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segunda-feira, fevereiro 01, 2016

Travesti é baleada na cabeça durante o Corso do Zé Pereira de Teresina
Segundo a Polícia Militar, vítima teria se desentendido com uma outra pessoa.
Amigos da travesti relataram que ela brincava com arma, quando disparou.

Pai é preso após atirar em travestis suspeitos de roubarem celular do filho
Crime aconteceu em uma avenida de Rio Preto (SP).
Filho, um adolescente de 16 anos, também foi apreendido pela polícia.

Caminhada Pela Paz , em São Paulo, exige dignidade e respeito para a população trans
Um dia, teve uma primeira passeata LGBT, em São Paulo, que não juntou tantas pessoas. No ano seguinte, o número aumentou e seguiu aumentando ano a ano até o evento (em maio ele chega à 20ª edição ) se tornar um dos maiores do gênero em todo o mundo. Os organizadores da 1ª Caminhada pela Paz , com o tema "Sou Trans , Quero Dignidade e Respeito" apostam que vá acontecer o mesmo com este evento, que reuniu, segundo eles, mais de 500 pessoas em passeata da Avenida Paulista até a Câmara Municipal, no centro de São Paulo, neste sábado (30).

Llamadme Paul
Paul B. Preciado, transexual y feminista, es uno de los abanderados del debate sobre la identidad de género, como embajador de la Queer Nation. Le entrevistamos en un momento en el que la transexualidad es más visible que nunca gracias, en parte, a Hollywood y las series de televisión estadounidenses.

Transgender baptisms offered in UK for first time after church leader inspired by brave little girl
Jean Clements, head of the New Chapel Unitarian and Free Christian, came up with the idea after meeting a couple who had a transgender child.

Objective reality crumbling on trans issues, columnist warns
Belief in a binary distinction between male and female is “now being categorised as a form of bigotry”, a columnist has warned.

What it's like to be Transgender and Catholic
Tara Hewitt, NHS equality and diversity advisor, doesn't believe in abortion or IVF but says it doesn't affect her job

How should we be defining gender identity in 2016?
It is best to ask which term an individual prefers'

Stonewall Defends Children's Gender Survey Following Christian Institute's Condemnation
An LGBT charity has defended a survey sent to schoolchildren asking them to describe their gender.

A bus driver working on the Kadikoy-Uskudar line in Istanbul tried to force a trans male, whose gender identity is recorded as female on his public transportation card, to get off the bus.

I am treated like an untouchable: Transgender teacher
When Pankaj Sarkar went for a sex realignment surgery in 2014, the last thing he had imagined for himself was the untouchable tag. In a cruel twist of fate, Pankaj - who has been christened as Riya - claims to be living in hell. A teacher of history in Dum Dum Prachaya Bani Mandir For Boys', Riya alleged that she has been at the receiving end of what she called 'terrible alienation' from some teachers of this government sponsored school. Extremely disturbed with the way she has been treated as 'cattle class', Riya reached out to vice chairperson of the West Bengal Transgender Development Board Manabi Bandopadhyay - to share her humiliation.

هل تونس على المسار إلى إضفاء الشرعية على الأقليات الجنسية ؟ (LGBT in Tunisia)
Is Tunisia on the path to respect human rights and upholding the value of personal freedoms? We can only hope so now that Germany has declared the country safe joining other European countries which have stopped taking asylum seekers.

Las minorías sexuales de Uganda luchan contra la persecución y reivindican el legado de Kato
Cinco años después del asesinato del activista, el país continúa profundamente dividido por la cuestión de los derechos de los homosexuales
Las próximas elecciones presidenciales vuelven a poner sobre la mesa el tema de la polémica ley que permite condenar a los homosexuales a cadena perpetua o a la pena capital

Trans beauty pageant criticized for offering gender reassignment surgery
The Miss Gay and Ms. Transsexual Australia 2016 offers gender reassignment surgery as their grand prize, and they’re taking a lot of heat from people who think they’re trivializing a major surgery.

Alleged exchange with gender identity doctor didn’t happen, CAMH says
After the controversial closing of its world-famous gender identity clinic, and the dismissal of Dr. Ken Zucker, its internationally renowned director, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has acknowledged to The Globe and Mail that a damaging account of an alleged exchange between a patient and Dr. Zucker was false.

Why Do So Many Laws Protect Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People, but Not Transgender People?
Indiana recently passed a state bill that would allow gay, lesbian, and bisexual people civil rights protections against discrimination, but transgender people were left out of the bill's protection entirely. This means that while gay, lesbian, and bisexual people will receive protection from being fired, denied service, or facing eviction because of who they are, transgender people are basically on their own in that department, and it's not the first time we're seeing that distinction being made.

How the Internet black market profits off trans discrimination
By age 32, Teagan Beal had become convinced of two opposing facts: She needed a prescription for gender reassignment hormones, and there was no doctor whom she could ask.

Genital Surgery Must Be Provided To Trans Woman Through Medicare Program
Charlene Lauderdale was denied coverage for the procedures by her private insurance firm, which is funded through Medicare. But for the first time this month, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services panel found that the insurance provider must cover the procedures.

FAA will no longer put 'disorder' label on transgender pilots
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is no longer labeling transgender pilots as victims of a "gender identify disorder."

The ‘Utah Compromise’ Is A Dangerous LGBT Trojan Horse
Last year, Utah was the only state that advanced statewide nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people, leaving behind 28 states that still offer no such protections. Utah’s legislation, however, included some rather unprecedented “religious liberty” carveouts, which many conservatives have since suggested should serve as a model for other states, particularly those wrestling against the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling.

