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sábado, fevereiro 06, 2016

Basque court allows name change for transgender four-year-old
Child is youngest person in Spain to be allowed to alter official records based on sexual identity
Autorizan a una niña de cuatro años cambiar de nombre por motivos de transexualidad en Gipuzkoa
"Mamá, aunque tenga pene ¿puedo ser una niña?"

Los menores transexuales pueden cambiar su nombre pero no su sexo
La ley sólo permite el cambio de sexo en el Registro Civil a los españoles mayores de edad que acrediten un diagnóstico de disforia de género y lleven dos años en tratamiento hormonal

«Algunos me han hecho la vida imposible por ser transexual»
Una activista castellonense relata su transición al sexo femenino, lastrada por la discriminación

Rebecca Root on the success of Boy Meets Girl: Britain was ready for a transgender sitcom
"It was our time," says the star of the BBC2 sitcom in which she plays a trans woman going out with a younger man

Online service launched to help GPs support transgender community
An online guide for GPs has been launched to help them support transgender patients.

Church of England bishop wants gender ‘affirmation’ services for trans people
A Church of England bishop has called for ‘affirmation’ services for people who have changed gender.

Wrexham transgender teenager reveals what it's like to be born in the wrong body
Aspiring model Zoe Pierce, 15, who was born a male, says it took nine years to understand why she felt different and once she knew felt 'liberated'

Meet Britain's First Transgender Ballet Dancer
Sophie Rebecca is taking classes at the Royal Academy of Dance, the first openly-transgender dance to do so.

Transgender patients subject to NHS discrimination, MSPs hear
Transgender people in Scotland still face discrimination and delays in the health service, MSPs have been told.

Petition for transgender women to enter beauty pageant reaches 11,000 signatures
Jossy Yendall reached the finals of the 2016 Miss Galaxy contest but was disqualified after revealing she was transgender

Transgender Russians Struggle to Take Their Movement Out of the Shadows
As the country grows more conservative on gender and sexuality, transgender Russians are fighting for their lives under great threat.

Push to end court control of treatment for transgender young people
Not many 15-year-olds can say they have made Australian legal history and helped other transgender young people across the country. But then not all 15-year-olds are like Georgie.

Census will allow Australians to identify as 'other' for both sex and gender
Previous Australian Bureau of Statistic rules gave respondents option to identify as intersex or indeterminate but did not distinguish gender from sex

[New Zealand]
DB Breweries apologises for trans ad
DB Breweries have apologised for an Old Mout Cider advertisement that many in the LGBTI community have said portrays trans women as liars.

Prominent Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Emotional Unhappiness … Purely Psychological’
Dr. Joseph Berger, a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, states that from “a scientific perspective,” being “transgendered” is a psychological issue – “emotional unhappiness” – and “cosmetic surgery” is not the “proper treatment.”

Vanier College adds 15 gender-neutral washrooms
Transgender students at higher risk of harassment in gendered washrooms, college says

Alberta private schools working on transgender policies
Alberta’s private schools will draft policies to accommodate transgender students by a deadline created by Alberta’s education minister, according to an organization that represents them.

Chair of Transgender Studies brings personal experience to role
Aaron H. Devor, shown here with research materials kept in the Transgender Archives, will serve as the newly established Chair of Transgender Studies at UVic. Photo provided by University of Victoria

Caitlyn Jenner reveals she first attempted transitioning in the 80s
‘I started on hormones. I was a good 36B. I loved them'

Report: Trans youth more likely to have Asperger's
Nearly a quarter of young persons diagnosed with gender dysphoria, or transgender, screened positive for Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism, according to a new paper in the academic journal LGBT Health.
Transgender Vets Suffer Higher Rates of Mental and Medical Health Issues

New History Project Unearths Radical Feminism's Trans-Affirming Roots
The Conversations Project’s groundbreaking historical investigations shine light on the decades-old ideas of pioneering, trans-affirming radical feminists.

Did BuzzFeed Just ‘Out’ a Trans Man?
BuzzFeed staff writer Meredith Ramirez Talusan denies 'outing' a trans man, but is this her decision to make?

Parent upset over transgender student using boys’ locker room
A biologically female student who identifies as male is currently using the boys’ locker room at Rancho Bernardo High School, and the revelation has a parent outraged.

Teen Boys Wear Dresses to Call for Changes to School Dress Code
High school students in California's Clovis Unified School District called for a gender-neutral dress code last week after the district's school board voted down a proposal that would have "allowed boys to wear long hair and earrings and removed language that says dresses and skirts are for girls," the Sacramento Bee reports.
WATCH: California Students Swap to Protest Dress Code

State bill calls for all-gender bathrooms
A bill to designate all single-user restrooms in California businesses, government buildings, and public spaces as "all gender" is being proposed by Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco).

Transgender woman calls for equality in Palm Bay
Gina Duncan remembers when she hated seeing the person looking back at her in the mirror.

Packed School Board meeting after transgender restroom decision
At least 160 people came to the Sarasota County School Board meeting Tuesday evening from as far away as Charlotte County to protest Pine View School’s new bathroom policy that better accommodates transgender students.
BATHROOM BATTLE: Debate over which bathroom transgender students should use
Sarasota School Board hears restroom reversal request

Champaign Parent Against Separate Bathrooms For Transgender Students
A local father says a new Illinois bill is one step backwards for the transgender community.

Transgender Girl Scout stands up to bully who wouldn’t buy cookies from 'boy in a dress,' sells 3,000 boxes anyway
'I have learned that even though people can be mean I shouldn't give up!'

