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segunda-feira, janeiro 18, 2016

Travesti é morta e outra é ferida a facadas em Capão da Canoa
A polícia investiga se há relação entre os casos
Uma travesti foi morta a facadas, na madrugada deste domingo (17), e outra ficou gravemente ferida em dois crimes diferentes no centro de Capão da Canoa.

My 5-year school hell as a boy trapped in a girl's body: Transgender pupil was forced to wear a skirt and banned from PE lessons when probed by police over false sex attack claims
Jamie Bennett, now 18, first felt he was in the wrong body at the age of six
And after years of emotional turmoil he built up the courage to ‘come out’
He was shunned from girls’ changing rooms and forced into isolation
He is one of the 91% of trans boys who experience harassment at school

Parliament Report demands Trans Equality from Cameron
Transgender Europe (TGEU) welcomes the clear call for trans equality from the UK House of Commons Women and Equality Committee [1]. The Committee has published a comprehensive report on Trans Equality, which calls on the Government to draw up a new strategy for Transgender Equality [2], and to update the Gender Recognition Act, so that it no longer pathologises trans identities [3].

Ireland leads the way on transgender rights legislation
A report from MPs on Thursday said the UK had a long way to go before transgender people achieve equality.

North African men suspected of stoning transgender women in German city
Three young men from North Africa sought to stone two transgender women in the western German city of Dortmund on Sunday.
Mulheres trans apedrejadas em Dortmund

Ukrainian Catholic patriarch: Gender ideology threatens a ‘new enslavement’ of our people
The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has condemned the “gender ideology” behind anti-discriminatory amendments to the country’s labour code, arguing that any further recognition of homosexuality would lead to the destruction of the family.

Lebanese judge rules trans man can legally change gender
A Lebanese judge has ruled that a transgender man can legally change his gender in the country’s civil registry.
Lebanon becomes first of the Arab Levant to legalize gender maker changes

Filme "The Danish Girl" proibido após queixas de "depravação"
O Qatar proibiu a exibição de “The Danish Girl”, na sequência de queixas sobre a sua "depravação moral".

Beauty pageant for transgender women gets more support from public
Organised for transgender women, contest helps boost participants' self-esteem and offers link-ups with NGOs

Members of LGBTQ community deride Bishop Henry's "fanatical" stance on gender guidelines in schools
Roman Catholic Bishop Fred Henry should apologize for his “fanatical” condemnation of provincial policy favouring transgender student rights, an educator who works with LGBTQ youths said Friday.
Mother of an Edmonton transgender girl says comments made by Calgary Catholic bishop are “unfounded, unnecessary and hurtful”
‘Totalitarian’: Alberta gvmt forces schools – including Catholic – to accept students’ ‘gender identity’

Transgender studies chair at UVic will be world's first
Position was made possible by large donation from U.S. foundation
University of Victoria announces world's first chair in transgender studies

Bob Dold of Illinois Is First Republican Cosponsor of Equality Act
But the bill is 'not perfect in its current form,' says Dold, who implies he may want broader religious exemptions.

Study: transgender vets more likely to have HIV, depression, poor health
A homosexual advocate research team now admits that transgenders who have served in the U.S. military have a disproportionately high percentage of physical and psychological diseases.

Strange Fruit: How Do Doctors Treat Transgender Kids?
We’re lucky enough to live in a time when more and more parents of transgender kids are accepting, loving and trying to help their children be their authentic selves.

Psychic Landlord Refused To Rent To LGBT Family, Didn't See Lawsuit Coming
A faith-healing psychic in Colorado refused to rent to an LGBT family, allegedly foretelling that their "uniqueness" would disrupt the neighborhood. Her "psychic friend" also advised her to refuse them. Neither saw a lawsuit coming.

California Transgender Inmate Ends Lawsuit Against Prison, Awaits State-Funded Surgery
A transgender California inmate is dropping her lawsuit against prison officials while they decide if she will be provided with state-funded sex-reassignment surgery.

Support for LGBT-protection bill grows among Legislature’s GOP members
A measure that would prohibit employment, retail and other discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity has picked up a second Republican sponsor in the Florida Senate: Travis Hutson of St. Augustine.

Dangerous sex offenders could qualify for taxpayer-paid gender-identity and hormone therapy treatment
Florida taxpayers could soon be covering the cost of hormone therapy and gender-identity treatments for dangerous sex offenders in the care of Department of Children and Families, according to documents filed in a federal lawsuit filed in Fort Myers.

Court allows transgender mechanic’s bias claims to proceed
The federal appeals court in Atlanta has allowed a transgender woman’s discrimination claims to proceed to trial against an Austell car company.
Transgender woman’s lawsuit against Georgia auto dealer goes to trial

This trans couple are teaching their children about gender in the sweetest way
'Sometimes men have babies, and sometimes mommies can’t have babies’, explains father who gave birth to his sons

Dist. 200 parents unhappy with transgender student accommodations
A small group of parents and a DuPage legislator are unhappy they weren't told about a transgender student at a Wheaton Warrenville Unit District 200 school who has been granted access to a locker room designated for the opposite sex -- even though district officials say the access was granted in accordance with federal law.
Transgender student gains locker room access at Fremd High School

Alting: State not ready for transgender debate
Sen. Ron Alting said state legislators, general public might not be ready for it.

