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quarta-feira, março 16, 2016

Quase 300 pessoas mudaram de nome e de sexo no registo civil em cinco anos
A lei 7/2011 passou a permitir "uma cidadania plena" às pessoas transgénero, conta Alexandra

Transgender carer who murdered dad jailed for life
A transgender carer who murdered her dad has been jailed for life.

Trans actor reveals he had to 'correct' language when he played trans on BBC soap Casualty
Misia Butler, a trans actor who played a trans character, opens up about his time on Casualty

This is why intersex activists handcuffed themselves to UK's parliament today
Watch how three brave activists are calling for an Intersex Equality Inquiry in the UK

[New Zealand]
Sexuality and gender identity may make Census
Statistics NZ is currently testing questions regarding sexual identity, gender identity and sexual orientation ahead of the 2018 Census.

Tony Perkins: LGBTQ rights responsible for shooting of Idaho pastor
While the facts were still unclear, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins decided to dash off a quick editorial that sketchily links the shooting of an Idaho pastor to a non-discrimination ordinance prohibiting LGBTQ discrimination in Coeur d’Alene:

The Business Bulge Might Be Trying To Make A Good Point, But Fails Miserably
A new campaign launched by Young Minds For Gender Equality aims to shine a spotlight on the pay gap between men and women in many workplaces, but has created a campaign that has left some members of the transgender community feeling insulted and under attack.

Phoenix City Councilman Not Resigning Over Anti-Gay Remarks
A Phoenix city councilman said Thursday that he will not heed calls for his resignation over a video in which he appears to bemoan same-sex marriage and transgender people's use of restrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

Bible-Quoting Barbershop Refuses to Cut Trans Veteran's Hair
Transgender Army reservist Kendall Oliver was refused a haircut twice at a California barbershop, because the owner says his religion forbids him to cut women's hair.

Local high school opens first gender-inclusive restroom for a public school in Southern CO
It didn’t cost much.
“They just went in there, made sure that the stalls were stocked with toilet paper, there were soap in the sinks and it was clean,” said Anton Schulzki, a social studies teacher and one of the co-sponsors of Palmer High School’s Gay, Straight, Trans Alliance Club.

Wabash Student Senate votes against resolution to admit transgender students
What defines a Wabash man?

Missouri Religious Objections Measure Passes Senate
After a failed 37-hour filibuster by Democrats, the Missouri Senate on Thursday passed a proposal to add greater religious protections to the state constitution for some business owners and individuals opposed to gay marriage.

Convicted Sex Offender Forced to Resign as Lead Voice for Transsexual Rights
After it was reported by Breitbart News this week Chad Sevearance was a convicted sex offender, he resigned his position as a leader in the effort in Charlotte, North Carolina for biological males to be able to use the lady’s room.

APS board argues over transgender proposal
A proposal to allow transgender students in restrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identity ignited a battle of words Wednesday night at the Albuquerque Public Schools board policy committee meeting.
Transgender student’s mom supports policy changes at APS
APS board member blasted for bold comments on new transgender bathroom policy

Battle brews over gender-based bathrooms in WC
A fierce debate is brewing over gender identity and public bathrooms in Westchester County.

LMSD soon could have policies in place to address transgender issues
Although school counselors say the need has existed for at least the last decade, the Lower Merion School Board is expected to consider for the first time a new Gender Expansive and Transgender Policy for the district.

Transgender policy goes to Cumberland school board
The news looks good for the possibly 1 percent of children and young adults in Cumberland schools who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming.

EXCLUSIVE: Mount Saint Charles Removes Ban on Transgender Students
Last week GoLocal first reported that the Parent-Student handbook of the Catholic school in Woonsocket, had added language in October of 2015 that banned transgender students from the school. Now, GoLocal has learned that the policy has been changed and the ban has been removed.
NBC 10 I-Team: Mount Saint Charles reverses policy on transgender students
Under pressure, Catholic school pulls policy requiring students to identify by natural sex

Tennessee Lawmakers Pursue Legislation Even More Transphobic Than South Dakota’s
Tennessee lawmakers are considering an anti-transgender bill that is remarkably similar to the recently vetoed legislation in South Dakota, but one quirk of Tennessee law makes it particularly pernicious.

Kudos to TX for approving non-transgender rule
The leader of a sports ministry is applauding a rule passed by public school superintendents in Texas that requires student-athletes to provide a birth certificate to determine gender identification.

Virginia House approves religious freedom bill
The Virginia House of Delegates on Wednesday approved a religious freedom bill that critics contend would allow anti-LGBT discrimination.

Seattle mayor signs executive order for safe transgender spaces
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray signed an executive order Thursday instructing his Office of Civil Rights to work on providing safe spaces for transgender people.

Seattle Police unveils new transgender policy
What pronoun should an officer use to refer to a transgender individual? On Thursday Seattle police unveiled a new tool it's using to train officers.