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segunda-feira, janeiro 25, 2016

Quase 300 pessoas mudaram de sexo no registo civil
É conhecida por “Lei da Identidade de Género”. Desde que entrou em vigor, em 2011, permitiu que 287 pessoas transexuais alterassem os seus documentos, nome e sexo. Em 2015 registou-se um pico: 70 processos com luz verde. Associação Acção Pela Identidade aponta falhas e pede mudanças.

Mais um transsexual assassinado em Rio Verde GO
Um travesti que se prostituía na Avenida Pauzanes de Carvalho, em Rio Verde-Go, foi vítima de homicídio praticado por vários indivíduos não identificados. O crime ocorreu na noite de sábado, 23, no Setor Pauzanes.
Segundo a Policia Militar, Adenilson Cardoso de Menezes, conhecido como Bruna Souza, de 23 anos, estava se prostituindo momento em que foi abordado por vários jovens que o levaram para um local escuro onde ele foi atingido por vários golpes de faca.

Rio Olympics could see more transgender athletes compete under reported new policy
For the first time in Olympic history, this summer’s Rio Games could see transgender athletes compete without having to undergo gender re-assignment surgery.

Maria Miller: ‘Feminists’ overwhelmingly hostile towards trans report
The former Culture secretary says she was shocked by backlash from some women following the ground breaking report.
Maria Miller says only hostility to transgender report came from women 'purporting to be feminists'

Jeremy Clarkson claims trans children have ‘minds poisoned by lunatic parents’
The former BBC presenter has lashed out at the trans community, including the parents of trans children and trans prisoners.

Egyptian Newspaper Sout Alomma outs trans woman
January 18th, 2016, the Egyptian newspaper horrified us by publishing Facebook photos and details about Egyptian trans woman. For the cisgender ‘journalist’ who wrote this, it was just another day at the office as she befriended then betrayed the trust of the victims by exposing these woman in print to Egyptian society.

Call for Queensland prisoners to have access to sex-change therapy
A Brisbane doctor has called for transgender prisoners to be able to start gender reassignment treatment while incarcerated.

Australian of the Year 2016 finalist Catherine McGregor to leave military to shine light on transgender issues
The spectacle of gruff men in suits hugging a fellow commuter in an airport lounge might raise the odd eyebrow.
Catherine McGregor says Australian of the Year nomination raises 'trans visibility'

Miss Transsexual Australia 2016 offers SRS as grand prize
You might recall the stir when Miss Transgender UK 2015 announced the Grand Prize, SRS, naming it in honor of Leelah Alcorn. Besides the controversial naming, many were upset since it wasn’t made clear at first if the winner had options other than accepting SRS.

Group protests closure of youth gender identity clinic at CAMH, director’s removal
A group of international clinicians and researchers has sent a letter to Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health protesting the recent closure of its youth gender identity clinic and the apparent dismissal of its long-time director.

Tulsa woman recovering from stabbing at Chandler Park
A Tulsa woman said she was stabbed seven times and shot at while at Chandler Park Thursday night.
The victim did not want to be identified because her attacker was not caught. Close friends of the woman told FOX23 she is still recovering this weekend.

Gloucester transgender lawsuit: Appeals court hearing Wednesday
Gavin Grimm has changed in the past year. The 16-year-old transgender Gloucester High School student – born a female – has been living his life as a boy, and says he is enjoying life as never before.

Transgender bathroom rule likely to affect schools (with video)
Individuals allowed to use public restrooms of gender with whom they identify
Some school officials concerned about student privacy, safety and comfort
Transgender advocates say bathroom access affects learning, social acceptance

Meet the First Trans Legislator Elected to the Venezuelan National Assembly
Her historic swearing-in makes Tamara Adrián only the second transgender person to be elected national legislator in the Americas.