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quinta-feira, janeiro 14, 2016

Biografia de Patrícia Ribeiro entra na 2ª edição também no Brasil
Nascida em Lisboa, Patrícia Ribeiro é a primeira cantora transexual portuguesa e relata toda sua experiência e vivência numa biografia. O livro intitulado “Ontem Homem, Hoje Mulher”, traz mais de cem páginas da história de luta, desafios, preconceito e muita determinação de uma mulher que habitava no corpo de um homem.

Killings of human rights defenders rise, Latin America fares worst: report
Latin America is the deadliest region for human rights activists with scores killed defending land rights, the environment and the rights of LGBTI and indigenous people, a campaign group said on Wednesday.

Brutal agresión a una mujer transexual en Lavapiés al grito de “tú eres un maricón”
Brutal agresión a una mujer transexual, ocurrida esta vez en el madrileño barrio de Lavapiés. Ocurrió, según ha informado el colectivo Arcópoli, a las 00:30 horas del domingo 10 de enero, cuando la mujer, a la salida de un bar, atendió a unos chicos que le pidieron tabaco. Al abrir el bolso, los agresores comenzaron a golpearla al grito de “tú eres un maricón”.
Trans woman brutally attacked in Spain amid shouts of “faggot”

Plymouth transgender sex offender jailed after coming into contact with child
A transgender convicted sex offender who lived at a home where a child was staying in breach of a court order has been sentenced to 20 months in prison.

Do we need more than two genders?
A growing number of people refuse to be put into male or female categories, either because they do not identify as male or female, or because they are going through transition to the opposite gender.

Qatar bans “The Danish Girl” after complaints of “depravity”
Qatar has banned screenings of The Danish Girl, following complaints about its “moral depravity.”

Ohana hopes to make violence against transgender people a hate crime
The bill would add to the criminal code on hate crimes that says crimes motivated by racism or sexual preferences carry double the sentence of the same crime with a different motive.

Govt agrees to remove 'eunuch' from Police Act
The government on Tuesday told the high court that it will remove the word `eunuch' from section 36A of the Karnataka Police Act, and sought six months' time to make the amendment.

[New Zealand]
Glbti lives: Allyson Hamblett
Transgender rights advocate Allyson Hamblett is the next in line for our summer series profiling our great LGBTI community leaders and change-makers around the country.

Transgender Manitobans can have sex designation changed on marriage registrations
Applicants born outside province will receive change of sex designation certificate, province says

Manitoba Human Rights Commission to hear transgender girl's case in July
Family of Isabella Burgos, 9, say they plan to attend hearing in Winnipeg

David Bowie's Mind-Blowing Queer Legacy
By 1976, a year after “Fame” topped the charts in the United States, David Bowie was becoming, well, famous. No longer well known just in the United Kingdom, where he’d already had hits in “Spaceman” and the Ziggy Stardust-era “Starman,” Bowie was becoming a global phenomenon. So he up and…moved to Berlin? The reason why is at the center of not only Bowie’s identity as an artist but his influence on culture in general.
Bowie an enduring role model to young trans people

“In another time, he would have been honored. Instead he was murdered,” begins a PBS documentary called Two Sprits. The film looks at the Navajo belief of nadleehi, the interrelationship between masculine and feminine within each individual person, and mourns the death of Fred Martinez, a male-bodied person with a female nature to him.

Coming Out in the Classroom
A decade ago, the movie ‘Hineini’ opened a discussion about LGBT issues in Jewish schools. Now educators say the situation has improved—although challenges remain.

Trans People Do Not Endanger Society the Way Society Endangers Trans People
Rush McKenzie lives in what seems like endless summer, just blocks away from the beach in Santa Barbara, California. His three-story apartment complex—with a stone courtyard and palm trees in every direction—is one of the few Section 8 complexes for low-income workers in a city that’s known to be prohibitively expensive. Many of the residents couldn’t move, even if they wanted to. But where his neighbors might joke that they’re trapped in paradise, McKenzie feels trapped in purgatory—harassed by his neighbors, he says, for being trans. He feels the legal system has sided with his harassers.

