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segunda-feira, janeiro 11, 2016

David Bowie, the man who fell to earth, dies at 69
David Bowie, legendary pop singer-songwriter, died at the age of 69, following a monthslong battle with cancer, a rep confirmed Monday to The Hollywood Reporter.
“David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer,” read a statement posted to the Bowie’s official Facebook page. “While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief.
Assim se despede o mundo de David Bowie
Cantor morreu vítima de cancro. A consternação é geral e disso mesmo dão conta artistas e amigos nas redes sociais.

Canarios elabora un protocolo contra el acoso escolar por diversidad sexual
El Ejecutivo dice que velará por el cumplimiento de la ley de identidad de género

Transgender woman convicted of raping teenage girl sent to men’s prison
transgender woman who had previously admitted to possessing images of child abuse, has been convicted of raping a teenage girl.
Transgender woman who raped girl before transition sent to male prison
Trans woman Davina Ayrton found guilty of 2004 rape

Changing perceptions through social media
Three Indonesian transgenders are chosen as models for LINE stickers

U.S. Marine convicted of killing transgender Filipino files appeal
A U.S. Marine has asked a Philippine court to reverse his conviction in the killing of a transgender Filipino and sought a bail and a reduction of his six to 12-year jail term.

Filipina beauty queens' fight for trans rights is focus of new series looking at a 'woman's place'
Today, most people can agree that a “woman’s place” is wherever she wants to be.

Surrey film tackles transgender issues
n September 2012, January Marie Lapuz, a transgender women of colour, was stabbed to death in her New Westminster home.

Researchers say anti-trans laws promote abuse
A policy brief released this week by the Fenway Institute and the Center for American Progress examines controversial state and local legislation that would prevent transgender people from using gendered public facilities, such as restrooms or locker rooms, that align with their gender identity.

WATCH: Ted Cruz Stumps for Votes in Iowa With Transphobia
At a campaign stop in the Hawkeye State, the Republican presidential candidate courted votes by preying on unfounded fears.

Arkansas Community Mourns the Loss of Transgender Woman
With less than a week into 2016, the Arkansas transgender community has already suffered its first loss. Katherine Johnson, a 25-year-old transgender woman in Arkansas, ended her own life. As Co-Director of the Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition (ArTEC) and a leader in the transgender community, I feel a personal responsibility to redouble my efforts in 2016 to ensure that no member of the transgender community is left behind or made to feel as though they are not a part of the whole.

Prostitute’s killer gets 30 years to life in prison for 1990 Ontario murder
Nearly 26 years after a transgender prostitute was discovered dead in an Ontario field, an Orange County man pleaded guilty Friday to killing him and was sent to prison, likely for the rest of his life.

School for LGBT youth called first of its kind in Georgia
A first-of-its-kind private school in Georgia aimed at attracting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth and teachers is being established in Atlanta for students who feel bullied or not accepted in traditional schools.

‘Mahu’ demonstrate Hawaii’s shifting attitudes toward LGBT life
Advocates say gender tolerance, common in Hawaiian society, has been weakened by US influences

How companies handle transgender employees — and their colleagues
Josie Lynne Paul felt hopeful, and terrified, as she walked into an all-staff meeting to tell her co-workers what she'd known for years: that she was a transgender woman. And that she was ready to live as a woman full time.

Religious right targets St. Paul charter school over transgender inclusive policies
Minnesota’s religious right has set its sights on a small public charter school in St. Paul that is working to create a welcoming environment for a gender nonconforming student. Nova Classical Academy, charted by the Friends of Education which sponsors a dozen or so charter schools, enrolled a gender nonconforming student in fall 2015 and made efforts to welcome the student. Those efforts are now under attack by the Minnesota Child Protection League, the Minnesota Family Council, and AM 980 radio host Paul Ridgeway.
Transgender policy sparks heated debate at St. Paul charter school
St. Paul charter school, some parents at odds over 5-year-old boy who is transgender

Dozens protest NSAA transgender policy
Several people gathered outside the capitol Friday protesting the Nebraska School Activities Association's proposal for transgender athletes. It states that a student must have a years worth of hormone treatments before being eligible to play on a different gender team.
Athletic participation based on birth gender gets support in state's west

Transgender policy coming to Cherry Hill
The school district here is poised to adopt a policy for transgender students that's likely to affect the use of bathrooms and locker rooms, among other issues.

