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domingo, abril 03, 2016

Salvador: Travesti sofre AVC e tem atendimento negado pelo Hospital Roberto Santos
Uma travesti de 60 anos, de nome Martinha, teve seu acesso negado no Hospital Geral Roberto Santos (HGRS), no Cabula, após chegar à unidade, na ambulância do Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência (SAMU), vítima de um AVC, na última quinta-feira, 17. Conforme relatado pela própria, o médico responsável ao entender que se tratava de uma travesti, mandou que ela retornasse para casa, pois não prestaria o atendimento. Após o episódio, Martinha retornou para casa, onde passou mal uma segunda vez e, então, conseguiu internação no Hospital Geral Ernesto Simões Filho (HGESF), no bairro do Pau Miúdo. Local onde permanece até o momento.

Arianna, uma adolescente hermafrodita
A primeira longa-metragem de Carlo Lavagna é feita de revelações sobre a identidade sexual de uma jovem italiana. O filme é exibido esta sexta-feira na Festa do Cinema Italiano, em Lisboa.

Author Ian McEwan Criticised Over Transphobic Comments
Ian McEwan, the award winning author, was speaking at the Royal Institution when he made the comment that he believes people with penises can only be men.

What It's Like to Use a Public Bathroom While Trans
"Some people just take bathrooms for granted, but over history, the bathroom has been a place where rights are fought"

Boycotting Bigotry
When the business community threatens to boycott, states think twice about passing anti-LGBT laws

High court asked to weigh in on discrimination ban
Arkansas AG wants to know if city's anti-discrimination ordinance conflicts with state law

Truly 'Transfixed' by a documentary about a couple in transition
Talk about a pair of romantic underdogs. That would be Martine Stonehouse and John Gelmon, whose one-of-a-kind relationship is the focus of "Transfixed," an engrossing and deeply felt documentary that proves, once again, that love conquers all.

For one D.C. family, accepting their young transgender daughter was a non-issue
Vanessa Ford feels it's her role as the mother of a transgender child to embrace visibility -- even at the White House

Behind Her Badge: Sgt. Jessica Hawkins on risking her family and career to become her true self
Sgt. Jessica Hawkins risked her marriage, friends and career to come out as transgender. Now she's reaping the rewards

Predictions of trans bathroom harassment unfounded
The North Carolina Legislature created an uproar among LGBT rights advocates and prominent business leaders in March when it passed a controversial law prohibiting local jurisdictions in the state from enacting non-discrimination measures protecting LGBT people.

Georgia GOP Leaders Say No to Override of 'Religious' Veto
Republican leaders in Georgia say they will not push for a special session to override Gov. Nathan Deal's veto of a bill shielding gay marriage opponents.

Palatine rep introduces transgender bathroom bill
State Rep. Thomas Morrison (R-54) introduced a bill into the Illinois General Assembly that requires students to use restrooms that correspond to the sex they were assigned at birth.

Transgender Public Accommodations Bill Remains Stalled In Mass. Legislature
As North Carolina faces backlash over the approval of a bill that blocks local governments from passing anti-discrimination rules to protect gay and transgender people, a bill to expand legal protections for those populations here in Massachusetts remains bottled up in a legislative committee.

Banning transgender students' bathroom choices would violate federal law, experts say
Limiting transgender students' ability to use restrooms that don't match their sex at birth – as one state lawmaker is proposing – would violate federal law and could result in lawsuits, legal experts say.

Man accused in transgender teen murder must surrender DNA sample
The man accused of killing a transgender teenager in George County will give prosecutors a DNA sample.

Drug maker reconsidering $20 million NC factory
North Carolina's governor met Thursday with gay-rights advocates bearing a letter signed by more than 100 corporate executives urging him to repeal the nation's first state law limiting the bathroom options for transgender people.
The cunning trick in North Carolina’s radical new anti-LGBT law
Emmert: North Carolina Law Could Make NCAA Turn Away
McCrory meets with Griffin, trans advocate over anti-LGBT law
Group gives downtown business owners opportunity to weigh-in on HB2
Kim Davis' lawyers offer to defend HB-2 after Cooper refuses
Pastors: Bathroom law protects families
Opponents’ focus on bathrooms changed the debate over LGBT rights
More CEOs seek repeal of transgender law
Wells Fargo joins calls to repeal LGBT discrimination law

McCrory to Cuomo: Boycott your own state for not having trans law
In the aftermath of New York instituting a ban on state-sponsored travel to North Carolina over the state’s newly enacted anti-LGBT law, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has said the Empire State should institute a ban on itself because of its lack of a transgender non-discrimination law.

Islan Nettles’ Accused Killer Faces Burdens of Admitting He Attacked Her
The accused killer of Islan Nettles may have to contend with as many as a half-dozen statements in which he admitted to striking the blows that led to the death of the 21-year-old transgender woman on a Harlem street in 2013.
Man says brutal beating of transgender woman was ‘blind fury’: cops

Transgender-rights activist accused of fighting with Manhattan court officers after videotaping in lobby
A transgender-rights activist is accused of videotaping without permission in a Manhattan courthouse lobby, then fighting with court officers.

Oregon transgender pioneer looks back on decades of progress and pain
Olivia Jaquay sees a vastly different world from when her own gender reassignment surgery dominated the newsstands in Oregon.

A University’s Four-Year Fight To Discriminate Comes To An Abrupt End
The University of Pittsburgh now welcomes faculty, staff, and students to use whatever restroom matches their gender identity, a huge shift from a previous policy that mirrored North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law.

Oral arguments next week in Morris case
Both sides in an open-records dispute regarding the Nizah Morris case will present oral arguments to a Philadelphia judge next week.

Bernie Sanders is first candidate to be introduced by transgender person at large rally
Caitlyn Jenner may vote for Ted Cruz, but Senator Sanders is giving transgender activists a prominent platform

Police gun down a Trans woman on the TDOV because of her clothes
On the International Transgender day of Visibility, we got news that Gaby, a Brazilian trans woman, was murdered by police.