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domingo, março 20, 2016

ILGA Portugal sem legitimidade para falar pelas pessoas trans, afirmam ongs trans nacionais
API e GTP acusam a ILGA Portugal de roubar discurso da comunidade trans.
A API- Ação Pela Identidade e o GTP (Grupo Transexual Portugal), emitiram na Quinta-feira 17 do presente mês, um comunicado conjunto em que acusam a ILGA Portugal de, juntamente com o Governo Português, violarem os direitos humanos.

Do casulo para o mundo
Quando me senti como realmente era, nada foram rosas. Comecei, com a ajuda de dois grandes amigos, por ser a "porteira" Lara, personagem criada para que eu me pudesse libertar e sentir melhor, numa mistura de cómico e glamouroso. Não comecei por me vestir em casa, nem a usar perucas (só no Carnaval), nem a ter uma espécie de ordem no caos que reinava em mim. A Lara porteira de jantares e festas em casa desses amigos surgiu naturalmente para mim, e serviu de alavanca para que eu me pudesse finalmente assumir em relação a todos os meus amigos e família.

Travesti é assassinada a tiros em Rio das Pedras
Camilla Rios, 32 anos, foi morta por homens que estavam em uma moto. Polícia investiga caso e amigos apontam homofobia
Uma travesti foi assssinada, na madrugada do último sábado, em Rio das Pedras, na Zona Oeste do Rio. Segundo informações, Eronildo José dos Santos, conhecida como Camilla Rios, de 32 anos, foi atingida pro pelo menos oito tiros, disparados pelo carona de uma motocicleta na comunidade.

Segundo homicídio da noite: Travesti é assassinado a tiros no Tancredo Neves
Em menos de duas horas Teixeira de Freitas registra o dois homicídios. O primeiro caso aconteceu no Bairro São Lourenço, por volta da 19h00 e o segundo, aconteceu na Rua da Lima, por volta das 20h30, no Bairro Tancredo Neves. A vítima, identificada como sendo Cristiano Santos da Silva, 27 anos de idade, vulgo “Cris”, era morador da mesma rua onde foi morto. O crime aconteceu bem próxima à sua casa. No local, prevaleceu a Lei do Silêncio e ninguém soube informar nada, só que ouviram o barulho dos tiros.

WATCH: Holly and Phillip hit out at 'old fashioned' guest who slams transgender as a 'fad'
Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield were particularly impassioned today when a guest on This Morning, Dr. Robert Lefever, claimed that transgender is a “fad” and the NHS should stop funding people's personal choice.

'Gender fluid' teenager given standing ovation at SNP conference
A high school student who is "gender fluid" was given a standing ovation after making an emotional appeal for more to be done to tackle bullying linked to sexuality.

Transgender Action Plan to tackle barriers to equality
Transgender people in Wales need more support as they face bullying and barriers in many areas of life, the communities minister has said.

Press Release: 113 Trans People Now Legally Recognised in Ireland
Since the commencement of the Gender Recognition Act, 113 Gender Recognition Certificates have been issued. "Six months after the commencement of the Act we can see that trans people are availing of legal recognition," said TENI Chief Executive Broden Giambrone.

This is how many trans people have been helped by Ireland’s radical gender laws
Over a hundred trans people have had their new gender legally recognised in Ireland – six months after the country introduced a revolutionary new recognition system.

The Bavarian men who buy breasts to feel like ladies
Bavarian men have a weakness for beer, Weisswurst, and Bayern Munich - and apparently also for dressing up like ladies. One Nuremberg store caters to their deepest desires.

Transgender to try her luck again
Bharathi Kannamma is determined to contest from Madurai Central constituency

Chinese Company Fires Transgender Man
A company in Guizhou province's capital city Guiyang has fired an employee for being a transgender man without giving him his salary.