Beyond He Said-She Said: Transgender Rights Under Title IX
In an effort to be more inclusive, Harvard University now asks incoming freshmen to check off their pronoun of choice during the initial course registration process: he, she, ze, e or they. Harvard is one of a growing number of colleges and universities nationwide that asks incoming students to choose their preferred pronoun. Requesting this information is just one way in which schools are addressing issues of transgender rights. Institutions of higher education as well as secondary schools are grappling with gender identity in light of their legal obligations under Title IX, specifically with regard to the rights of transgender and gender-fluid students to utilize single-sex facilities (such as a locker room or restroom).

Cruz on Obama’s transgender agenda: Forcing girls to shower with boys is ‘just nuts’
Texas senator Ted Cruz is doubling down on his criticisms of President Obama for suing schools that don't let boys use the same showers as girls.

Ben Carson: 'Abnormal' LGBT People Shouldn't Get 'Extra Rights'
In a rambling interview with a Catholic news network over the weekend, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson derided marriage equality and protections for transgender people as “extra rights” for “a few people who perhaps are abnormal,” warning that if the next president’s Supreme Court nominees protect LGBT rights, you can “say goodbye to America.”
Ben Carson: 'Abnormal' Trans People Don't Deserve 'Extra Rights'

Pat Robertson: LGBTI teens are ‘too young to know’ what they’re talking about
Anti-gay televangelist offers his unhelpful advice to a lesbian teen’s mom seeking help, and hits out at trans teens

Her Story web series debuts
An online series aiming to show the dating lives of transgender and queer women recently launched.

SF supervisor plans to propose gender-neutral bathroom law
Single-occupant restrooms in San Francisco businesses and city buildings will be required to be gender-neutral if a new proposed ordinance becomes law.

Shari Zabel is trans. She's also a lot of other things, including politically ambitious
Shari Zabel is seated along the back wall of a Starbucks, quietly sipping coffee.

D.C. police add ‘Bisexual and Transgender’ to name of liaison unit
The D.C. police Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit is changing its name to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Liaison Unit.

Florida Realtors lends support to anti-discrimination Florida Competitive Workforce Act
Florida Realtors have become the latest group to join the effort to modernize state law by including anti-discrimination protection based on sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Florida Experts Debunk The Transgender "Bathroom Predator" Myth
Opponents of Jacksonville's LGBT-inclusive Equal Rights Ordinance warn that non-discrimination protections threaten women's safety in public restrooms. But experts -- including law enforcement officials, government employees, and advocates for sexual assault victims -- from 10 different Florida cities and counties with similar non-discrimination ordinances debunk the "bathroom predator" myth, citing empirical evidence and experience working with sexual assault victims.

Pence Backing Religious Freedom in LGBT Rights Debate
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said Tuesday he would prioritize religious freedom in the debate over civil rights protections for gay and transgender people, showing no retreat from his stance during last spring's national uproar over the state's religious objections law.
Indiana Governor Stuns With Stance On Debate Over LGBT Rights
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence fails to support LGBT nondiscrimination protections

Groups ratchet up push for transgender bill
Gov. Charlie Baker and some lawmakers are refusing to budge on a bill that would give transgender people access to public restrooms and locker rooms based on their sexual identity rather than their physical gender, despite increased pressure from activists.

Gender inclusive housing could soon be a reality
Staff members in the Housing Operations and Residential Life departments have begun discussing the possibility of gender inclusive housing at the University.

Read why judge dismissed Planet Fitness transgender lawsuit
An attorney representing a Midland County woman said he disagrees with Midland County Circuit Judge Michael J. Beale's decision to dismiss a lawsuit she filed against Planet Fitness for its transgender-friendly locker room policy.
Lawsuit dismissed against Planet Fitness for transgender-friendly locker room policy
Planet Freakness! Woman sounds alarm on man in shower, she gets boot

Transgender Policy Discussion Draws Hundreds at St. Paul Charter School
They say their son wore pink shoes and wanted to put on a jumper for gym class. It's sparked a gender debate inside one St. Paul charter school, and Tuesday night, parents packed a meeting to discuss their concerns.
At Minnesota Family Council meeting on gender policy, a silent protest
Gender policy under protest at St. Paul charter

Transgender Wake County students call for policy changes
A transgender Wake County student is looking for a policy change that he says respects who he is, and more than 500 people are already on board.