Kansas anti-discrimination bill seeks to protect to LGBT citizens
Kansas legislation that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s anti-discrimination statute is drawing opposition, with critics worried the measure could lead to more lawsuits.

Website Launched to Help Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Missourians
PROMO has launched, a website created not only to help transgender Missourians with policy and updated laws happening across the state but to also educate the public on issues transgender, gender non-conforming and gender non-binary Missourians face daily.

Mississippi man indicted in transgender teen's bludgeoning death with hammer
A documented member of the Latin Kings street gang used a hammer to beat to death a transgender teen who once considered him a boyfriend, officials say.

Nebraska School Activities Association Passes Dangerous Policy for Transgender Student Athletes
The Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) has adopted a new policy forcing transgender student athletes to petition for approval from the NSAA before participating in a gendered sport.
No One Is Happy With Nebraska's Transphobic Student Policy
Gender Identity Policy Adopted for Nebraska School Sports Despite Bishops’ Objections

Policy aims to help transgender students at PHS
School Board, committee working on issue

South Jersey School District Ready To Adopt Policy For Transgender Students
The Cherry Hill School District is ready to adopt a policy accommodating transgender students when it comes to using bathrooms and locker rooms.

Advocates: "Bathroom bill" could cause problems for transgender people in Oklahoma
A proposal in the state legislature would make it illegal to use a bathroom of any gender other than the one listed on a person's birth certificate.

End of January will see 111 gender-neutral restrooms at the University of Oregon
Visitors to the University of Oregon campus might be in for a surprise when they feel the need to find a restroom. In addition to ­traditional male and female ­restrooms, up to 111 restrooms around campus either feature or soon will feature a placard stating “Gender-Inclusive Restrooms.”

Arlington police officer is first transgender officer in department history
A veteran Arlington police officer who joined the force nearly two decades ago as a man is mid-transition to become a woman.

Amend this!
Texas moves into the 21st century when it comes to amending birth certificates

Lawmaker: Limit restroom access
A state lawmaker has filed a bill that would make it unlawful for schoolchildren and others to use public bathroom facilities that do not correspond with their "anatomical sex" and calls for fines against those who knowingly break the law, a move aimed at dealing with where transgender students can go to the bathroom in public schools.

Republicans Battle to Roll Back Washington’s New Transgender Bathroom Rules
Pressure is mounting at the state capitol for lawmakers to undo a divisive new rule that allows transgender individuals to use bathrooms, locker rooms, and other gender-segregated facilities of the sex the individuals identify as being.

West Virginia transgender youth minister charged with sexual abuse of child
A West Virginia transgender woman who served as a youth minister in several churches was arrested Tuesday and charged with sexually abusing a young girl for years.
Local youth minister charged with sexual abuse of a juvenile
Former Bluefield youth minister faces sexual abuse charges

Capacitan a juzgadores para garantizar la no discriminación en casos de identidad de género
Para garantizar una impartición de justicia con perspectiva de género y no discriminación, la Secretaría de las Mujeres inició el Diplomado “Protocolo de Actuación para la Impartición de Justicia en Casos sobre la Orientación Sexual o Identidad de Género”.

Estiman en NL 900 casos de menores transgénero
A decir de especialistas en el tema, hoy en día no existe una teoría comprobada que indique cuáles son las causas que provocan este comportamiento; tampoco hay estadísticas oficiales de los casos en México.

Piden destitución de Antonio Medina del PRD por transfóbico
Ante las declaraciones que supuestamente realizo hace unas semanas, José Antonio Medina, actual secretario de la diversidad del PRD Nacional, en donde cataloga que las personas transexuales solo sirven para ser peluqueras y prostitutas, en varios comunicados emitidos por diversas asociaciones que representan a la población LGBTTTI, lo desconocen plenamente y aseguran que es momento de que él mismo renuncie al cargo porque ni siquiera es un digno representante para que en su voz se den a conocer los logros y desventajas de esta población.

[Dominican Republic]
Former policeman files deception charges against trans sex worker
Former Dominican Republic police officer Anibal Guzman Martinez says he was robbed of thousands of pesos by a trans woman who he now says was a gay man in a local brothel.

Tamara Adrián a Elías Jaua: Eres un pobre espécimen homofóbico
Tamara Adrián, diputada a la Asamblea Nacional por la Mesa de la Unidad Democrática, indicó que Elías Jaua, parlamentario perteneciente a la bancada del PSUV, “cayó al nivel de un insecto” luego de que calificara a la opositora Adriana D'Elia de lesbiana.
Tamara Adrián para los pies a la LGTBfobia en la Asamblea Nacional venezolana

Presentan en sociedad a Reina Central del Tercer Reinado Nacional Gay
En sociedad fue presentada la Reina Central del Tercer Reinado Nacional Gay de las Fiestas del 20 de Enero o Dulce Nombre de Jesús, de la ciudad de Sincelejo.

Presidente Rafael Correa da veto parcial a Ley de Identidad
El presidente Rafael Correa objetó más del 50 % del proyecto de Ley de Gestión de la Identidad y Datos Civiles, que la Asamblea aprobó en diciembre pasado con 77 votos (de 137).
Ejecutivo remitió objeción parcial al proyecto de Ley de Gestión de la Identidad
Ley de Identidad revela criterios opuestos en Alianza PAIS