Boys in pink: ‘genderless’ fashion goes big in Japan
No stranger to barrettes, bows and beauty products, Japanese Instagram icon and model Genking is a proud flag bearer for “genderless” fashion in which young men adopt unequivocally feminine styles and challenge traditional norms.

Schools not safe for transgender children
A transgender woman dedicated to protecting the rights of others marginalised around the North East has called on the federal government to continue with the Safe Schools program.

Could this be Australia’s first transgender politician?
A FORMER Army captain whose sex change was paid for by the Australian Defence Force could become the country’s first transgender politician.

[New Zealand]
ILGA official acknowledges challenges for trans
The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) Gender Identity and Gender Expression Officer has expressed his concerns regarding the current issues facing transgender people in the Oceania region.

[New Zealand]
Subject to change: The new gender-fluid face of Shortland Street
Primetime local television is about to feature its first transgender actor playing a transgender character in a long-running storyline. Kim Knight speaks exclusively to the new face of Shortland Street.

[New Zealand]
Transgender woman dismissed from job after telling employer about her transition
Dakota Hemmingson is has been a hair dresser for eight years and has recently started the transiting to a woman
Hairdresser told to resign after coming out as trans

[New Zealand]
Family First to send anti-trans doc to all schools
Family First have spoken out about gender neutral facilities such as bathrooms and will be sending out documents to all New Zealand schools that advises them against adopting trans friendly policies.
'It's causing harm and it's causing confusion' - Family First hits out at gender neutral bathrooms in schools
Family First policy is “fear mongering"
InsideOUT releasing guide for schools and students

NDP would expand surgical coverage for transgender people if re-elected
NDP say they will increase funding for counselling and health care services for LGBT community

Transgender man says he was mistreated at Toronto fertility clinic
Alex Abramovich's story has gone viral, drawing attention to transgender health issues

Shakespeare's transgender spirit sparks UBC professor's talk
UBC Prof. Mary Ann Saunders says Shakespeare's character Ariel parallels the experience of many trans people

Edmonton Catholic School Board releases draft LGBTQ policy
The Edmonton Catholic School Board has released a draft of its new policy to support and protect students, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.
Edmonton Catholic school board to vote on 'meaningless' inclusiveness policy, critics say

Casa Susanna, a 1960s resort where cross-dressing was safe
AGO exhibit showcases snapshots from Casa Susanna, a Catskills resort that was a haven for cross-dressers and a “trans community in the becoming.”

Facebook deletes second group after posting video demonizing trans people
The video coined by Zack Ford as “The Most Extreme Attempt Yet To Demonize Transgender People And Deny Them Rights” has Facebook running around squashing it and the groups that promote it. It is really that bad.

Michael Savage: Hillary Clinton Will Become A Dictator Who Will Put 'A Transgender In Your Soup'
Earlier this week on “The Savage Nation,” conservative radio host Michael Savage asked listeners what they think would happen to the country after three years of a Clinton presidency.

Watch: Caitlyn Jenner Shares Views on Trump, Calls Clinton a 'Hack'
On an upcoming episode of "I Am Cait" star Caitlyn Jenner opens up about her feelings toward GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and yet again slams Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, E! Online reports.
Caitlyn Jenner's politics spark debate in transgender ranks
Dear Caitlyn: Stop. Please. Stop.
Comedian Judy Gold Unleashes on Caitlyn Jenner: WATCH
Transgender ‘I Am Cait’ Co-Star Endorses Hillary Clinton
What Caitlyn Jenner's Really After

Why The Danish Girl’s Oscar loss is a satisfying win for trans women
After his performance as transgender pioneer Lili Elbe in "The Danish Girl," Eddie Redmayne seemed well on his way to another Academy Award. Redmayne also racked up BAFTA, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations for the same role. But although Redmayne lost out to "The Revenant's" Leonardo Dicaprio, it was a huge win for trans women.

