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quarta-feira, janeiro 06, 2016

Transfobia à Portuguesa
Em resumo do ano de 2015, muito se tem escrito sobre a visibilidade das pessoas trans (principalmente mulheres) que foi muita. Principalmente nos EUA, onde surgiu Caitlyn Jenner, entre a visibilidade que já tinham Laverne Cox, Janet Mock e Carmen Carrera, por exemplo. Mas toda esta mediatização trouxe ao de cima também o pior: a alta taxa de homicídios sobre pessoas trans, a alta taxa de suicídio das mesmas, e todo o tipo de discriminações de que esta população é alvo. E em Portugal, como é? Pois é, neste "jardim à beira-mar plantado" as coisas são bem mais negras do que parecem. E as pessoas trans vivem uma transfobia diária, que as desgasta e destrói.

Travesti é encontrado morto em mata às margens da BR-060, em Rio Verde
Mototaxista estranhou mau cheiro e acionou autoridades, que acharam corpo.
Suspeita é que vítima estava no local há pelo menos cinco dias; polícia apura.
Identificado travesti encontrado morto as margens da BR 060

Honduran trans activist Alexandra Andino to refugee in Spain
Alexandra Andino, born in the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa, where she was a leading activist, fled from Honduras in 2009 after being kidnapped and tortured. Today she has a refugee status in Spain. In an interview with a Spanish newspaper, she reported the hell that forced her to flee Tegucigalpa, how she was abducted, sexually and physically assaulted, in early 2009, just for being a transgender activist.

The process to change gender in the UK is expected to get much simpler
The process to legally change gender in the UK would get much simpler under new proposals.

UK MP: All passports, driving licenses should be 'degendered'
'For individuals who have decided to transition but haven’t necessarily got the right documentation, it can cause problems'

Extra points likely for transgender applicants at JNU
After introducing the transgender option in the gender column of its admission forms, Jawaharlal Nehru University is now considering granting five extra points to applicants identifying themselves under the category. The varsity has formed a committee to formulate a policy detailing the modalities of transgender admissions.

A Delhi-based LGBTI charity is launching India's first transgender modelling agency
Delhi-based LGBTQI charity Mitr Trust has set out to launch India's first transgender modelling agency.
Two Activists Are Crowd Funding a Transgender Modeling Agency in India

Transgender woman in Bangladesh: 'I'm not a burden to society'
Ananya Banik, 42, was born a boy in the northern Mymensingh district of Bangladesh. But as she approached adolescence, her identity and sexuality were in turmoil.

$25,000 ADF payout offered to victim of Cate McGregor tweets
Army major offered $25,000 after complaining about tweets by Australia's highest ranking trans military officer.

The long-form census won’t recognize non-binary Canadians
But don’t worry, StatsCan has an inclusive workaround.

Jaden Smith is new face of Louis Vuitton womenswear
Actor/rapper is known for unapologetically wearing dresses

States plan renewed debate on LGBT rights, religious freedom
With same-sex marriage now legal nationwide, lawmakers in numerous states are preparing for a new round of battles in 2016 over whether to grant discrimination protections to LGBT people or religious exemptions to nonprofits and businesses that object to gay marriage.

Watch: Bernie Sanders rips anti-trans Trump supporter
'Here's a Trump supporter worried about Mr Trump's money'

The Education of Ms. Jenner
It was inevitable that Caitlyn Jenner would face criticism for not getting her very public transition exactly right. She has come out without knowing any other transgender people, and without having any point of reference for what it means to be publicly trans in the time of the transgender tipping point: using precise language, or towing a line regarding LGBT politics.
Dame Edna Trashes “Ratbag” Caitlyn Jenner, Calls Trans People “Self-Mutilated”. – Damn Edna!

A transgender Cuban woman who suffered abuse in prison vows never to return to the island
Despite some progress in the LGBT-rights movement in Cuba, many trans women say they’re still harassed and detained by police. They also say they can’t get jobs.

Michigan elections board approves formatting of LGBT rights petition
Supporters of amending Michigan’s constitution to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity cleared an initial procedural step last week when the state elections board approved the format of their petition.

DA: Transgender Muskogee Teens On Crime Spree
Authorities say two transgender teenagers from Oklahoma are on the run and wanted by the law. The Muskogee County district attorney says 18-year-old Marcus Roland and 15-year-old Kaleb Sanders have committed a number of violent robberies in Muskogee, Oklahoma City, and Wichita, Kansas in the past 20 days.

On Way Out, Annise Parker Criticizes Opponents Of Houston's LGBT Protections Law
Saturday was Annise Parker's last day running Houston, the nation's fourth-largest city.

Hay discriminación entre nosotros: ‘Muxe’
“La sociedad ya está abierta, pero lamentablemente entre nosotros los homosexuales nos acabamos, nos empezamos a criticar, hay mucha discriminación entre nosotros, hay mucha envidia”, expresó Yuliana Marcos Alejandro, quien a sus 27 años asume con orgullo sus preferencias sexuales, al considerarse ‘Muxe’, pues aunque nació en Coatzacoalcos, sus padres son del Istmo de Tehuantepec, donde los homosexuales son respetados y considerados el tercer género.

A Letter from Ecuador's Human Rights Hero
In November 2015, Diane Rodriguez was one of 120 human rights defenders gathering at the Front Line Defenders Dublin Platform in Ireland. She spoke about the danger she faces in Ecuador as a transgender activist. While more than 1,350 trans people have been murdered in the last seven years in Central and South America, Diane recently went public with the news of the pregnancy of her partner — a trans man. Here is Diane’s story, as told to Kay Cairns.

Joven de la comunidad Lgbti resultó muerto durante requisa
Autoridades investigan las causas de la muerte de un integrante de la comunidad Lgtbi, que, al parecer, resultó herido durante un procedimiento policial en el oriente de esta capital.
Trans woman Camila Montoya murdered by Colombian police

Támara Adrián: la mujer transformadora
Inspiradora por su esencia y la firmeza de saber lo que quiere, sin ataduras ni condiciones sociales que la limiten, feliz de proyectar su real ser.