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quinta-feira, março 03, 2016

Justice for two 2013 transgender murder victims!
The murderer of a trans woman killed in Edmonton, Alberta on November 2013 was recently sentenced to 8 years in prison. The judge accepted a plea bargain agreed upon by the defendant and the prosecutor. The victim, Rosa (aka Rose, Dido) was found dead from blunt force injuries in a motel room the day after she was killed.

I want to be a threat': Jo Clifford on her transgender Christ and overcoming fear
When acting in a female role at an all-boys school, Jo Clifford began to explore her gender identity and theatre became a place of shame. After transitioning, and beginning to perform her own plays, she now feels totally at home on stage

Russia Proposes Dedicated Health Facilities To Treat “Gender Identity Disorders”
The facilities would also be mandated to have “at least one dildo” among their tools.

Egypt bans Trans movie Republic of Khontika
Egyptian censors halt the filming of the “Republic of Khontika” before production began saying the film would incite debauchery.

People identifying as transgender demand inclusion in census
People who identify themselves as transgender asked the government to include an option where they can state their gender in the national census. They said this at a news conference held at Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday.

EXCLUSIVE: We've Been Around Showcases History's Forgotten Trans Heroes
To celebrate the release of The Danish Girl on Blu-ray/DVD take a look at these five short documentaries chronicling the lives of heroic and historical trans pioneers.
Transgender Revolutionaries Profiled in New Documentary Series

Regardless of the label, it's still not healthy
Those watching the Academy Awards on Sunday night heard a new term that's being used to normalize sexual confusion.

EEOC files first sexual orientation discrimination lawsuits
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Tuesday filed its first two sex discrimination lawsuits based on sexual orientation.

Lyft Apologizes After Driver Warns 'Hetero Males' About Trans Activist
When Monica Jones learned her Lyft driver had insinuated she was a prostitute, outed her as transgender, and named the bar she was in, she immediately ran home.

Hundreds blitz school board over transgender restroom controversy
Elena Stsiborkis, 25, doesn't want her baby boy to grow up in a school district where those born as girls who now identify as boys and vice versa can choose which restroom they want to use.

No change in Sarasota schools transgender bathroom issue
Sarasota school officials decided to keep their policy in place on transgender students and bathrooms.

Gruenhagen continues anti-transgender campaign in email to colleagues
Republican leadership at the Minnesota Capitol have outlined their priorities for the upcoming legislative session — roads and tax relief appear to be the priorities. But an anti-LGBT Republican wants to put the focus on forcing schools, businesses, and other places of accommodation to make life difficult for transgender Minnesotans. In a letter to colleagues on Sunday, Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen asked for support for a bill he plans to introduce that will ban anyone in the marketplace from providing transgender-inclusive facilities.

North Carolina Lawmakers Brace for Bathroom Fight
The country’s latest culture war has shifted to North Carolina in recent weeks, where lawmakers are engaged in a tense debate over whether or not transgender people should be given full, unrestrained access to bathrooms that correspond with their preferred gender identity instead of their biological sex.

Equality or discrimination: perception of the transgender community
The issues surrounding transgender perception in the public was once again discussed at ECU, as a national leader on the issue spoke to dozens at a special event Tuesday night.

Prosecutor: No need to overturn transgender restroom rule
North Carolina’s attorney general says he sees no need for the state legislature to overturn a provision in Charlotte’s new nondiscrimination ordinance designed to ensure transgender people can use the restroom of their gender identity.

Mayor de Blasio appoints city's first full-time gender rights advocate
For the first time in history, the city will have a full-time gender rights advocate on the payroll to lobby for women, transgender and intersex people, Mayor de Blasio said Tuesday.

Woman arrested in transgender stabbing death
A 24-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday and charged with killing Maya Young, a 25-year-old transgender woman who was stabbed to death in Frankford last month.

Victory! Lambda Legal Hails Decision of South Dakota Governor to Veto Anti-Trans Bill
Today, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard vetoed House Bill 1008, a discriminatory bill that would have prevented transgender students from accessing restrooms and single-sex facilities that correspond to their gender identity.
Victory in South Dakota! Governor vetoes bill attacking trans students
TLDEF Applauds South Dakota Governor for Vetoing Bill That Targeted Transgender Students for Discrimination
MEGA VICTORY: South Dakota attack bill vetoed!
South Dakota Gov. Vetoes Anti-Trans 'Bathroom Bill'
Daugaard vetoes South Dakota anti-trans bathroom bill
Daugaard vetoes Transgender bathroom bill
BREAKING: South Dakota governor vetoes law on transgender bathrooms
Students support HB1008 veto

The Latest: Bill protecting LGBT from discrimination is cut
The Latest on a Utah plan that would make it illegal for businesses to discriminate against patrons based on their sexual orientation, no matter what their religious belief (all times local):

KFC hires trans woman. fires manager who offered then rescinded job offer
Just a couple days ago we posted about a Richmond Woman fired hours after hiring by KFC for being transgender. In an amazing turnabout, the manager who did this was fired and Carter was offered a job at any of the local stores.
KFC apologizes, fires offending manager and offers job to RVA woman who was fired for being transgender

Seattle legislative candidate would be state’s 1st transgender elected official
Danni Askini is running for the House seat for the 43rd District, which includes Capitol Hill, Wallingford, Fremont, Eastlake and Montlake, as well as parts of downtown Seattle.