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quarta-feira, março 23, 2016

Paulo e Daniel são agora Alexandra e Daniela. Conheça-as
A transexualidade é ainda motivo para muitos ficarem desconfortáveis. Mas não é isso que incomoda Daniela e Alexandra, que estão felizes com o caminho que seguiram. O da felicidade...

Associações trans acusam ILGA e Governo de discriminação
"ILGA Portugal não tem presentemente qualquer espécie de legitimidade para falar em nome da comunidade trans". Esta é uma das várias acusações expressas num comunicado conjunto emitido pela ONG Acção Pela Identidade – API e pelo Grupo Transexual Portugal (GTP), que defendem os direitos das pessoas trans e intersexo.

Norway: Historic breakthrough for transgender rights
Key legal reforms proposed by the Norwegian Ministry of Health today mark an important breakthrough that could change the lives of transgender people in Norway for generations to come, said Amnesty International.

The brutal reality transgender women face under Myanmar's 'darkness law'
A transgender sex worker in Myanmar's main city of Yangon was waiting for customers on a dark street one night last year when two police officers approached her and demanded she have sex with them for free.

What happens during khalwat raids? UK broadcaster joins Malaysia’s religious police in a show-all (VIDEO)
In a bid to show “how Sharia law looks like”, UK broadcaster Channel 4 recently published a short documentary on khalwat raids in Malaysia.

Safe Schools program gutted: Resources to become part of Safe School hub
Education minister Senator Simon Birmingham has released the government’s response to the Safe Schools review and says the government has first and foremost considered the needs of children in making its decision on the program.
NSW urged to follow Victoria’s lead in keeping Safe Schools intact and alive

Peace Wapiti finalizes gender policy
The Peace Wapiti School Division is closely following the government's gender guidelines for Alberta schools.

The gender revolution’s latest move: ‘all-gender cabins’ on school trips
In the name of “dismantl[ing] systemic transphobia” a Toronto public school teacher has announced he is now using all-gender cabins for students on school camping trips, stating explicitly that the school did not obtain parental permission for the move.

Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace To Release Memoir
The lead singer and front woman for the punk rock band Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace, has announced that she will be releasing a new book.

American College of Pediatricians: Gender Ideology Harms Children
The American College of Pediatricians issued a position statement last month entitled “Gender Ideology Harms Children,” which will be followed by a peer-reviewed statement on the subject that’s expected to be released by summer, the college told
Pediatricians Call It What It Is – Child Abuse

What the Supreme Court vacancy means for transgender equality
What does an unexpected Supreme Court vacancy mean for transgender people? A lot.

Is I am Cait about to get cancelled?
With ratings down dramatically from season one, the show is reportedly facing the axe
Trans actress Candis Cayne admits Caitlyn Jenner not 'the perfect spokesperson'

The Most Extreme Attempt Yet To Demonize Transgender People And Deny Them Rights
Fear has been the primary strategy employed by conservatives opposed to transgender equality, such as in the fight against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). A new video circulating among various advocacy groups takes this tactic to a new extreme by not only conflating transgender women with male predators, but actually attempting to portray all transgender women as having malicious intent.

Fayetteville Councilman John La Tour threatens to wave his penis at a woman he thought was trans
Fayetteville Councilman John La Tour, a tea party member and recipient of Josh Duggars campaign funding, is being accused of threatening to expose himself to a female employee of a city restaurant. People who witnessed the incident say he approached the woman assuming she was transgender and told her that he was man and that could prove it by dropping his pants.

To veto or not to veto? Here’s how long Nathan Deal has to decide on HB 757
It’s in the governor’s hands now. Wednesday’s surprise unveiling of a revised House Bill 757 passed in the House and Senate and was met with an even more furious backlash from the business community, the LGBT community and others than the previous version.

Iowa Community Mourns Death of Gender-Fluid Teen
Family and friends of Kedarie/Kandicee Johnson are reeling after the gender-fluid teenager’s tragic shooting

Lurie Children's Hospital first to adopt policy on transgender youth
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago recently adopted a policy and program initiative that protects the civil rights of transgender and gender nonconforming individuals. In 1994, Lurie Children's established the Public Policy Committee of the Board to recommend institutional positions on legislation and regulation that enable the hospital to enhance the health and well-being of all children. This policy promotes appropriate and inclusive healthcare services to transgender and gender nonconforming youth and families.

Kansas bill for ‘religious freedom’ in schools reaches governor
A religious freedom bill seen to enable discrimination against LGBT students in Kansas has reached the desk of Gov. Sam Brownback, a Republican leader who has made anti-LGBT discrimination in the name of religious liberty a cornerstone of his administration.

This Is What Kentucky’s Anti-LGBT Pro-Discrimination Plan Looks Like
Kentucky is the latest state advancing legislation specifically designed to enable discrimination against the LGBT community. On Tuesday, the state Senate voted 22-16 to advance S.B. 180, which creates “protected rights” and “protected activities” — in short, nobody has to serve anybody else if it violates their conscience to do so.