Vigil held for Jasmine Sierra, who died in January but was misgendered when identified
Transgender advocates gathered in front of the Bakersfield Police Department to hold a vigil for Jasmine Sierra, who died in late January.

Transgender man to sue barbershop that denied service for 'religious' reason
US army sergeant who identifies as a transgender man describes refusal of service at a California barbershop by the owner, who said he didn’t serve ‘women’

Transgender students focus of restroom bill backed by Southern IL lawmakers
As Midwesterners learn more about sexual orientation, school leaders in Illinois and Missouri are being confronted with an issue that likely wasn't even discussed when they were being trained in college. Transgender students want to use the restrooms and locker rooms designated for the sex they now identify with.

More Indiana cities adopting sexual orientation protections
More cities across Indiana are working toward adopting local ordinances that ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity after a push for statewide protections failed in the General Assembly last month.

Education groups to back transgender rights bill
Transgender rights advocates, hoping to build momentum for a controversial antidiscrimination measure in the state Legislature, are set to announce the support of several major educational organizations on Monday.

Man admits beating transgender teen to death in car in George County
A member of the Latin Kings street gang and a transgender teen who once considered him a boyfriend were in a car behind his father's home when he beat her to death with a hammer, according to an affidavit filed in the case.

Albuquerque Public Schools’ gender identity proposal sent to committee
The proposal to change APS’ policy to accommodate transgender kids is heading to the Superintendent’s Leadership Committee.

Lake George drafts transgender student policies
Transgender students at Lake George school would be able to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the gender they identify with, according to a policy drafted by the district.

Declare Victory Over 27-Bill, Anti-Gay ‘Slate of Hate’
Back in January, we told you how Oklahoma lawmakers had set a record for the most anti-LGBT bills filed in the history of any state — eclipsing Texas’ mark established last year.

NYC mayor orders that men have access to women’s restrooms
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio issued an executive order giving men the right to use women's bathrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa.

Tennessee Governor Concerned About Anti-Transgender Student Restroom Bill
Gov. Bill Haslam is worried that if lawmakers pass a bill to ban transgender students from certain restrooms, public schools could lose federal funding, his spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Catholic school bans policy ID'ing students by natural sex
A Catholic prep school in Rhode Island has capitulated to pressure from the LGBT community and homosexual activists by eliminating its policy that identifies students by their natural sex.

Docs Show UIL Trans Athlete Rule Built on Shaky Ground
The University Interscholastic League’s controversial new restriction on transgender student athletes grew out of a nine-year-old legal opinion from a high-ranking attorney at the University of Texas, according to documents obtained by the Observer through a request under the Public Information Act.

Transgender Mormon shares story of finding his identity while embracing his faith
A Utah County man, still active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is documenting his transition from female to male through a series of YouTube videos, and he said his faith is part of what makes him feel complete.

Albany County parents petition against transgender policy
Parents and community members in Albany are calling for students to be required to use school facilities that correspond to their gender assigned at birth.

Denuncian ataque contra mujer transexual en Sucre
Un sujeto le propinó varias heridas con arma blanca a la altura del cuello.

Trabajadoras sexuales trans de Barranquilla denuncian maltratos por parte de uniformados
La corporación Caribe Afirmativo expresó que la violencia contra la población LGBTI se ha denunciado ya en varias ocasiones.

En Santa Fe la expectativa de vida de las personas trans es solo de 42 años
Datos. El subsecretario de Diversidad Sexual de la provincia, Esteban Paulón, dijo que la provincia no escapa a la media nacional. Se realiza un relevamiento sobre ese colectivo

La Plata: “¡trava que se organiza, no aguanta más paliza!”
Desde hace unas semanas, las travestis de La Plata comenzaron a denunciar el recrudecimiento de la persecución y violencia de efectivos policiales sobre sus cuerpos en las “razzias” que se suceden noche tras noche en la llamada zona roja platense. El avasallamiento de derechos y las coberturas mediáticas que legitiman la transfobia.