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quarta-feira, fevereiro 10, 2016

Transgender couple win council payout for defamation
Couple claim they were repeatedly targeted by locals in a campaign that culminated in 'nasty' letter published on council website

Justice for Zirve, justice for us
Solidarity call from Pink Life with Zirve Soylu who became target of a mob forcing “protection money” on trans sex workers: Let’s not leave Zirve alone in her resistance against these villians.

Gay conversion therapy to be banned in Victoria
A new bill set to crack down on dodgy health practitioners such as gay conversion therapists will be introduced to the Victorian Parliament today.

This Politician Just Praised The Hell Out Of A School Principal For Standing Up For Trans Kids
Janet Rice thanked the principal for taking an important stand.

Comment: 'People don’t fit into little boxes' - a military transwoman tells her story
After transitioning, Squadron Leader Catherine Humphries became the first female in the air force to be in a combat role.

From a whisper to a roar: the trans officers forging their way forward in the defence force
These two transwomen are are the forefront of a radical shift in military culture as it becomes more diverse and accepting.
The Feed gains unprecedented access inside world of transgender military women

[New Zealand]
Old Mout Cider ad removed from FB and TV
A controversial advertisement that some in the LGBTI community believes portrays trans women as liars, has been taken down from the Old Mout Cider Facebook page.

Alberta education minister vows to 'accommodate' religious views on gender-identity policies
Archbishop Richard Smith praised Education Minister David Eggen for the "very warm" and "cordial" tone of Monday's meeting. (CBC )
Minister says Catholic schools will get "latitude" for changes

CAMH removes external review of Gender Identity Clinic from website
Comments allegedly misattributed to Dr. Kenneth Zucker

Associated Press Violates Its Own Guidelines In Reporting On Transgender Man Killed By Police
The Associated Press violated its own guidelines for how to refer to transgender people in a report on a transgender man who was shot and killed by police in Arizona.

Florida pastors following Houston pastors' lead
About 175 pastors in Jacksonville, Florida, united to stand against what they say is a threat to religious liberty in their community.

LGBT anti-discrimination bill lives, barely, for another day
Florida lawmakers considered giving anti-discrimination protections to gay and transgender people for the first time Monday and ended the discussion in a stalemate for at least one more day.
Bathrooms being used for leverage in HRO issue
Senate panel stumbles over bill banning LGBT employment discrimination

House panel OKs anti-discrimination bill, won't add LGBT
A Georgia House panel on Monday approved a bill preventing businesses from discriminating based on race, country of origin or religion, a federal standard first set in the mid-1960s, after Republican members rejected an effort to add protection for gay, lesbian and transgender people to the measure.
LGBT non-discrimination amendment fails in public accommodations bill hearing

Boston Globe Editorial Board Calls Out "Irrational" Objections To Transgender Equality
The Boston Globe editorial board called out "irrational objections" to a Massachusetts bill that would provide non-discrimination protections for transgender people, debunking the right-wing myth that these protections would endanger women and children.

Council sets LGBT vote for Feb. 22
Majority of council members say they support expanding ordinance
Opponents urge council ‘Don’t do it’
They say it’s ‘common sense’ to keep gender divisions in bathrooms

AVP learns of an incident of anti-transgender hate violence incident on the D Train in Manhattan
AVP has learned of an incident of anti-transgender hate violence incident which occurred on an uptown D train in Manhattan last Saturday, January 30th. According to the blog Lexie Cannes State of Trans, well-known transgender activist Jennifer Louise Lopez was physically assaulted by a woman whom she sat down next to on the train, who referred to Jennifer transphobically as a "man." When Jennifer attempted to exit the train at 125th Street in Harlem, the woman followed her.

Spa Castle Allegedly Barred Transgender Man From Locker Rooms & Nude Areas
Brooklyn-based performance artist Niv Acosta says that Spa Castle employees barred him from the locker rooms and nude bathing areas at its Queens location on Sunday afternoon because he is transgender.

USG introduces initiative to give trans students access to other gender bathrooms
A trans-inclusive initiative that would allow students who identify differently than their assigned gender to use their respective bathrooms was presented in the Undergraduate Student Government meeting Monday.

Pitt offers first trans studies course
It’s too far past add/drop to get a seat in Pitt’s first transgender studies course, but there wouldn’t be room for newcomers anyway.

LGBT legislation may have side effects
A senator's thoughts about transgender students shocked some South Dakotans at a legislative coffee in Sioux Falls last weekend.

House approves religious protection bill, sends it to Senate
The state House has approved a bill that would bar the government from taking actions such as revoking the tax exempt status of an organization because of religious beliefs about marriage, sex outside of marriage or transgender rights.
How Lawmakers Candidly Justify The Anti-Transgender Bills They Support

City council adopts resolution to include sexual orientation, disabilities in hate crime legislation
Huntington City Council passed a resolution encouraging West Virginia Legislature to include perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity and disabilities in hate crime legislation during Monday’s meeting.

Brazilian Trans Activist Melissa Campus Attacked
Transgender activist Melissa Campus was attacked on her way home January 12th. The attack which begun as simple robbery turned violent when then assailant realized that Mellisa’s was transgender. What he didn’t know was that this attack would make headlines.