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segunda-feira, março 28, 2016

A resposta é velada, mas também óbvia. Depois de ter sido duramente criticada por um conjunto de activistas trans, a associação ILGA – Portugal tem utilizado os seus canais de comunicação na internet para falar da temática trans e mostrar empenhamento, o que pode ser interpretado como uma forma de rebater as críticas.

Virulent anti-gay remarks test Indonesia’s moderate image
Gays are a contagion, declares the banner in bold red and black lettering that hangs on the sidewalk of a bustling neighborhood in the Indonesian capital close to embassies, luxury hotels and the homes of some of the country’s leaders.

Mother of transgender child pleads for Safe Schools program to continue
The mother of a transgender primary school student is pleading for funding of the Safe Schools program to continue, saying her daughter was suicidal before it changed her life.

Perth rock guitarist Jaime Page announces she’s transgender
Perth rock guitarist Jaime Page is Perth’s answer to Caitlyn Jenner.
The married father-of-four, formerly Jamie, has shocked friends by recently announcing he is transgender.

Time and money running out for appeal by trans teacher fired in St. Albert for having a sex change
A transgender man dismissed from his teaching job in St. Albert fears he is running out of time and money as his case against the St. Albert Catholic School Board that fired him only gets more complex.

Canada trails Wales when it comes to transgender protections
No timeline for federal legislation, justice minister's office says

The woman who was trans before her time
Dianna Boileau was one of the first Canadians to have gender-confirming surgery, in 1970. She caused a sensation, then married and retreated from public life.

LGBT rights: Why Republicans and big corporations are on different sides
North Carolina has taken the most aggressive stance so far against the expansion of gender rights. But major corporations are objecting at Republican efforts to curb LGBT rights.

Greenville residents rally against House bill two
Groups continue to rally concerning the North Carolina bill that's sparked a debate between LGBT rights and privacy. Dozens gathered in front of Pitt county courthouse on Saturday in protest of the so-called bathroom bill, House bill two.
Anti-HB2 rally draws crowd from Alamance County
The Backlash Against North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Growing
NCAA's Mark Emmert expressed concerns to North Carolina governor over anti-gay measure
Understanding HB2: North Carolina’s newest law solidifies state’s role in defining discrimination
NC Gov. Defends Anti-LGBT Law with List of 'Myths vs. Facts'
Virginia transgender case could weigh on new N.C. law

First transgender student at PEA, Harvard shares journey
Alex Myers, author of the 2014 historical novel “Revolutionary,” understands the meaning of that word more than most.