abound for Public Restrooms, Facilities after New 'Gender-Equality' Law from Washington State
A new statewide law about gender-segregated public bathrooms, facilities and businesses, which went into effect Dec. 26 in Washington, is raising questions about privacy and safety of everyone involved. This first-of-its-kind law created by the Washington State Human Rights Commission is part of the recent push to frame gender-segregated bathrooms as an affront to "equality," stated Joseph Backholm in a blog for Family Policy Institute for Washington.

Por homofobia, asesinan a adulto mayor en Morelos
El hombre, de aproximadamente 60 años, vestía ropa de mujer cuando fue encontrado sin vida en plena calle; no hay detenidos.

Año con año personas T (Travestis e Transexuales) de todo el mundo terminan con su vida a causa de el odio y el rechazo de la sociedad, en la mayoría de los casos de la sociedad en general pero en algunos otros ese rechazo viene de la misma ‘comunidad LGBT’ por no ‘cumplir’ con los estereotipos que dicta una sociedad normativa.
La joven de apenas 24 años venía sufriendo bulling transfóbico de parte de compañeras trans y hombres gay de su comunidad LGTB lo que la llevó a la muerte por suicidio este 20 de diciembre pasado, de acuerdo a fuentes cercanas consultadas por el blog activista Trans Pride que dio a conocer esta lamentable noticia.

Asesinaron a un travesti en Zona Centro
En tapias le destrozaron cabeza con una piedra
Un travesti fue encontrado sin vida en unas tapias de la zona centro, al parecer su agresor lo atacó a golpes y luego le destrozó la cabeza al dejarle caer una piedra encima.

Diane: “Voy a ser mamá, mi novio Fernando está embarazado”
Ellos son Diane Rodríguez y Fernando Machado, los protagonistas de un feliz embarazo transgénero

604 transgender murders in 7 years
As staggering as Brazil’s 604 transgender murders are local advocates say it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Apuñalaron gravemente a una joven “trans” en su departamento de La Plata
Laura, estudia en la Facultad de Periodismo y Comunicación Social de la UNLP y es vicepresidenta de la asociación civil OTRANS La Plata, organización que lucha por los derechos de las personas trans. Este hecho no es un caso aislado, sino que forman parte de una estructura simbólica profunda, responde a un mandato heteronormativo que organiza actos, fantasías y les confiere intengilibilidad.

Movilh rechaza descalificaciones a funcionarias transexuales de video de Maipú
Tras conocerse que las trabajadoras de la municipalidad eran transexuales, en redes sociales comenzaron las “descalificaciones en razón de la identidad de género de las afectadas, que se sumaron a otras justas críticas por la exagerada denuncia”, indicó el Movilh.

Las críticas de Red Trans Chile al trámite de la Ley de Identidad de Género: “Aún no existimos en este país”
Alejandra Soto, Presidenta de la Organización Trans Amanda Jofré que lucha por los derechos de la comunidad trans, cuestiona que la iniciativa que se ve en el Parlamento exija hacer el trámite de cambio de nombre en un juzgado y no en el Registro Civil, y reitera la importancia de la ley: "Según el carnet, hoy somos hombres, vagos, solteros, y sin carga", dice Soto.

Confirman el procesamiento de los acusados de asesinar a la líder trans Diana Sacayán
La Cámara Nacional en lo Criminal confirmó el procesamiento de los dos acusados por el asesinato de la militante trans Amancay Diana Sacayán, el 13 de octubre último en el barrio porteño de Flores, informaron fuentes judiciales.