In the US, a recipe for inclusiveness and acceptance
The American transgender woman using family recipes to fight against prejudice and for equal rights.

Lawmakers reluctant to add LGBT to Ohio's hate-crime law
Three men repeatedly kicked and yelled gay slurs at David Conley as he lay helplessly on the ground thinking, 'I am going to die.'His shirt ripped and his head bleeding, Conley managed to run to a nearby gas station and dial 911....

South Dakota Bathroom Bill Could Impact Transgender Rights
Transgender rights are set to be a hot topic again at South Dakota's legislative session this year. House Bill 1008 is proposing students can only go into restrooms and locker rooms in public schools that match their biological sex. Sponsors say this is a response to a policy regarding transgender student athletes. Opponents to the bill fear this will create more obstacles.

Va. bill seeks to limit gender changes on birth certificates
A Virginia lawmaker has introduced a bill that critics contend would make it all but impossible for transgender people to change the gender on their birth certificates.

Va. bill would block local anti-LGBT discrimination ordinances
A Virginia lawmaker has introduced a bill that would prevent municipalities from enacting measures against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

State’s rules for transgender restroom access set off debate
A new state regulation guaranteeing transgender people access to restrooms and locker rooms according to their identity prompts an uproar. It is seen as either a civil rights landmark or political correctness run amok.

This transgender officer's soldiers still have to call her 'sir'
Capt. Jennifer Peace is a tall, thin woman in a crisp uniform, with minimal makeup and shiny brown hair. But when soldiers call her ma’am, she has orders to correct them.

Moses Lake reacts to new restroom/locker room rule
Community chimes in via Facebook

Charles Town Council to discuss gender identity ordinance
The City of Charles Town is next on the list of towns within West Virginia to discuss a possible adoption of a new anti-discrimination ordinance. The ordinance, according to documents on the town's website, is the same that has recently been adopted by Martinsburg and Harpers Ferry that provides equal opportunity in the areas of employment and public accommodations for all without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, blindness, handicap or sexual orientation and gender identity.

Asesinan a golpes en Jalisco a integrante de la comunidad lésbico-gay de Nayarit
A la víctima la apodaban "Paloma" y habría ganado el año pasado el título de Miss Gay

Ministerio de Salud ordena detener cirugías a recién nacidos intersexuales
Una circular ordena detener las "cirugías de genitales irreversibles hasta que tengan edad suficiente para decidir sobre sus cuerpos".

Sex, surgery and HIV: Living in the shadows, the secret struggle of Peru's transwomen who sell their bodies... and may be dead by 35
Photographer Danielle Villasana documented the lives of a community of transgender women in downtown Lima
The shocking yet intimate series gives an insight into the lives of the women, who have a life expectancy of just 35
Drugs, murder and violence is rife in the community, with 213 transgender people murdered in Latin America in 2014
They are also so shunned from society that they are given no access to healthcare, education or work opportunities

Trans activist Laura Moyano attacked at home
La Plata Trans activist Laura Elena Moyano was brutally beaten Dec 23rd in her apartment by two men. She suffered multiple cuts, her face was disfigured and she was a stabbed in the lung. Laura was admitted to the San Martin hospital in critical condition.

Trial for the murder of beloved trans activist Diana Sacayán to proceed
The Constitutional Court agreed with the judge Gustavo Pierreti, who said Gabriel David Marino and Félix Alberto Ruiz Diaz committed homicide aggravated by gender violence. However, the court dismissed the theft charges.

Rosario impulsa cupo laboral trans en el estado y el sector privado
El subsecretario de Políticas de Diversidad Sexual adelantó que interesarán a empresas para incluir a personas trans (unas 600 en la provincia) en los empleos registrados. Es la población más vulnerable por discriminaciones múltiples.

El aguante
Estar enferma, tener miedo de estarlo, sentirse mal y entrar a un hospital donde te tratan como “enferma” pero en el otro sentido, según un parámetro de odio y de ignorancia, viene siendo una realidad muy denunciada por la comunidad trans. Ante este panorama, una de las respuestas altamente efectivas es la del equipo Transvivir en el Hospital Muñiz. Un grupo de transexuales, algunas ex pacientes y activistas, se ocupan de recibir, auxiliar a las compañeras que llegan al hospital y de educar al personal. No es la única vía de acción frente a este tema pero es un modelo a seguir. Transvivir recibe donaciones y voluntarixs a través de Facebook (TRANS-VIVIR).