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sexta-feira, fevereiro 26, 2016

Morre travesti queimada e agredida no Capão da Imbuia
Morreu na quarta-feira (24) em Curitiba a travesti Natascha, 37 anos. Ela foi atacada e queimada no dia 27 de dezembro por pelo menos, três homens na avenida Victor Ferreira do Amaral, na esquina com a rua Paulo Kissula, no bairro Capão da Imbuia. Desde então Natascha estava internada no Hospital Evangélico. Natacha foi socorrida pelo Siate e encaminhada em estado grave ao hospital com queimaduras de segundo e terceiro graus por todo o corpo. As chamas atingiram principalmente a região da cabeça.

Video of 20 men beating a Brazilian Trans Woman has emerged
We have previously reported about the Trans woman attacked by 20 men, destroys her FFS and the susquent revelation by her in a local blog that the Brazilian trans woman was attacked by… 20 cis gay men, apparently

New transgender swimming club launched
A new transgender swimming club has been established in Glasgow.

Gender change DJ presents BBC investigation into waiting times
Stephanie Hirst, the local radio presenter who revealed her gender change on BBC Radio 5 live, is to front an investigation into the lengthy waiting times for transgender patients in an investigation for BBC Inside Out North West tonight.

Irish college student on the moment he told his parents he was transgender - 'I was prepared to stay in England if they didn't accept me'
Coming out as transgender can be extremely scary and it can be particularly frightening when it comes to opening up to family members.

Sex Change Macedonians Complain of Rejection
Legal gaps and administrative problems make life difficult for Macedonian trans-gender people who want to formalize their change of sex.

Indonesia's only transgender Islamic school shut down
'We decided this based on security, order and people’s comfort'

Australian transgender children closer to accessing hormones without court permission
Coalition and Labor signal they are open to removing judicial oversight provisions that make Australia the only country in the world to force families to obtain permission before a child can transition
Families with transgender children gather in Canberra to lobby for hormone treatment law changes
Young transgender people go to Canberra to lobby for change
Fighting for Isabelle: The battle for transgender kids to get access to cross-sex hormones

Deputy PM voices opposition to Safe Schools
Nationals leader, Barnaby Joyce has criticised the Safe Schools Coalition's All of Us resource as promoting a political agenda and crossing the line between education and advocacy.

[New Zealand]
NPIP always intended to disrupt parade
No Pride in Prisons say it was always their intention to disrupt the Auckland Pride Parade on Saturday.
Allegations of assault during parade protest
Pride unaware of assault allegations from NPIP

Catholic school district drafts gender policy
The Grande Prairie Catholic School district unveiled its draft administration policy for gender identity in schools last week.

REPORT: 2016 is the Most Dangerous Year for Transgender Americans
The data from the Human Rights Campaign paints a stark picture for trans people: of the more than 175 new anti-LGBT pieces of legislation nationwide, 44 target the transgender community.

Missouri Catholic archbishop urging parishes to cut ties to Girl Scouts over LGBTI acceptance
St Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson says the Girl Scouts promote values that are incompatible with Catholic teachings and is urging parishes to find alternative programs for girls

Charlotte city leaders to vote on controversial policy changes
Charlotte city leaders are expected to vote on some controversial changes to several non-discrimination ordinances at their meeting Monday.

NJ School District Temporarily Tables Policy for Transgender Students
The Toms River Regional District tabled a proposed policy that would allow transgender students to decide which restroom they want to use. (Published Monday, Feb. 22, 2016)

Oklahoma State theater professor says her department censored a play dealing with gender identity for fear donors would object.

RNC endorses anti-trans bathroom bills
Amid consideration in state legislatures of “papers to pee” bathroom bills aimed against transgender students, the Republican National Committee has approved a resolution endorsing the legislation.

Transgender former council member in Rapid City speaks out against bathroom bill
Marla Murphy doesn’t go out much. She worries that if people recognize her on the street, they might come after her like before.
Transgenders speak out against bill
Transgender Bathroom Bill Draws Reaction Across SD

Liberty Counsel lawsuit against Va. school district dismissed
A Fairfax County Circuit Court judge on Feb. 19, 2016, dismissed a lawsuit against the Fairfax County School District over its inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity in its nondiscrimination policy.