Trans woman who served years in jail without trial launches fundraiser
Eisha Love—a 26-year-old transgender woman of color released in December, 2015 after serving nearly four years in the Cook County Jail without trial—has announced a fundraising campaign designed to help her get back on her feet.

Why Indiana lawmakers killed the gay rights debate for this year
The gay rights debate in the Indiana General Assembly this year is over.
Lack of Compromise Cited as LGBT Rights Bill Dies in Indiana Senate
Exemption-filled “nondiscrimination” bill fails in Indiana Senate

Conflict erupts over how Maine should deal with transgender students
The Maine Human Rights Commission last month issued guidelines for public schools to use when dealing with students who identify as transgender.

Planet Fitness transgender locker room case heads to appeals court
A Midland County woman's lawsuit against Planet Fitness for its transgender-friendly locker room policy continues, despite a judge dismissing the lawsuit in January.

Beyond school bathrooms: What's really at stake in the gender-inclusion debates
Nearly five months into an emotionally straining push to secure their kindergartener access to a safer learning environment at Nova Classical Academy — where he was being bullied for wearing pink gym shoes and a sparkly backpack — Hannah and David Edwards feel their efforts may finally pay off.

City won't, but MSU will: University to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity
Citing confusion over the city's flip-flop, Missouri State University seeks to put in writing that it will not discriminate based on gender identity or gender expression.

Local Transgender Citizens Report Harassment at RDU
Dolores Chandler, a transgender Chapel Hill resident, prefers to be referred to with gender-neutral pronouns: "they/them" rather than "he/she" or "his/her." This is a tricky request for any English-language publication, but institutions must adapt to accommodate the marginalized.

A new way to talk about the non-discrimination ordinance
The non-discrimination ordinance to include LGBT rights has new life after failing to pass last year in the Charlotte city council. Charlotte mayor Jennifer Roberts said she wants it to be reconsidered.
Charlotte is again weighing LGBT protections. Here’s what the rules would do
The Unclean In the Bathroom
All gender bathrooms provide inclusiveness
Charlotte LGBT non-discrimination ordinance debate renewed with public forum

Transgender Police Officer Banned From Workplace Restroom
Can the government require genital surgery as a condition for equal treatment at work? That’s essentially the question that Brad Roberts faced.

This State Could Soon Become First to Stop Transgender Students From Using Opposite-Sex Bathrooms
South Dakota could soon become the first state in the nation to pass legislation that would ban students from using public school bathrooms, locker rooms and showers that are opposite from their biological sex.
ADF Attorney to Testify on Transgender, Religious Freedom Bills
Panel Kills Bill To Review SDHSAA Social Policy
A bill that would void an activities association policy allowing transgender students to request to play on the athletic team of their choice is headed to the House floor

Justice Down to the Pronoun
APD, media blunder in portrayal of transgender murder victim

Turner pushes pause, new HERO unlikely in 2016
LGBT activists and progressive supporters of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance are anxious to plot a strategy for reviving the failed ordinance, but Mayor Sylvester Turner said not so fast.

Texas Appeals Panel Denies Transgender Man Standing to Bring Paternity Action Concerning Children He Was Parenting
A three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals of Texas in San Antonio issued a new opinion on January 27, reaffirming a prior ruling issued on August 12 of last year, that a transgender man who had been parenting children adopted by his long-time former female partner lacked standing to seek custody and visitation rights because he didn’t assert such a claim shortly after the couple broke up.

LGBT activists protest at Capitol over bills to reverse transgender bathroom rules
LGBT advocates protested at the state Capitol Tuesday against what they are calling "anti-trans bathroom bills."
Transgender advocates TP state Senator Pam Roach's office

Gender-neutral bathrooms evoke mixed reactions
LGBTQ activists have worked to promote gender inclusivity on West Virginia University’s campus for 25 years. At the end of January, those activists believe they came one step closer.

Fallece la fotógrafa mexicana Viviana Rocco a los 43 años
La fotógrafa y activista por los derechos LGTB Viviana Rocco ha fallecido el pasado lunes, según ha confirmado su hermana a través de su cuenta oficial en Facebook. Su trayectoria visibilizó a la comunidad trans y homosexual en México para poner el foco en su realidad y necesidades.

Ayuntamiento de Tijuana demandado por negar un cambio de nombre y sexo
Tiene 27 años y desde hace 15 defiende una identidad que aunque siente suya, no goza del reconocimiento y garantía del Estado; ésta tomó otro rumbo, a pesar de que se registró como mujer. Por eso, María ahora es Armando.

São Paulo Trans March Demands Respect for Brazilian Community
More than 500 transgender and cis allies marched on City Hall demanding an end to Brazilian transgenrcide.

At least 48 transgender women killed in Brazil in January
At least 48 trans women have murdered in Brazil in the first month of 2016, Globo reports. “These are scary numbers,” Glória Crystal, the assistant secretary of NGO Livre Orientação Sexual (Free Sexual Orientation) told Globo in an interview about two recent murders in the south of the country.

Murió Lohana Berkins, pionera en la lucha por los derechos trans
Fue activista y una de las impulsoras de la Ley de Identidad de Género. En una carta de despedida, recordó: "Todos los golpes y el desprecio que sufrí, no se comparan con el amor infinito que me rodea en estos momentos"

Franco Torchia habló de su polémica decisión de vestirse de mujer
"La situación que viven las personas trans es cada vez más grave en nuestro país", expresó el conductor en diálogo exclusivo con El Diario del Espectáculo luego de darle vida a Taffy.