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quarta-feira, março 02, 2016

Homem é morto usando roupas de mulher na RS-118
Vítima foi assassinada com três tiros na RS-118
A polícia começa a semana investigando o misterioso assassinato de um travesti de 27 anos à beira da RS-118. O crime aconteceu na noite de sábado (27), nas imediações do km 20 da rodovia estadual. Conforme a polícia, a vítima foi atingida por pelo menos três tiros.

Transgender beauty queen banned from club for using ladies loo
A transgender beauty queen has been banned from a nightclub for life – after using the ladies' toilet.

Edmonton man imprisoned for beating death of transvestite sex-trade worker
An Edmonton man who savagely beat to death a transvestite sex-trade worker, then fled the country, was sentenced Monday to eight years in prison.

Trans United for Hillary group launches
'Hillary has outlined the most detailed plan for transgender equality ever released by a presidential candidate'

Announcing our Model Policy and Legal Guide for Homeless Shelters and Housing Programs
Transgender Law Center is proud to introduce a model policy and legal guide for homeless shelters and housing programs.

Is it time to drop the T from LGBTQ?
“With marriage equality a reality and gay folks enjoying increased rights, social progressives are looking for the next cause du jour,” openly gay lawyer and author Joseph R. Murray II writes in a new op-ed for USAToday.

Texarkana residents protest anti-discrimination law
On January 19, Texarkana, Ark. joined the limited ranks of Arkansas cities that have passed ordinances providing some measure of equal protection for LGBT people. The modest measure, which was sponsored by City Director Tim Johnson, includes sexual orientation and gender identity among protected classes in city employment and personnel practices, and extends to those who contract with the city.

Georgia gov: ‘I don’t perceive this bill allows discrimination’
Georgia’s governor says work is continuing on a bill to give legal exemptions to opponents of same-sex marriage that has riled the state’s business community.

Black Trans Man Demarkis Stansberry Killed in Louisiana
The death toll for trans individuals rises yet again this year with the fatal shooting of 30-year-old Demarkis Stansberry, a black trans man, in Baton Rouge, La.

McCrory, Berger won’t call special NC legislative session on transgender bathrooms
House Speaker Tim Moore had suggested legislators address the issue in March
A special session would cost $42,000 a day
Berger spokeswoman: ‘The earliest the legislature could take any action would be April 25’

South Dakota Gov Vetoes Anti Trans “Bathroom Bill”
It was a nail biter as Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s veto of HB 1008 came at the last moment possible. If he hadn’t acted today the bill would have been automatically enacted making South Dakota the first and only state to enact laws legalizing discrimination against transgender students.
Deadline Nears for Anti-Trans 'Bathroom Bill' in South Dakota
South Dakota could become first state to restrict transgender teens' bathroom use

[TN, USA]~
Tennessee Clergy Oppose Transgender Bathroom Bill
More than 75 Tennessee clergy have signed a statement opposing legislation targeting transgender children, saying it increases the likelihood they’ll drop out of school or commit suicide.

State lawmakers to discuss transgender bathroom bill
Lawmakers in the Tennessee State House will discuss a measure Tuesday that would require public school students to use the bathroom assigned to the sex shown on their birth certificate.

New Texas Policy Violates Title IX By Discriminating Against Transgender Athletes
Transgender rights in Texas took another step backward last month, when public school superintendents voted 586-32 in favor of a rule that requires schools to use birth certificates to determine the gender of student-athletes.

Virginia Woman Says KFC Hired Her, Then Fired Her, Because She's Trans
Georgia Carter, 27, says the manager of the fast food joint in her town fired her within an hour of hiring her after learning she's transgender.

No, Transgender Protections Do Not Justify Men In Women’s Restrooms. A State Agency Just Said So
The most frequently used argument against transgender protections in public accommodations is that it will make it legal for “men” to enter women’s restrooms and other facilities, thus putting women and children at risk. Following a recent stunt by one non-transgender man entering a women’s locker room at a Seattle pool, the Washington State Human Rights Commission has clarified in no uncertain terms that this kind of behavior is not protected under the state’s gender identity law.

Us & Them: Femme Voice
Back in the fall of 2014, I read an article in the Gazette about, Anne Kelly Skinner, a Charleston lawyer -- formerly Greg Skinner -- who was transitioning from male to female. The story piqued my interest because having grown up as a son, nephew, brother and friend of many of Charleston’s attorneys, I knew with almost absolute certainty that this was new territory for many in that Kanawha Valley legal community. I expected that I’d produce a story that would be about the tension of transitioning in a conservative “old boy” community, but we didn’t end up talking about any of that stuff. What we ended up talking about… was the way Anne talks.