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quarta-feira, março 30, 2016

India's first trans band: 'Don't hide us away – don't keep us in a cage'
6 Pack Band are forcing India to confront its prejudices – with a cover of Pharrell’s Happy. Transgender singer Komal Jagtap, who was forced to leave home at eight, on the talent show that changed her life

A Sexual Assault Survivor Explains The Hypocrisy Behind Anti-LGBT "Bathroom Bill" Proponents
A sexual assault survivor and long-time advocate for other victims of sexual assault has explained exactly why anti-LGBT "bathroom bills" that cast transgender people as sexual predators do nothing to help victims of sexual assault. In fact, she argues that those opposing LGBT equality with "bathroom bills" are not working to strengthen programs addressing sexual assault, but rather to "exploit" survivors to further their agenda.

White House speaks out against Kansas, N.C. anti-LGBT laws
In the aftermath of enactment of laws in Kansas and North Carolina enabling anti-LGBT discrimination, the White House has spoken out against the measures by saying they’re “mean-spirited and send the wrong message.”

Anchorage LGBT rights law opponents seek amendments through initiative
An effort to repeal Anchorage’s new law barring discrimination against gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people is shifting gears, with the law’s opponents saying they now want to ask voters to amend the law instead of striking it down.

Delaware Becomes 15th State to Ban Trans Health Exclusions
NCTE celebrates Delaware joining a national trend of states prohibiting health insurance exclusions that target transgender people. Delaware joins California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Maine, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, Oregon, Vermont, Washington State, and the District of Columbia, as well as the federal Medicare program, in banning these exclusions, which are contrary to medical science and federal and state laws.

Supporters of Georgia Anti-Gay Bill Say Debate Isn't Over
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal's plan to veto a "religious freedom" bill has supporters vowing that the issue isn't going away.
Veto of Georgia’s antigay bill means ‘open season on people of faith’
Hate Group Leader Spazzes Out Over Veto of Anti-LGBT Law, Blames Devil
Georgia Gov: We Don't Need to Discriminate to Protect Faith

Get ready for more state-level showdowns over LGBT rights
Under pressure from the entertainment industry and major corporations, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal on Monday vetoed a "religious liberty" bill that would have made it legal to deny services to gay people.

Crowd shows up to discuss NLS transgender policy
Although a proposed transgender policy wasn’t on the agenda, about 50 people crammed into the New London-Spicer School Board’s meeting room and adjacent hallway Monday night to voice their opinions on the issue.

Controversial policy to cover transgender students going to a vote in Boulder
What started out as a routine update of a Jefferson High School School District policy this fall turned out to be not so routine after all.

N.C. Gov. calls Lawsuit filed by the ACLU against HB2 “Slanderous”
It’s show time at the OK Corral. It’s fairly certain, say the litigants, that we will win in District court where the lawsuit was filed Monday And it’s also certain if that happens it will be brought to the supreme court and if they accept it, we lose all certainty.
Szoka, Lewis defend HB 2 transgender vote, while other region lawmakers are silent
White House calls HB 2 'mean-spirited', says it 'sends the wrong message'
Gov. Pat McCrory: No Title IX threat to billions in federal funding after controversial new LGBT law
Lawsuit Challenging North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Focuses On Transgender Men
Lawsuit seeks to overturn N.C. anti-LGBT law
The Latest: Plaintiff wants dignity for transgender people

Transgender woman asks businesses to use ladies bathroom
Janice Allison, a transgender woman in Charlotte, says she wants to feel comfortable at businesses in the area, so the first thing she's asking them is if she's welcome to use the bathroom she identifies with. She tried this approach at Whiskey Warehouse, and says the staff was very accepting.

Raleigh mayor: City supports transgender community
Nancy McFarlane responds to HB2
City is reviewing legal implications
“Raleigh will always be open to everyone”

N.Y. joins major cities to ban gov’t travel to North Carolina
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced his state will join at least three major cities to ban government-sponsored travel to North Carolina over its recently enacted anti-LGBT law.

The challenges of transgender transitioning
A nurse practitioner and an activist discuss the process from medical and personal standpoints.

Investigation into alleged sex assault of transgender woman at Stonewall Inn
Police are investigating the alleged sexual assault of a transgender woman at the historic Stonewall Inn bar.
Transgender Woman Raped Inside Bathroom At Historic Gay Bar
AVP learns of a sexual violence incident at the Stonewall Inn, in Manhattan’s West Village

Transgender advocate Kaye Fox of Open Door Mission dies
Kaye Fox, who led the Open Door Mission through its greatest period of growth as the Rev. Kenneth Fox before announcing her identity as a woman in 2002, died Easter Sunday at her home in South Carolina at age 74.

S.D. lawmaker looks to North Carolina transgender law
A South Dakota lawmaker said a days-old North Carolina transgender bathroom law could be a model for the South Dakota legislature to consider next year.