Caitlyn Jenner publicly backing Massachusetts' transgender rights bill
Caitlyn Jenner, a famous transgender athlete and television star, is speaking out in favor of a Massachusetts bill that would provide anti-discrimination protection to transgender people in public places.

Transgender officials urge end to delays on anti-discrimination bill
Two of the first openly transgender elected officials in Massachusetts have joined the chorus of voices calling for the Legislature to pass transgender anti-discrimination legislation this session.

Tufts to expand options for gender identity on Common App supplement
The Undergraduate Admissions department is expanding available gender identity options on the Tufts’ supplement to the Common Application for next year’s admissions cycle.

Couple's Marriage Proves That True Love Transcends Gender Identity
Amy and Cindy Hunter of Kalamazoo have one of the greatest love stories of all time.

Some say Michigan policy change for transgender people doesn't go far enough
Michigan is changing a state policy for transgender people, but some are saying it doesn't go far enough.

Transgender man faces more sex-crime charges in Jackson County
A Jackson County grand jury has indicted a Lucedale transgender man on two additional charges of sexual battery of a transgender minor, court records show.

STUDY: Charlotte Media Peddle "Bathroom Predator" Myth In Coverage Of Nondiscrimination Ordinance
Television news stations in Charlotte, NC, have misrepresented the city's recently passed nondiscrimination ordinance, which the state's Republican legislators are vowing to repeal in the April legislative session. Outlets have highlighted the "bathroom predator" myth peddled by anti-LGBT groups without noting that the talking point has been debunked by states and cities with similar laws on the books. That narrow focus on opponents' claims came at the expense of accurate reporting on the ordinance's comprehensive nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people.

Transgender health care program breaks down barriers
When I was 3 or 4 years old, I stood beside a long table where family members had gathered to eat, talk and share stories.

Gay-rights advocates urge Charlotte ordinance be left intact
State lawmakers were urged Thursday to leave intact a new non-discrimination ordinance in North Carolina’s largest city that says transgender people can use the restroom aligned with their gender identity.
LGBT advocates ask NC lawmakers to leave Charlotte ordinance alone
Commissioners dive into transgender restroom debate
LGBT activists call for no interference with Charlotte ordinance

Supporters of proposed transgender policy speak up
Two weeks after public outcry forced education officials at Pascack Valley Regional High School to table a policy that would ensure the rights of transgender students, more parents are speaking out in support of it.

APS discusses clearer rights for transgender students at public meeting
The Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education hosted a public forum on the rights of transgender students Wednesday night.
Superintendent: APS transgender directive needs more work
Albuquerque Public Schools meeting allows public to discuss gender identity policy
‘APS did the brave and right thing’

James Dixon, accused of fatally beating transgender woman, rejects plea deal and will stand trial — but has already confessed several times, prosecutors say
The man accused of fatally beating a transgender woman in Harlem balked at a plea deal Thursday and is now set to try his luck before a jury.

Planned Parenthood Expands Transgender Health Services
At Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette, we believe that all people deserve the highest quality of affordable, nonjudgmental health care no matter who they are and where they live — no matter what — and that’s what we provide each and every day. Our doors are open to everyone regardless of their race, income, geography, citizenship status or gender identity.

Hearing delayed for woman accused in Maya Young murder
The woman charged in last month’s fatal stabbing of transgender woman Maya Young had her preliminary hearing delayed by a week to take place on the same day as her male co-defendant.

Transgender teen praises Cumberland’s new policy
Despite all that happened to him, all that forced him from Cumberland High School in his freshman year, Liam Fifer said this week, “I’d like to reiterate that despite whatever trouble I’ve had in high school, that I think really highly of Cumberland schools and the School Committee, and I’m very proud of them and our town for the progress we’re making.”

This bill would require all students to use the bathroom of their birth sex
A bill that would require transgender students to use bathrooms that match their sex at birth is gaining momentum in the Tennessee legislature after passing in a House subcommittee.
Trans Teen: Suicide Rates Rise When Bathroom Access Is Restricted

Religious exemptions bill marches toward a McAuliffe veto
In the final days of this year’s legislative session, the Virginia General Assembly approved a bill that provides religious exemptions that would allow individuals and businesses to refuse marriage-related services to same-sex couples. But unfortunately for Republicans pushing the bill, it heads to the desk of Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a staunch ally of the LGBT community.

Snohomish schools are addressing gender identity issues
Parents shared their concerns last week as part of an ongoing series of discussions about making schools more inclusive for transgender students.

Pushback urged on transgender bathroom effort
Residents in Washington are being encouraged to push back against a state agency's directive to permit transgender and "gender-diverse" individuals to use the bathroom of their choice.