ACLU warns of lawsuits over proposed 'cumbersome and costly' transgender policy
The ACLU of Nebraska warned Tuesday that lawsuits would be likely if the state’s high school sports association adopts a proposed policy on participation of transgender students.

Transgender student policy issue has schools weighing multiple factors
Administrators across much of the state are carefully reviewing three options regarding transgender student-athletes prior to this week’s Nebraska School Activities Association district meetings.

BPS: Athletes should play based on sex at birth
The Beatrice Public Schools Board of Education made a unanimous decision on Monday in how the district will vote on Wednesday in a state-wide issue regarding transgender students’ participation in high school sports.

Cherry Hill BOE to adopt new transgender policy
The Cherry Hill Public Schools Board of Education expects to adopt a new policy next month to address the needs of transgender students, according to a statement released on the district's website Friday.

Proposed Policy Would Expand Rights For Transgender Students In Toms River Schools
It’s becoming increasingly rare for public schools to refuse a child the right to dress and be identified as the gender they choose, but what about in the bathroom and locker room?
Proposed transgender policy raises concerns in Toms River

Lancaster School Board taking time with transgender policy
The Lancaster School Board will hold off on implementing a new policy for transgender students.

Transgender policy approved by board
The Clarence Board of Education adopted a new policy to increase protections for transgender students on Monday night at Harris Hill Elementary School.

Student at All Girls' School Identifies as Transgender
A prominent local school for girls’ is now faced with having to make adjustments because a student identifies as transgender. As of now, they don't have a policy but they do have a task force, which was formed in October.

Texas issuing new birth certificates for trans people
Last week, Texas began giving trans people the option of sealing their old birth certificates and issuing new ones, according to Dallas attorney Katie Sprinkle.

Creepy Virginia Toilet Proposal Could Require Genital Inspections, Critics Fear
Transgender people would face a $50 fine for using "wrong" bathroom.

Va. lawmaker reintroduces bill to ban conversion therapy
A Virginia lawmaker has reintroduced a bill that would ban so-called conversion therapy to minors in the commonwealth.

Lewis County Commissioners Against New State Rule on Transgender People’s Use of Public Restrooms
SCHOOLS: Centralia School District Awaiting Legal Guidance Prior to Any Policy Changes
Seattle Times Reporter Echoes Bogus Attack On Transgender Bathroom Access

Unified proposes new transgender policies
The Racine Unified School District Tuesday unveiled a new policy for transgender and gender-nonconforming students and their use of school bathrooms and locker rooms.
Racine Unified Unveils New Proposed Policy for Transgender Students

[America Central y del Sur]
Agresiones de Fuerza Pública a transexuales en Colombia están en la impunidad, advierte CIDH
La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos reveló el informe Violencia en personas lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, trans e intersex (LGBTI) en América.

Paloma Dove Miss Gay Nayarit 2015 dies after brutal beating
Transwoman Paloma Dove, winner of the 2015 Nayarit Miss Gay beauty contest, was murdered last Thursday after being brutally beaten by a group of unidentified men, in the town of Etzatlán, state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Somos iguales a vos
“Somos iguales a vos”, es el lema de la campaña que la Red Odetrans ha impulsado en medios de comunicación, tradicionales y digitales, así como universidades con el objetivo de visibilizar las diferentes facetas de las mujeres trans en Nicaragua.

Double Trans homicide in Pernanbuco, Brazil
The victims were identified as the transwoman P.R. da Silva, known in the city as Chica da Silva, 24 or 25, and the José Alisson de Araldo (or Araújo) Dourado, 16 or 17. On her Facebook profile, Chica used the name “Paola Bratho”.

Capturada banda de homosexuales que robaban y sometían a clientes
El comandante del Destacamento de Seguridad Urbana 710, mayor Jerry Camacaro Salazar, informó que en total aprehendieron a seis sujetos: cuatro integrantes de "los quiaros" y otros dos que se dedicaban a robar en las casas.

Diva nightclub owner caught on video beating Trans patrons
What should have been a party became a nightmare of two trans women celebrating the new year at Diva Nightclub What actually transpired prior to the assault isn’t clear. There are a number of accounts so it would be easy to dismiss as a drunken bar fight, but it was much more than that.