Stephen Gonzales convicted for murdering trans woman Melony Smith
Stephen Gonzales was convicted today in Pomona Superior Courthouse of murder in the first degree for the strangulation and bludgeoning death of transgender woman Melony Smith.
Killer of transgender woman faces 25-to-life in Baldwin Park case

California lawmaker seeks ‘all-gender’ restrooms in public
Bill would eliminate separate single-occupancy restrooms for men and women
New legislation to expand restroom access in California

Curry: No change to HRO needed
Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry says he does not believe the city needs to pass a new Human Rights Ordinance in order to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered residents from discrimination after announcing he was banning all forms of employment discrimination in the city.
Amid heated debate over LGBT issue, Mayor Curry says law does not need to be changed
Curry Prohibits 'All Forms' Of Employment Discrimination; Opposes HRO Bills

Indy Senate moves Gay rights bill forward as LGBT community protests T exclusion Outside
As we reported earlier, a few Indiana (mainly republican) lawmakers are pushing forward SB344 a political expedent bill which excludes transgender rights.

'My name is Matt': Transgender student asks school system to use his preferred name
"I wasn't going to live being so uncomfortable," he said.

West Windsor-Plainsboro schools considers transgender student policy
Following a recent policy enacted by nearby Princeton schools, the West Windsor-Plainsboro School District is considering a proposal to make their schools more welcoming to transgender students.

Transgender adolescents, brother and sister, seek their true selves
Ten-year-old Nyr Medina-Castrejon admired herself in the mirror as she twirled around the bedroom in a pretty purple dress.

South Dakota Lawmakers Weigh In On Transgender Bathroom Bill
Transgender students, same-sex marriages and religious beliefs have been hot topics in Pierre this legislative session.
Transgender bills receive backlash

First Trans Murder of 2016 - RIP Monica Loera
I'm sad to report thanks to a tip by Gina Morvay and the Austin Chronicle that the first trans murder of 2016 has happened in the Lone Star State in Austin.
The reason we in Texas and Austin didn't know about it until a week after it happened is because once again, the trans victim was misgendered by the police and subsequently the local media.

Police make arrest in North Austin homicide
Police charge man with murder after North Austin shooting last week
Remembering Monica Loera
Police under fire for referring to transgender murder victim as a ‘man’
Texas Trans Woman Murdered In Her Home

Sports in transition
Proposed rule on determining gender could spell trouble for trans athletes and UIL; Olympics adopts progressive policy

Virginia Senate passes pair of nondiscrimination bills
Fair housing and public employment measures earn bipartisan support in uphill battle
Nondiscrimination bills clear State Senate

Lawmakers in Liberal State Move a Step Closer to Repeal of Transgender Bathroom Rule
A bill to repeal a rule allowing transgender individuals in Washington state to use public bathrooms based on their gender identity has cleared a state Senate committee.
Washington State may abolish rule forcing businesses to let men into women’s bathrooms
Transgender restroom rule prompts criticism, rally in Vancouver

Analizan denuncia por 'discriminación' en contra de activista LGBT
La presidenta de la asociación civil "Por un Veracruz sin discriminación", Flippy Morales de Franco, podría ser denunciada por "discrimar" a una joven transexual que participó en un concurso de belleza el pasado sábado 16 de enero.
Se disculpa activista Flippy Morales tras coronación de "Miss Trans"

[El Salvador]
Las muertes invisibles de las mujeres y los hombres trans
Organizaciones de derechos humanos denuncian que desde 1995 más de 500 personas LGBTI han sido asesinadas sin que se investiguen siquiera sus casos. La Policía admite tímidamente que que tiene un problema interno de homofobia, pero apenas empieza a enfrentarlo. La Fiscalía calla. Cuando una persona trans es atacada en El Salvador, no solo no encuentra justicia: puede terminar en juicio convertida en victimaria.

[El Salvador]
Odio en El Salvador para LGBTI
El 2016 ha iniciado como un año violento en los diferentes departamentos de El Salvador. Cinco personas de la comunidad LGBTI han sido asesinadas. Hoy las vidas de las personas LGBTI es amenazada por la violencia que hay en el país, viviendo de esta forma una doble violencia. La primera por ser ciudadano de El Salvador y la segunda por ser miembro de la comunidad LGBTI.

Brazilian NGO Reports: one LGBT Murder every 22 hours
Although transphobia wasn’t mentioned in the report, of the LGBT Brazilians murdered during 2015, 21% were transgender children sex workers, the youngest being 13.

Missing brazilian trans man found murdered
The body of a 20-year-old trans man (described as a girl in media), identified as F. Hilário was found on the morning of Wednesday (27) by a resident who was going to work on the Caximba Road, near the BR-116. He was well dressed, wearing a watch on his wrist and had head injuries.

Barras bravas agreden a mujer trans
Una mujer trans sufrió una fractura en una de sus piernas, después que un grupo de aficionados al fútbol le lanzaran piedras en los alrededores del Estadio Jaime Morón.
Según la agredida, quien pidió la reserva de su nombre, los atacantes lucían camisetas alusivas a un popular equipo de fútbol, por lo cual creen que se trata de una de las barras bravas que frecuentan ese complejo deportivo.

Corte no se pronunciará sobre servicio militar de personas transgénero
La Corte Constitucional se inhibió de pronunciarse sobre una demanda contra la norma que regula el servicio militar en Colombia que aseguraba que el Congreso había incurrido en una omisión por no regular lo relativo a las personas transexuales y transgeneristas.